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Weekend News Update: Jersey Shore, Men In Black III, Boxing & More

– The Jersey Shore’s Season 2 Premier broke records as the highest rated MTV show in 7 years with almost 6 million viewers on Thursday. Hey – something people CARE about on Thursday!

– While the fiscal numbers for Capcom and Nintendo came in as extremely disappointing, Sega on the other hand shockingly pulled a profit of 7 billion yen, due to their monstrous arcade business. Hilarious that Sega eeks out a win over Nintendo in 2010 – even though they aren’t competitors. 1UP.com has the story here.

– Men In Black III has an official release date of May 25, 2012

– Marquez defeated Diaz last night in their big rematch.

– Congratulations to F4WOnline site founder Bryan Alvarez and Whitney Neugebauer, who were wed last night. Congrats to Lisa Marie Simpson and High St. John Alastair Parkfield – who are scheduled to get married today.

– Sugar Shane Mosley vs. Sergio Mora is scheduled for September 18th in Los Angeles.

– The newest episode of Advanced Macking is up here. Mike Trojan is scheduled to be on this week’s episode of Superfriends. Plus – a new Laidback Gourmet AND Chessboard coming in the next couple of days!

Video – Street Fighter X Tekken Trailer

Well cats and kittens, the first shot in the Namco vs. Capcom war begins with Street Fighter X Tekken, a new kind of Vs. game, debuting with this trailer at the 2010 San Diego Comic Con. But what’s even more bizarre is Pacman chasing Megaman at the end of the trailer. Is that a sign of things to come? Very exciting time…

Video – Gathering of the Juggalos looks DOPE~!

Okay, let me preface this by saying I don’t like ICP’s music. I don’t HATE every one of their songs, but its no secret that they are bad rappers (they will even admit it). I don’t want them to die or anything, and they actually DO make me laugh with their antics (usually how dumb they are), but I am NOT a juggalo.

That being said, I can’t think of a better, more fun place to go than the Gathering of the Juggalos. What other fucking carnival/convention/concert event is as packed as this one. Look at all of the shit that is going on this year:

– Carnival Rides
– Warren G
– Naughty by Nature
– SPICE 1!!!!
– Method Man
– Tom Green
– Gallagher


Don’t believe me, watch this:

Tuesday Morning News Update: QCW, Namco vs. Capcom, Benoit, Summerslam + MORE

– The latest episode of QCW Wrestling Radio recapping the TNA Invasion, the first WWE Money in the Bank PPV, Raw + Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones is up right now here. In addition, chessarmy, FK, and Dennin discuss their own Top 10 TNA Rankings. If you aren’t there each and every Monday Night LIVE – you fail. Listen NOW!

– I’m not certain if this is an answer to the mystery of Mega Man Universe, but Kotaku.com is reporting on a rumor started by Game Informer of not just ONE title, but TWO games coming out called “Namco vs. Capcom” and “Capcom vs. Namco” featuring the superstars from both Capcom AND Namco (duh) in a fighting game. According to Kotaku, Capcom would be developing Capcom vs Namco, built on the Street Fighter IV engine, while Namco will develop Namco vs Capcom, which will run on the Tekken 6 engine to ensure that the games don’t have any sort of misleverage (see the SNK vs. Capcom series). This is VERY exciting news for fight fans and add this to MvC III and it looks like Capcom will be quite solid for the next 3 years. Read the Kotaku article here.

– For those who missed Raw, Randy Orton vs. Sheamus for the WWE Championship was announced after Orton won a #1 contenders. In addition, the co-main event will feature John Cena & Bret Hart & Chris Jericho & Edge & R-Truth & John Morrison & Great Khali vs. Nexus in a 7 on 7 Tag Match. This was not announced officially by WWE as of yet. The other rumored match was set to be Kane defending the World Title against Jack Swagger, but this will all depend on whether or not Undertaker is healthy in time for the show.

– TNA’s ECW invaders will now be known as the “Riot Makers”. Horrible name, but I guess that’s better than saying “ECW” and getting a letter in the mail from an angry Jerry McDevitt. Also, TNA wants Sabu and Sandman in for the show. No word yet as to whether or not they’ve agreed.

– For those wondering about Chris Benoit and his place in the WWE DVD world, we’ve learned that Benoit IS indeed in the WWE Elimination Chamber DVD, so WWE did not break their word about the DVD having EVERY MATCH despite the tragedy. What’s most interesting is the editing of the audio that was made to the set. Read the VERY interesting article here.

– Absolutely AWESOME Thor pictures from the set here

Video – AWESOME New Machete Theatrical Trailer

This is the SECOND (though technically third if you count the Grindhouse one) trailer for Robert Rodriguez’ manly ass movie – Machete, coming this September, starring Danny Trejo, Robert De Niro, Jessica Alba, Don Johnson, Steven Seagal and much more! I’m excited for this one and am certainly going opening night.

Redemption: Thoughts on Kane’s shocking World Title win

If you would’ve told me anytime after 2004 that Kane would be the champion of the world, I would’ve thought you were insane.

It was unarguable that in the fall of 2002 in WWE, nobody other than Brock Lesnar was hotter than Kane. After a change in gimmick and a streak as a true monster, Kane was thrust into a major main event angle with Triple H. As with many Triple H victims of the time, Kane was embarrassed, pinned, and left for dead by the Game. He was made the centerpiece of the infamous “Katie Vick” angle, which was one of the most uanimously hated storylines in the history of WWE. In 2003, WWE attempted to refreshen his character by unmasking him and turning him heel, which worked for about a year until he was thrust into yet another ridiculous storyline where he was turned face yet again and defended his aborted baby fetus from a woman whom he raped to impregnate (and you wonder why people hate wrestling.)

Smackdown had been almost single handedly built around Kane for the past few weeks, so in reality it isnt as if this could not be telegraphed, but it seems just so bizarre after the face. Kane was the stalest character in WWE for years, quite often filling the gatekeeper role (losing to the up and coming guys and having TV main events), and now he’s become the only man other than Big Show to hold the WWE, World, and ECW titles. WWE did a commendable job in making us care about Kane in 2010 moreso than ever in half a decade, with his winning of Money In The Bank and his cashing in on a beaten up Rey Mysterio realistic (and also smart because the insider fans feel Rey is as stale if not moreso than Kane).

It is more than obvious to me that Kane winning the World Title in 2010 has absolutely nothing to do drawing power and everything to do with the company wanting to thank Kane for 15 years of hard work and service. It’s odd because Kane winning is essentially a TNA move – giving the title to a long-time stale star rather than an up-and-comer – but I suppose with Raw having Sheamus as a figurehead, giving a veteral the “other” title is not only forgivable, but intruiging. I don’t see him having the title for long, perhaps losing to Undertaker as early as Summerslam (which I don’t WANT to see nor do I think they should do due to Taker’s limited schedule). But regardless of what happens, WWE’s first Money In The Bank PPV will always be remembered as the KANE SHOW from now on and forever.

Listen to QCW Wrestling Radio tonight at 11:30 after Raw right here on SuperfriendsUniverse.com as the boys recap the PPV, the shitty TNA invasion, Raw and much more~!