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Redemption: Thoughts on Kane’s shocking World Title win

If you would’ve told me anytime after 2004 that Kane would be the champion of the world, I would’ve thought you were insane.

It was unarguable that in the fall of 2002 in WWE, nobody other than Brock Lesnar was hotter than Kane. After a change in gimmick and a streak as a true monster, Kane was thrust into a major main event angle with Triple H. As with many Triple H victims of the time, Kane was embarrassed, pinned, and left for dead by the Game. He was made the centerpiece of the infamous “Katie Vick” angle, which was one of the most uanimously hated storylines in the history of WWE. In 2003, WWE attempted to refreshen his character by unmasking him and turning him heel, which worked for about a year until he was thrust into yet another ridiculous storyline where he was turned face yet again and defended his aborted baby fetus from a woman whom he raped to impregnate (and you wonder why people hate wrestling.)

Smackdown had been almost single handedly built around Kane for the past few weeks, so in reality it isnt as if this could not be telegraphed, but it seems just so bizarre after the face. Kane was the stalest character in WWE for years, quite often filling the gatekeeper role (losing to the up and coming guys and having TV main events), and now he’s become the only man other than Big Show to hold the WWE, World, and ECW titles. WWE did a commendable job in making us care about Kane in 2010 moreso than ever in half a decade, with his winning of Money In The Bank and his cashing in on a beaten up Rey Mysterio realistic (and also smart because the insider fans feel Rey is as stale if not moreso than Kane).

It is more than obvious to me that Kane winning the World Title in 2010 has absolutely nothing to do drawing power and everything to do with the company wanting to thank Kane for 15 years of hard work and service. It’s odd because Kane winning is essentially a TNA move – giving the title to a long-time stale star rather than an up-and-comer – but I suppose with Raw having Sheamus as a figurehead, giving a veteral the “other” title is not only forgivable, but intruiging. I don’t see him having the title for long, perhaps losing to Undertaker as early as Summerslam (which I don’t WANT to see nor do I think they should do due to Taker’s limited schedule). But regardless of what happens, WWE’s first Money In The Bank PPV will always be remembered as the KANE SHOW from now on and forever.

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Video – The 2010 Wake Up Show Anthem w/ Kam Moye, Crooked I, Rza, Ras Kass, B-Real & More…

I meant to post this about a month ago or so when I saw it, but maaaaaaaaaaaan is it dope. There’s no question Kam Moye completely kills this shit. This is such a posse joint. Enjoy.

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Superfriends 066 – Kingdom Come Press Release

Hallowed Be Thy Name… Thy Kingdom Come.

You have waited long enough. The time has finally come for Order 66: the execution of the anti-vogues. For the Emperor Big D has returned to reclaim what rightfully belongs to him; the title of Undisputed King of The Internet and rid you of your seemingly uncurable boredom. The Epitome of Manliness, The Superfriends, is back on the airwaves LIVE on July 14th, 2010 – which we are calling D-Day. Your favorite spic has come to save you once again! Join us for the fun, excitement, and entertainment that ONLY Superfriends can bring; which is why nobody can touch us.

Topics To Be Discussed:

– What the hell has gone on since Season 2!?!?
– The Birth of SuperfriendsUniverse.com and plans for the future
– Prison Rape vs. Doing MORE time for killing the rapist – which would you do?
– Fleece “Booty Warrior” Johnson vs. Pastor Dr. Martin Sempa

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Spoiler Notes On TNA Hard Justice: Now an ECW PPV

According to the spoilers that leaked from Tuesday Night’s TNA Impact Tapings, the show ends with Dixie Carter agreeing to give August 8th Hard Justice PPV over to ECW and essentially making it a carbon copy of the 2005 One Night Stand with ECW in action. Dreamer did another lame promo where he cried and stated that in 2005, the story was supposed to end until 2006 when Vince McMahon ruined it. Carter agreed and said the former ECW talents would have full control of the PPV and promised the fans to make ECW what it should be, not what Vince wanted.

Can anybody tell these people its 2010? How many ECW reunion shows have there been? I can count at least 7 or 8.



Tuesday Pro Wrestling News Update: Undertaker, Tara, TNA Buyrate Fail + Spoilers, Heyman, Jim Ross, Danielson/ROH

– WWE is hoping Undertaker will be ready by Summerslam and will be giving it a go very soon.

– The current plan is to have Wade Barrett involved in the Raw Money In The Bank in some capacity.

– According to Dave Meltzer from the Observer, it is highly possible that TNA’s buyrates for the past two PPVs have dropped below 10,000. This has led many people behind the scenes to believe TNA will be finished by the end of 2010. We will keep you updated.

– Yup, Tara was the woman on the bicycle. She is working you if you think otherwise.

– The plan right now is to do a multi-person match to headline Hard Justice featuring the ECW Invaders vs. TNA, mirroring what WWE did with the “Inaugural Brawl” during the WCW Invasion (and ECW Invasion #2) in 2001 (9 years ago). Russo wants to do a faction wars angle with multiple groups involved. Keep in mind, he did this in 1997 with Los Boricuas, The Nation, the DOA, etc and that worked out well, didn’t it?

– Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff are both under contract until October but have seemingly shown zero interest in anything TNA-related anymore. Word going around is that both Hogan and Bischoff did not appear at the tapings to send a message to Dixie about the rumors of the involvement of Paul Heyman. Mike Johnson from PWInsider has speculated that they are close to a deal but not letting on anything further. I personally disagree and am sticking to my story that Heyman is not interested.

– For those who have asked – YES – Dixie Carter DID indeed have a meeting with TNA talents telling them to “improve their work”. Hilarious. I could sit here and pick apart everything wrong with this, but then we’d have a 5 paragraph essay about how much of an utter troglodyte she is. Figure it out for yourself.

– Word has been going around about Bryan Danielson being booked in Ring of Honor. If he does come in, it will likely be for a limited set of appearances and he will likely NOT be signed to a deal. I’ll keep you posted.

– *SIGH* WWE removed Jim Ross from the WWE Opening Montage as punishment for appearing at UFC 116. What a bunch of assholes those people are. And they wonder why UFC is destroying them in everything.

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