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Big D has left his mark on the internet entertainment world with his various podcasts and appearances, including the Superfriends Variety Show, the wacky video game podcast Pixels & Bits, the retro-wrestling review podcast The Kayfabulous Lucha Bros Show, and the self-help, relationship, and psychology-themed Superfriends vs. The World. In addition, he runs the Geekdom101.com Youtube.

Lucha Bros 131 – WCW Halloween Havoc 1999 Pt 2

PART 2 of our look at WCW Halloween Havoc 1999 has a 50 MINUTE BONUS SECTION where we discuss TONS Of weekly wrestling news including the HORRIBLE Smackdown PPV Battleground, the fall of wrestling in 2017, Marty Jannetty wackiness, Kevin Nash quotes, rebooting, and the END OF THE CAREER OF JASON JORDAN! THEN we get to Havoc 99 and cover all the happenings EARLY in the card, the stripping of the belts, the Radicalz, and much more!


Lucha Bros 130 – WCW Halloween Havoc 1999 Pt 1

WCW Halloween Havoc RETURNS and its going to be AFTER DARK.. because Denny Luis is joining in to discuss the show. The first part here focuses on the DEFECTION of Vince Russo and Ed Ferrara from WWF to WCW, the first time ever that high profile WRITERS went from WWF to WCW. We cover the behind the scenes politics in the WWF and Russo’s rise to power and eventual departure, we discuss his arrival in WCW and the issues they had during that time, we discuss ALL THE NITROS of the fall leading into Halloween Havoc which would lead into Mayhem, Russo’s long term plans derailed, the Powers That Be angle, the return of the NWO and why it didn’t work, and SO MUCH MORE! Part 2 next week!


Lucha Bros 128 – WCW Souled Out 1998 Pt 1

Lucha Bros goes back to the HEIGHT of the Monday Night War to cover WCW Souled Out 1998 featuring the In-RING debut of Bret Hart against Ric Flair, PLUS the wacky World Title situation post-Starrcade 97, Luger vs Savage, Draven loses a bet, Dusty Rhodes betrays tradition, 1998 Chris Jericho is born and SO MUCH MORE! We analyze the mistakes WCW made even after their biggest PPV ever which would end up costing them later in the war, the addition of WCW Thunder to the weekly wrestling lineup and its impact on the business, the birth of the permanent 3 hour WCW Nitros and why they were VERY harmful to the business, the early seeds planted for the NWO Wolfpac and the NWO split storyline from 1998, why Sting’s title reign failed, why Bret Hart was misused and SO MUCH FREAKING MORE! This is Part 1, Part 2 is coming next week!


Lucha Bros 127: Invasion Pt 3

On this final edition of our coverage of INVASION – we complete the show! We discuss the rise of ROD VAN DAM and what made him special, Jeff Harvey’s singles push, The Inaugural Brawl match and why it was stupid, Steve Austin BETRAYS the WWF, Draven and D rank the WOMEN, Shawn Stasiak, Hardcore Holly has one of the best segments EVER in WWF, Vince Russo sends Mark the Mark a letter, Sid Eudy meets the country bumpkins from Houston, Summerslam 2017 changes, Cena vs Roman at Mania 34 possibilities, and much more!


Lucha Bros 126: Invasion Pt 2

On this week’s KLB we discuss TONS of stuff going on including Mauro’s return to WWE, Vince Russo cements his status as a beta, Transformers is HORRIBLE and MUCH MORE then, PART 2 of Invasion as we begin covering WWF Invasion, some Scarface talk and Breaking bad too, Baby Earl vs Nicky Patrick, Adam and Jay vs Mike Awesome and Lance T, Sara Undertaker and a lesson about tattoos, the WCW Tag Team Champs getting buried despite having potential, Torrie Wilson and Stacy Keibler’s accidental babyface turn, and MUCH more! Remember to subscribe on Itunes!


Lucha Bros 125: Invasion Pt 1

Welcome to the 1st of a THREE PART look at the INVASION ANGLE from 2001. After talking about modern wrestling like Omega vs Okada, Lesnar vs. Joe, Bray Wyatt THE CHEATER OF WORLDS, and THEN WE GO BACK to 2001 to discuss the biggest story EVER (non-death) – THE INVASION! We discuss the purchase of WCW from WWF, the story of the AOL Time Warner MERGER, the acquisition of talent, Kevin Dunn, Tacoma, Buff Bagwell, the mistakes that they made, and the problem with Stone Cold. SO MUCH More coming!

Lucha Bros 124: Chris Benoit – 10 Years Later

One of the darker episodes in the history of KLB. First, we get the wackiness out of the way by talking about the top stories from Japan, Mexico, and the US including Samoa Joe vs Brock Lesnar, THEN we get serious as we discuss, 10 years later, the Benoit Murder-Suicide case. We talk about the story leading into the incident and where we were when we heard the news, we discuss the internet community’s reaction, the actual documented information, the power of wiki, the media coverage, how WWE handled it, and ponder the events of that tragic weekend. KLB After Midnight!

Lucha Bros 123: WWE Unforgiven 2006 Pt 2

Unforgiven 2006 PART 2 is OUT! We talk about the CLASSIC triple main event: Edge vs Cena, DX vs Vince & Big Show in a Hell In A Cell, and Trish vs Lita in Trish’s FINAL match. We talk about how to book an EPIC main event blow off and how everybody worked very hard; we discuss the plans for Wrestlemania 23; Carlito getting buried and some Colon history; Lita, Russo steals our gimmick; comic book movies, and MUCH MORE!

Wonder Woman Review (NON SPOILER)

Geekdom’s WONDER WOMAN MOVIE REVIEW is HERE! Here are my NON SPOILER Wonder Woman review and thoughts. DID WONDER WOMAN SAVE DC? Is Wonder Woman a GOOD MOVIE? Gal Gadot and Chris Penn star in the first super hero movie directed and starring a female!