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Ed is a jack of all trades; a master chef, a corny-joke teller, and Nintendo Game Master (kinda like Captain N). Ed contributes a number of columns to SuperfriendsUniverse.com such as his hugely popular food review column The Laidback Gourmet, the detailed Atari retrospective 2600 Reasons To Play, cartoon analysis on Should I Toon In?, as well as star in the video game review podcast Pixels and Bits.

The Laidback Gourmet: Kellogs Ice Cream Sandwich Flavored Poptarts

Hoi D, today on the Laidback Gourmet we try an ice cream sandwich that has no ice cream whatsoever in it AND you eat it hot. I’m referring of course to the brand new Ice Cream Sandwich flavored Poptarts.

Is this new novelty so good it leaves with chills, or does it just leave me cold? Click Here to find out.