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Ed is a jack of all trades; a master chef, a corny-joke teller, and Nintendo Game Master (kinda like Captain N). Ed contributes a number of columns to SuperfriendsUniverse.com such as his hugely popular food review column The Laidback Gourmet, the detailed Atari retrospective 2600 Reasons To Play, cartoon analysis on Should I Toon In?, as well as star in the video game review podcast Pixels and Bits.

New details about Megaman Universe

The good people over at Playstation.blog posted this article highlighting some of the features we can expect from the new (and highly anticipated) Megaman Universe. I have to admit that the idea of building my own megaman levels peeks my interests. This is a game that continues to intrigue me and I’ll continue paying close attention to it as time goes on.

Read the article and see the awesome new video here.