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Logan From The Future is an immortal rapper who has come back to rescue the planet from the greed and venality of Mother Earth’s rapists, using rap lyrical chants. He has consulted extensively with Native American tribes (in the past) and Extra Terrestrials (in the future) to assist him on his mission. Check out Logan and partner 1Silva go in depth about the great boxing fights of the past and future on Greatest Performances in Boxing Podcast, and Great Movies on Logan’s Movie Reviews.

Logan’s Movie Reviews: Gladiator, 2000

Commodus (Joaquin Phoenix) takes power and strips rank from Maximus (Russell Crowe), one of the favored generals of his predecessor and father, Emperor Marcus Aurelius, the great stoical philosopher. Maximus is then relegated to fighting to the death in the gladiator arenas.
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World Championship Boxing: Greatest Fights #18: Monzon-Benvenuti-70; Curry-Brooks-78

World Championship Boxing is Back!! And in this episode, we talk about two more of the greatest fights in boxing history: Carlos Monzon vs Nino Benvenuti, 1970 AND Bruce Curry vs Monroe Brooks, 1978
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Logan’s Movie Reviews: American Gangster, 2007

Frank Lucas (Denzel Washington) earns his living as a chauffeur to one of Harlem’s leading mobsters. After his boss dies, Frank uses his own ingenuity and strict business code to become one of the inner city’s most powerful crime bosses. Meanwhile, veteran cop Richie Roberts (Russell Crowe) senses a change in the mob’s power structure and looks for ways to bring his opponent to justice. Directed by Ridley Scott

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World Championship Boxing is Back!! And in this episode, we discuss SALVADOR SANCHEZ and three of his GREATEST PERFORMANCES.
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World Championship Boxing: Fight Recap Show, June 21st, 2015

World Championship Boxing is Back!! And in this episode, we talk about the fights from a week ago featuring Nicholas Walters, Felix Verdejo, and Deontay Wilder and last weekend’s NBC prime time fight: Adrien Broner vs Shawn Porter as well as the return of Andre Ward on BET (vs. a clear jobber)
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Logan’s Movie Reviews: Chaplin, 1992

Re-creation of the life of comic genius Charlie Chaplin, from his humble beginnings in south London through his early days in British vaudeville, his silent movie career in America and his late masterpieces. His turbulent personal life saw four marriages and an enforced exile from the US – though he returned to receive an honorary Oscar in 1972.
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Director: Richard Attenborough
Writers: David Robinson, Charles Chaplin
Stars: Robert Downey Jr.

Logan’s Movie Reviews: Devil’s Advocate, 1997

Aspiring Florida defense lawyer Kevin Lomax (Keanu Reeves) accepts a high-powered position at a New York law firm headed by legal shark John Milton (Al Pacino). As Kevin moves up in the firm’s ranks, his wife, Mary Ann (Charlize Theron), has several frightening, mystical experiences that begin to warp her sense of reality. With the stakes getting higher with each case, Kevin quickly learns that his mentor is planning a far greater evil than simply winning without scruples.
Director: Taylor Hackford
Writers: Andrew Neiderman (novel), Jonathan Lemkin (screenplay),
Stars: Keanu Reeves, Al Pacino, Charlize Theron
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Logan’s Movie Reviews: Stand By Me, 1986

LISTEN HERE: Stand By Me, 1986
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After learning that a stranger has been accidentally killed near their rural homes, four Oregon boys decide to go see the body. Just a lark at first, the boys’ adventure evolves into a defining event in their lives. Based on Stephen King Novel
Directed by Rob Reiner
Wil Wheaton: Gordie Lachance
River Phoenix: Chris Chambers
Corey Feldman: Teddy Duchamp
Jerry O’Connell: Vern Tessio