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The Wide World of Sports-Entertainment #18 – TNA HardCORE Justice/The Whole F’N Show Previews

Welcome, one and all, to the EIGHTEENTH edition of The Wide World of Sports-Entertainment with your host, the man more HARDCORE than the lovechild of Ron Jeremy and Francine, SportsGuy515!

I’m taking this opportunity, less than 3 hours before TNA’s “HardCORE Justice” PPV (which I WILL be checking out, out of MERE CURIOSITY), to quickly write up this column – being that it IS long overdue.

And in case anybody did not get the memo, I have (since my last column) decided to SPLIT my “The Epitome of Randomness” section from The Wide World of Sports-Entertainment and make it its own column – if you have not checked out the first edition (talking about the phenomenon of the film Inception), you can do so by clicking HERE

Anyway, in today’s Issue #18, I will be previewing not only tonight’s HardCORE Justice PPV, but this Thursday night’s “free PPV” known as “The Whole F’N Show.”

And with that, let’s get this “F’N Show” on the road….


The Epitome of Randomness #1 – The Inception Phenomenon

A minor schedule change today, folks – since I didn’t get to go to the movies today, I will instead switch my Epitome of Randomness #1 column (scheduled for Friday) to TODAY, and my review of Salt will be posted on Friday instead. Also, in case anyone is confused with what happened to my ORIGINAL Epitome of Randomness #1, I decided to divide the two movies reviews contained in it (for Despicable Me and Inception) into separate posts, and start fresh with a new #1. Now, with all that hubbub out of the way, enjoy the first edition of The Epitome of Randomness, here on SuperfriendsUniverse.com!

MAIN TOPIC: The Inception Phenomenon

If you are the average moviegoer who keeps track of the summer movies every year, you might be inclined to agree that the 2010 Summer Movie Season has been…well…SUBPAR, to say the least. You can attribute the decline in revenue and overall interest in the movies this summer to one of the following reasons:

A.) The economy (in which case, you’d be 100% WRONG, as no one can claim “THE ECONOMY” as an excuse for hardship anymore while other entertainment venues such as sports – UFC. NFL, MLB, etc. – and concerts continue to thrive).

B.) The spike in box office prices in the advent of 3-D (while a viable case COULD be made here, it would eventually get SHOT DOWN for 3 reasons – 1.) it ties into the “THE ECONOMY” bullshit excuse, 2.) not ALL films are in 3-D (yet), and 3.) many of the films that ARE in 3-D are BREAKING BOX OFFICE RECORDS (Avatar anyone? Alice in Wonderland anyone?)


C.) The lack of ORIGINALITY among the current slate of films in theaters (“DING! DING! DING! What do we have for him, Johnny!?” Allow me to elaborate…)

So far, this summer (not even this YEAR, this SUMMER – May through August), 75% of the MAINSTREAM FILMS (independent films DON’T COUNT HERE) have either been a SEQUEL (Iron Man 2, Shrek Forever After, Sex and the City 2, Toy Story 3, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, Predators, Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore, Step Up 3D, and Nanny McPhee Returns), REMAKE (Robin Hood, The Karate Kid, Dinner for Schmucks, and Piranha 3-D), SPINOFF (Get Him to the Greek, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice), or a FILM BASED ON A TV SHOW, COMIC BOOK, NOVEL, OR VIDEO GAME (MacGruber, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, Marmaduke, The A-Team, Jonah Hex, The Last Airbender, Ramona and Beezus, Charlie St. Cloud, Eat Pray Love, and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World). The majority – over 90% – of these films (the ones that have come out, at least) – have been greeted with poor box office receipts and, in many cases, even poorer word of mouth, with audiences ALL SUMMER begging the question….


That’s why, when the film Inception was released last month, it took the world by storm. Not only was this film NOT a SEQUEL, PREQUEL, SPINOFF, REMAKE, or BASED ON A TV SHOW, BOOK, COMIC, OR VIDEO GAME, it was also NOT in 3-D, which nowadays, is apparently a BIG risk for films to take (hence why every fucking movie is coming out in 3-D now – if you’re a studio exec, all you see is, “3-D = $$$$”). And yet, what happened? Inception BLEW everyone and their mother away, baby!

Inception is being called the “saving grace” of the 2010 Summer Movie Season, and is already starting to get some serious Oscar buzz…in AUGUST. But forget the Oscars for a minute. Let’s talk about NOW…why people are so consumed with this movie and why people have literally EMBRACED it as the savior of the summer.

Like I stated before in my review for Inception, it does not treat the audience like babies; on the contrary, director Christopher Nolan automatically assumes that the contemporary movie-going audience will be able to understand and follow his carefully-crafted storyline without a problem – in other words, he gives the audience too much credit, which isn’t a bad thing at all…why? Because it’s about time that SOMEBODY in Hollywood realized that people have fucking BRAINS (well – at least most of us do) and don’t like to sit through these boring, simplistic, “RINKY DINK” (as Big D likes to say) plots and storylines every fucking time. Once in a while, people like a CHALLENGE – and that’s exactly what Christopher Nolan gives us with Inception.

And how do I know this, Hollywood? Simple – Inception was #1 at the box office for the THIRD WEEK IN A ROW – not because there are all these new people who are, all of a sudden, seeing it – the MAJORITY of people who wanted to see it HAVE SEEN IT ALREADY. But many newfound fans of the film are so INTRIGUED with the story and the plot –and want to get a BETTER understanding of it that they are seeing it twice, 3x, 4x, 5x, etc. If that doesn’t prove that audiences like an intriguing, challenging plot once in a while, then I don’t know what does…

Hopefully, the success of Inception shows Hollywood that they don’t have to dig into pop culture history and just shell out half-assed scripts based on shit we’ve already seen 10x before – they need to STOP GETTING FUCKING LAZY and start using their brains to come up with original ideas, just like THEIR PREDECESSORS DID! Then again, I HAVE always wanted to see a remake of The Godfather…or a Family Matters Movie….NOT!!!!

Lazy bastards….

I hope everyone enjoyed my first official edition of The Epitome of Randomness. Look out for my review of Salt tomorrow afternoon (8/6) – PROMISE! LOL

Until then, I’m out!

Review – Dinner for Schmucks [2010]

Basic Non-Spoiler Plot Summary: Tim Conrad (played by Paul Rudd) is an ambitious executive who, after securing a negotiation (and the potential business) of Swiss mogul Mueller (played by David Walliams), is invited by his boss to what is known within the company as the monthly “dinner for winners,” (Tim later learns that it is more accurately a “dinner for idiots”) in which each invitee must find a “unique person with a special talent” and bring them to the dinner – the most unique of the bunch is declared the “winner” and the executive who brings him/her secures bragging rights among his peers. The next afternoon, Tim meets Barry Speck (played by Steve Carell) after accidentally running him over. After getting to know Barry’s weird antics and hobbies, he invites him to the dinner the following evening. But as Tim gets to know Barry, he starts having second thoughts as to whether he should go through with the dinner at all…

The Pros: Once again, Steve Carell comes through with a performance that is not only noteworthy, but one that single-handedly SAVED this film. However, while his performance was most definitely exceptional, it was a contributing factor as to why I didn’t like the film all that much (more on that later). Slowly but surely, Steve Carell is becoming one of Hollywood’s “go-to” guys for any and every role – he currently has TWO films in the Top 5 at the box office – Schmucks and Despicable Me – films that appeal to two VERY different audiences. Anyway, back to the pros – there were a few hilarious lines in this film that I’m sure I’ll hear at least once before the end of the year (“I thought the clitoris was in her purse”). Finally, Stephanie Szostak, the chick who played Julie (Tim’s girlfriend) in the film – TOTAL BABE.

The Cons: First off, I was very disappointed that the Paul Rudd of old was nowhere to be found here. Now granted, I understand that he was trying to play a more serious character, but in my opinion, the guy simply came off as very unlikeable – even in scenes where the audience is SUPPOSED to like and sympathize with him. Secondly, the pacing of the film was WAY OFF (the aforementioned “dinner” does not take place until near the end of the film). Next, a lot (and I do mean A LOT) of the comedy came off forced and unfunny – in fact, there were LONG periods in this film where I found myself sitting on my hands NOT laughing, and asking myself, “isn’t this supposed to be a comedy?” And when I finally DID laugh, it was at Steve Carell, which is the final gripe I had about the film. Not to take away from Carell’s performance at all, since like I stated above, I think he SAVED this film, HOWEVER, I think this film sent a very mixed message as far as how we are supposed to react to these so-called “schmucks.” Throughout the entire film, we are subjected to the Barry character’s bizarre antics, to the point where the film is expecting us to laugh at him. Yet, at the end of the film (not to give anything away, but it is fairly OBVIOUS how it all ends), the audience is indirectly chastised for laughing at these “schmucks” when THE FILM HAS BEEN DOING EVERYTHING BUT MAKING US DO IT FOR THE PAST HOUR-AND-A-HALF.

Conclusion: I had high expectations going into Dinner for Schmucks, and those expectations were somewhat let down. While the film looks like your standard buddy-comedy fare from the outside, it’s actually a film that really doesn’t know whether it wants to be pro-or-anti-“schmuck” – in other words, lacking an consistent identity (much like TNA Wrestling, but that’s another issue altogether). Yet, through that mess, Steve Carell delivers YET ANOTHER terrific performance that gives life to what would otherwise have been a mundane character. Recommended for Steve Carell fans only – otherwise, WAIT FOR THE DVD.

Final Score: *** (3/5)

Look out for my review of Salt, starring Angelina Jolie, tomorrow afternoon (8/05).

Until then, I’m out!

Review – Inception [2010]

Before I even start on the review for Inception, I just want to say one thing – this film inspired the topic for NEXT WEEK’s Epitome of Randomness #1 – instead of taking up valuable review time talking about how STALE Hollywood has gotten and why people have literally EMBRACED Inception as the saving grace of the 2010 Summer Movie Season, I’m going to save THAT particular topic for next week. But for now, let’s talk Inception.

Review – Despicable Me [2010]

Now I know what you’re all thinking, “SportsGuy, why the fuck are you reviewing a KIDS movie here on SuperfriendsUniverse.com, “The Epitome of Manliness”? Well, a couple of reasons – first off, because deep down, every single person on planet Earth enjoys a good, intelligent kids movie once-in-a-while (see: Toy Story 3) and if you can’t admit this then you’re just lying to yourself. Finally, it’s my column, so I’ll review whatever the fuck I want – and I’ll be getting Despicable Me out of the way first since this is probably the one you are all LEAST interested in, so I’ll try to make this as short-and-sweet as possible (but feel free to skip ahead to the Inception review if you must…you soulless bastards…kidding!).

Basic Non-Spoiler Plot Summary: The main character, Gru (voiced brilliantly by Steve Carell) is a super-villain extraordinaire who finds himself getting one-upped out of the “super-villain” business (I guess that’s what you would call it, right?) by up-and-coming super-villain Vector (voiced by Jason Segel). So in order to prove that he still has what it takes to hang with the young super-villains of tomorrow, he decides to stage his greatest heist to date – stealing the Moon! However, everything starts going wrong for him when he adopts 3 orphan girls (I will not spoil why this happens as it’s a semi-important plot detail) and they, little by little, start interfering with his super-villain ways, but (as he ponders throughout the rest of the film) it for the better or for the worst?

The Pros: Despite being billed as a kids movie, this is a film that actually, in my opinion, appeals to more than just kids. Why do I think this? Because a lot of the gags in this film would only be understood to teens/adults, as evidenced by MANY of the gags going RIGHT OVER the kids’ heads, and hearing only “mature” laughter during these moments, which I thought was interesting. Also, it’s an entertaining ENOUGH story that it shouldn’t put anyone  below the age of 80 to sleep in the theater. Finally, the performances by many of the cast, especially Steve Carrell, who like I mentioned earlier, pulled off Gru brilliantly, are not to be underestimated. For a kids movie, they (especially Carrell) seemed to put more effort in getting their character across than I have seen in other kids flicks.

The Cons: For a 95-minute running time, the movie did drag at a few points, which shouldn’t happen for a movie that short. Also, I realize that this is a kids movie, so suspension of disbelief is a necessity when viewing these types of films, but some of the stuff being thrown at me I just could not buy. Don’t get me wrong – the movie is smart when it comes to character development in relation to plot, but there were just some scenes (just s few) that I just couldn’t accept. I know that’s just me nitpicking, but that’s only because there could have been a smarter way to write that scene than what was ultimately shown on screen – and you’ll know exactly which scenes I’m talking about when you see them.

Conclusion: Despicable Me is a fun ride that not only kids, but the entire family can enjoy. While the movie drags at certain points, and it may be hard to suspend disbelief with a couple of select scenes, overall it is a smart film with brilliant voice-acting that should not be overlooked. Recommended for all ages.

Final Score: **** (4/5)

P.S. If you have an iPhone or any mobile phone that can receive the Best Buy Movie Mode app, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED – sure, all it can do is translate what the minions are saying at the end of the film, but trust me – you get more out of the film that way – a sort of interactive experience to close out the film – plus, a lot of the translations are PRICELESS – and the app is FREE!

The Wide World of Sports-Entertainment #17 – The Epitome of Randomness *DELUXE Edition*

Welcome, one and all, to this historic SEVENTEENTH edition of the column more manly than a lumberjack punching Santa Claus, The Wide World of Sports-Entertainment – with your host, the “Official Superfriends Historian,” SportsGuy515!

So you’re probably asking yourself, “Dude, what’s so historic about the SEVENTEENTH edition…and what the fuck happened to the other SIXTEEN??” Well, that’s the point, isn’t it? This is the FIRST edition of The Wide World of Sports-Entertainment to be published in my new home, right here on SuperfriendsUniverse.com, as opposed to where I’ve normally been, over at {BLEEP}.

Anyway, for those checking out this column for the first time and asking what it’s all about…well – EVERYTHING! Okay, not everything – but if you’re looking for your weekly (or bi-weekly) fill of what’s goin’ on in the world of sports-entertainment, then look no further than this column. Normally, it is divided into 3 sections – CURRENT EVENTS, which looks briefly at the week in wrestling news – the MAIN COLUMN, where the main topic of the week will be discussed – and finally, something I like to call THE EPITOME OF RANDOMNESS, which is similar to QCW Radio’s “Wrestle Break” segment in that I talk about everything OTHER than wrestling – movies, music, TV, video games, pop culture, etc.

However, I’ve run into a problem – I’ve really got NOTHING to write about. In reality, I don’t feel inspired to write at-length about anything relating to either WWE or TNA right – so instead, I’ve come up with this solution – seeing as how this will be a sort of introduction to The Wide World of Sports-Entertainment to many of you, I’ve decided to instead dedicate Issue #17 as a GIANT edition of THE EPITOME OF RANDOMNESS – basically, I will just be typing whatever comes into my head…

And, with that, it’s on with the show!


The big story of the past week is (or was) the issue with Wade Barrett, Drew McIntyre, and their work visas. At first, it was reported as being more serious than it ended up being – Barrett and McIntyre were both supposedly going to be out of action for up to 2 months while this was resolved. However, both guys were back on the road on Monday for their respective brands. At first, yeah, I did think this was going to be just as bad as the whole TNA-Angelina Love debacle from not too long ago, and questioned how WWE could be just as stupid as TNA to let something like this happen, especially to two guys being featured in prominent storylines at the moment. Plus, when it comes to shit like this, I would think WWE aren’t fuck-ups (as opposed to TNA). But after seeing how quickly this was fixed, you have to give it up to the ‘E’ – crisis averted.

We are almost one year into the gimmick PPVs, and the PPV for July is WWE Money in the Bank. On paper, this should be a great card highlighted by the not one but TWO Money in the Bank Ladder Matches. However, these gimmick PPVs overall have not been all that good – I think the best one so far has probably been Hell in a Cell (and I’m not just saying that because I was there). But this PPV, in my opinion, has the opportunity to overthrow Hell in a Cell for the top gimmick PPV of the year – we’ll find out how it does in 2 weeks…

Dixie Carter confirmed on Twitter this week (is it just me or is Dixie Carter on Twitter more often than the average…oh, I don’t know, PRESIDENT of a company?) that she has signed TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champion Velvet Sky, [Brutus] Magnus, and TNA X-Division Champion Douglas Williams to long-term contracts. Hmm…do I REALLY TRULY care about this? Maybe it’s just me, but have these 3 individuals done ANYTHING of worth in the past 6 months to merit contract extensions/pay raises? (MAYBE I can throw a bone to Doug Williams, but that’s it) – just keep throwing money away, Dixie….then again, as long as it’s not the Nasty Boys….

If I’m not mistaken, the last move I reviewed on here was Iron Man 2 (in Issue #16) – in the time since that column, I have been on quite the movie binge (as is my habit during the summer) – so far I’ve been able to catch Shrek Forever After (3/5), MacGruber (4/5), Toy Story 3 (5/5), Grown Ups (3.5/5), and The Karate Kid (3.5/5) in that order (FYI – the numbers after each title are my personal rating for each film, in case you were wondering). In the future, I intend to have film reviews as full segments of The Epitome of Randomness, especially during the summer movie season – the next films I intend to see (as early as this weekend) are Despicable Me and Inception, so look for reviews for those films in Issue #18 of this column!

The 2010 FIFA World Cup has come and gone – YES, I am a soccer fan – and for those of you who aren’t, tough shit – I’m dedicating a portion of this column to it. After a very competitive month-long tournament that saw a LOT of surprises (the 2006 Champions, Italy, embarrassingly eliminated in the Group Stage, among other early favorites), Spain, the not-so-little country that could, came out victorious after a lengthy and competitive WAR with the Netherlands to win the World Cup for the FIRST TIME. However, while Spain winning was a huge accomplishment in itself, you’ve also got to commend the U.S. team for being able to capture the hearts and minds of their nation during this tournament – I know people who used to despise soccer who, after watching the U.S. vs. Algeria game, and watch Landon Donovan make the come-from-behind goal in injury time to give the U.S. the win, saw just how thrilling soccer can be. In fact, a simple search on YouTube will reach hundreds of videos of people “reacting” to the Donovan goal – and who said soccer was boring?

What else did the 2010 World Cup give us? PAUL, the Psychic Octopus. I think this mini-article will explain what I’m talking about much better: http://m.espn.go.com/mobilecache/soccer/story?leagueTag=fifa.world&storyId=5373013

Three other sports notes – the 2010 MLB season is shaping up to be one for the books. MY New York Yankees are leading the American League East (as usual) with the best record in baseball heading into the All-Star break (the 2010 All-Star Game, by the way, is TONIGHT). Pitching is what’s looking to be the star of this season, as we’ve had pitchers throwing one and two-hitters all over the place, especially the Detroit Tiger’s Armando Galarraga’s near-perfect game on June 3rd against the Cleveland Indians that he was robbed of by a bumbling umpire. However, I tend to agree with the assessment of a fellow rival of mine, who believes that the 2010 World Series…will be a SUBWAY SERIES…and if he had said that in the middle of May, I would’ve laughed in his face. But after the first Subway Series encounter (when the Mets were still in last place), I hate to admit it, but they’ve been on FIRE…they been as little as 0.5 games back behind the first place team, the Atlanta Braves, in the standings. As in stands now, they are 5 games back from first, but still second in the National League East, and strong competition in the Wild Card race. The second half of the season will be a trying time for a lot of teams. In fact, it wasn’t until the second half LAST season that the Yankees REALLY picked it up and became the championship team that they were in October. Who knows what the second half of the 2010 season holds for MLB…

Lebron James is a part of the Miami Heat. First off, let me start by saying that I am NOT a fan of basketball (yes, just like you probably aren’t a fan of SOCCER, I’m not a fan of BASKETBALL – to each his own). Don’t get me wrong, I USED TO BE – in fact, I actually used to collect basketball cards – back in my elementary school days, from I would say 1996-2000, I had that as a hobby, and I followed the sport closely as well. My two favorite NBA Finals EVER were in 1998 between the Chicago Bulls and the Utah Jazz (The REMATCH), and in 2002 between the Los Angeles Lakers and the New Jersey Nets (for a few reasons – at the time, I was a Lakers fan and an Nets fan, being from New Jersey, but being a Nets fan FIRST, I rooted for them over the Lakers. While I was upset that they got swept, I was happy to see the Nets anywhere NEAR the NBA Finals instead of the laughing stock status they were normally regulated to). However, around 4 years ago, I just suddenly lost interest in the sport of basketball – I think the peak of my interest was buying the video game “NBA Street” for the Playstation 2 (now THAT’S old school). Maybe it was the crew of unfamiliar/uninteresting players overtaking the sport (see: Lebron James), but I just fell out of love with basketball with some reason. I don’t even watch the NBA Finals anymore.

So right now, you’re probably asking yourself, “then what makes you qualified to give an opinion on Lebron James?” First off, because it’s my right as an American, and secondly, because I’m not necessarily going to comment on him leaving or what his impact is going to be on the Caviliers or the Heat; instead, I’m going to comment on the disgusting actions that I’ve seen within the past week by these Cleveland fans toward Lebron – BURNING HIS JERSEY??? ARE YOU SERIOUS??? These people make TNA fans look more intelligent. First of all, Lebron James doesn’t owe any of you jack shit. He played for you for the length of his contract; it’s not like he pulled a Mike Awesome and went to another team WHILE STILL UNDER CONTRACT, which is ILLEGAL by the way. After his contract was up, the dude made it known that he was going to shop himself around to other teams – it’s not like he bullshitted you, Cleveland, and said, I’m DEFINITELY gonna resigned with you.” Sure, the WAY he announced that he was going to the heat was a little bit egotistical and over the top (“The Decision”??? ESPN, you are a bunch of cock-sucking hacks, nuff said), but that doesn’t change the fact that you Cleveland fans are making him seem like a traitor just because he went to another team. Teams trade players all the time. Players become free agents all the time. Free agents sign with teams, that’s right, ALL THE TIME. Stop acting like Lebron is going to be the end. Sure, attendance will most likely be down initially, but you know what, if that’s the case, then those people who NO LONGER GO to Cavs games were LEBRON fans, not CAVS fans, and thus, you shouldn’t want them as fans anyway – it should always be about the TEAM, and not ONE PLAYER. When I was going to Nets games from 1998-2000, the guys there were basically nobodies, but that didn’t matter to me – I was a Nets fan, and I supported the team because they were my favorite team. That’s why, in my head, I always believed I was semi-rewarded for my loyalty in 2002 when the Nets acquired Jason Kidd (a name more than 5 people knew). Anyways, my point is, if you are a fan of a certain team, you should support it no matter WHOS on it – and these Cleveland fans acting like babies just because ONE guy left their team just shows the type of people they really are; I wouldn’t be surprised if players attempt to stay away from Cleveland in the future because of this shit…

Finally in sports, it is my sad duty to report on the deaths of longtime Yankees announcer Bob Sheppard (who died on July 11th), and Yankees owner George Steinbrenner (who died today, July 13th). It is indeed a sad week in Yankeeland; Bob Sheppard, the voice of the New York Yankees for a generation, and THE BOSS, George Steinbrenner, are now no longer with us. I’m honored to say that I got to hear Bob Sheppard announce one of the games that I personally attended – the Subway Series opener between the Yankees and the Mets at the old Yankee Stadium on May 18, 2007 – the VERY FIRST Yankee game that I ever attended (pictures from which can be found on my FACEBOOK PAGE). And what else can be said about George Steinbrenner than what’s already said? The man took a sports franchise that was worth approx. $8.8 million when he bought it and turned it into a $1.5 BILLION mega-dynasty – that alone should speak volumes. They will both be sorely missed – may they both R.I.P.

Haven’t been playing a lot of video games on my own lately. Can’t explain why – probably the lack of funds to buy new games/the lack to time to play the ones I already have. I usually reserved the game playing for when I have friends over (I host Guiter Hero tournaments, Mario Party games, Street Fighter battles – new and old – , and WWE SmackDown vs. RAW matches, among other things – UFC anyone?) I’m REALLY trying to get into the FPS games that all of my friends keep raving about (Gears of War, Mass Effect, Fallout 3, etc.), but the problem is that I have a low patience when it comes to long games like that (I barely get through the RESIDENT EVIL games). In the future, any new game I get – or any old game I dig up from my closet – will get a review here on The Epitome of Randomness, so look out for that in the future!

Does anyone REALLY believe that Paul Heyman is going to sign with TNA?? Like everyone else on this site (Big D, Chessarmy) have basically said already, “I’ll believe it when I see it.” People, here’s who I SEE this whole thing – when you really think at it, TNA has NO IDENTITY at the moment – are they the company that want to push the young guys and are all about the X-Division, or are they the company that want to push fossils like Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, and Kevin Nash?? I just don’t know, and UNTIL they fix their identity problem, they WILL NOT GROW. AT ALL.

FINALLY, $50 says the RAW GM is (sadly) Michael Cole…

And, with that, Issue #17 of The Wide World of Sports-Entertainment comes to a close. I hope this provide all you readers here on SuperfriendsUniverse.com with a snippet of what this column is all about. Next week, the column will be back in its original format for Issue #18 with Current Events, a review of this Sunday’s Money In the Bank PPV, and (if I get to go to the movies this weekend), a review of either Despicable Me, Inception, or BOTH. If I don’t, then you’ll simply get whatever comes into my mind…after all, that’s what RANDOMNESS is all about!

Anyways I’m done….see you all next time!