Mike Trojan’s Dating Tip #1: Sexual Magnetism through Goodness

Main point: If you want to have sex with the hottest women in the world, you MUST be the kind of guy who never cheats.

Hi there GEEKDOM! Mike Trojan here with a tip that may surprise you. Others may know what I’m talking about. Here it is: Be a Good Guy. By that I mean, don’t be a man-whore. Don’t EVER cheat on the girl you are with in a serious relationship. A lot of men think that now that they have advanced macking skills, that they can use them however they want and get as much sex as they can no matter how depraved. Remember, with great power comes great responsibility. This is not just a moral issue or something out of a Spiderman comic. Being an immoral man-whore affects your ability to get the hottest of the women in both the short term and also in the long term. More

Logan Transplacement Chronicles, Chapter IV – The Legend of Mike Trojan Pt. 2

…continued from: Logan Transplacement Chronicles, Chapter III – The Legend of Mike Trojan Pt. 1
After the lecture was over, Logan approached Mike as he walked to his car in the parking lot.
Logan: Mike, do you recognize me?
Mike: Yes, I think I do.
Logan: So you know now that your long-time joke, your nickname and rapper kayfabe back-story is actually based in truth.
Mike: So what now?
Logan: You were supposed to keep rapping. And you weren’t supposed to give that lecture. People cannot receive the information you are putting out there. It makes sex too easy for everyone. Increased sex events – while helping to establish world peace — eventually lead to the discovery of time-travel. Mass time-travel creates chaos in the future. I was sent back here to neutralize you. You should be dead right now.

Logan Transplacement Chronicles, Chapter III – The Legend of Mike Trojan Pt. 1

2024, Malibu California

Mike Trojan, 44 years old, stood behind the podium in Landro Hall of Pepperdine University. He looked out into the sea of college and grad students sitting and watching his every move. Most of the seats were occupied, but there were throngs still trying to push their way in. Mike would be giving a lecture: “Advanced Macking”, to a packed audience.

Before all of this fame ever came to Mike, he had long ago resigned himself to the inconsequential life of a working stiff, toiling away like some forgotten troll on the graveyard shift, typing up legal documents for well-paid corporate whores. But that was 10 years ago. At that time, Mike started writing a regular online advice column for men: “Mike Trojan’s Dating Tips.” Mike knew there would be a great demand for his advice. Even the most seasoned players needed certain universal reminders because the landscape of man-woman relations has been shifting beneath them in surprising ways. Mike’s entries were first heavily circulated on dating message boards. But by 2019, NPR came calling, and then eventually CBS and the whole late-night show circuit. And with that came very lucrative speaking invitations. Harvard and MIT soon offered Mike considerable grant money to continue his research. MIT eventually built him a facility in Colorado Springs. After over a decade of posting columns online for free, Mike was finally making enough in lecture fees alone to quit his night job and buy a new house. More

The Logan Transplacement Chronicles: CHAPTER II: Time-Travel, Inc.

In the defense of the industry that desperately wanted the tech approved for consumers, the initial tests clearly seemed to prove their money-eyed theories about time-travel.
Time and again, the test travelers were sent back to change the past in small ways. None of the changes registered here in the present at all. In one trip, our test traveler actually prevented the assassination of JFK. And yet, when he returned, the sad history was the same. This seemed to prove the existence of multiple universes, existing side by side with each other. Time-travel manipulations essentially just caused another universe to branch out from the moment the past was changed. The time-traveler would only return to his universe and thus would never see the change.
In the “Back to the Future” example, Marty McFly would thus come back and still find his father working for Biff (under this theory) even after changing the past the way he did. While this would not have been a very satisfying ending to that movie, it seemed at the time to be how time-travel in the early 3000s was working. The theory was that the time-traveler can’t change our past at all. More

The Logan Transplacement Chronicles, CHAPTER I: Time-Travel History

With the invention of Time-travel in the early 3000s, there were many physicists who warned of what they called “Chaotic Meta-Mindscape Syndrome” or CMS. It was basically the theory that time-travel to the past would essentially destroy the time-traveler and his or her compatriots, either mentally or physically. By changing the past events that created and shaped those minds or people, the time-traveler would erase or forever change those people irrevocably. It was, in essence, the “Back to the Future” theory of time-travel. Change the past even a little and you just might destroy the present and the future! More

VLOG – Captain America: Civil War LEAKED SCRIPT? Speculation & Spoilers

There has been a Civil War Leak ?

Allegedly the script for Captain America 3: Civil War leaked and a lot of true believers are talking about it. Is it the actual script? Is it fake? If it is real, will Marvel change it?

On this video I get into some of the big talking points of the script leak as well as compare it with cast notes as well as the Civil War storyline in the comics.

Video – Disney’s OFFICIAL Star Wars Canon

What is Canon in Star Wars? This video goes over some of the older canon, specifically from the George Lucas era, talking about the Zahn Books and some of Expanded Universe, and then segue into Disney’s 4 Billion Dollar Purchase of Star Wars and how they have essentially scrapped the EU (renamed it ‘Legends’) and have now created their own canon to prevent plot holes as well as the Lucasfilm Story Group. This is Disney’s Official Star Wars Canon! Enjoy!