30 for 30 Presents… The Kayfabulous Lucha Bros Wrestling Show Ep 6 – The Summer of ’96 Vol I

Bash 1994 will have to wait a couple of weeks as the The Kayfabulous Lucha Bros take a very special investigative look at one of the most fascinating time periods in the history of the business, a time period where things were mostly booming and in an embryonic state before the big explosion, the Summer of 1996. In Vol I of a two part series, Draven and D examine the goings on of the Summer of 96 in the business of professional wrestling. We discuss all aspects of the major changes going on and on this first part, we discuss all types of fascinating topics of the times, including the beginning of the end for AAA’s boom period, the annexation of the luchadors to WCW, the seeds for the forming of Promo Azteka in amazing detail, the Summer of ECW including the rise and repackaging of Taz and his feud with Sabu and UFC Fighter Paul Varelans, the debut of Rob Van Dam, the Sandman vs. Raven storyline with Sandman’s son and whether or not it would work in the modern era, and MUCH MORE. Come back for Vol II next week as we discuss New Japan, All Japan, FMW, and then of course, WCW and WWF as the Monday Night War gets extremely competitive!

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30 for 30 Presents… The Kayfabulous Lucha Bros Wrestling Show Ep 5 – WWF Survivor Series 1989

The Tumbler has spoken~! Kayfabulous Lucha Bros review the 1989 Survivor Series and folks, its hard to find anything wackier than late 80s WWF. We run down the entire card while pointing out the awesome, the terrible, and the absurd. We talk about the character of Zeus coming into our world from the movie world via portal to kill Terry Gene, the who played Rip in No Holds Barred, we talk Big Boss Man’s sweat, Martel vs. Santana in the Neverending Story, the most coked up promo in the history of the business, the team of ABSOLUTE MANHOOD~!, AND MORE! We also talk about some last minute card changes (Tully, Windham, Akeem) AND not only contemplate, but BOOK a Grand Finale Match of Survival for THIS show! And yeah folks, we booked a ***** match the likes of which Kobashi wouldn’t fathom! Check out what we’re thankful for! Download or die!

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30 for 30 Presents… The Kayfabulous Lucha Bros Wrestling Show Ep 4 – WWF King of the Ring 1993

The Kayfabulous Lucha Brothers take us back to yet another fascinating and historic transitional shows ever – King of the Ring 1993, as we break down the first PPV version of the legendary tournament, and one of the best nights for Bret “Hitman” Hart and a must-see show for his fans. We run through the entire history of the King of the Ring tournament INCLUDING the 85-89 and 91 King of the Ring house show tournaments, we talk about the DEPARTURE OF HULK HOGAN and the END OF HULKAMANIA and give you the ENTIRE STORY, we talk about the AMAZING HIGH FLYING 400 LB BAM BAM BAGALOW!!, we talk about the classic Perfect/Hart match, we talk about LEX LUGARRRR, the Cluster B with Narcissistic Personality Disorder with the COLOSSUS ARM, we talk about heel Doink and his cigar, we analyze the MULLETS of 1993 WWF, AND we talk about Jerry “The King” Lawler’s devious plans to take out whomever was crowned King and a number of amazing alternate universe scenarios! A FUN SHOW!!!

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Note: There were some audio issues here where my voice went out in the early part of the show. Something similar happened on this past week’s Forced Perspective. I had to make some short edits early on so it sounds passable because I did not want to lose this great show! I greatly apologize for this and I am investigating this so that future podcasts won’t have this problem.

30 for 30 Presents… The Kayfabulous Lucha Bros Wrestling Show Ep 3 – WWF In Your House 7: Good Friends, Better Enemies

On this week’s Kayfabulous Lucha Bros Wrestling Show, Big D and Brandon Draven go back to review one of the more fascinating transitional shows in the history of the business – In Your House #7: Good Friends, Better Enemies, from April of 1996. The big story here was that this was the final television appearance of Scott Hall (Razor Ramon) and Kevin Nash (Diesel) before going to WCW, founding the NWO, and changing the business forever. Here we talk about Razors incredibly stiff final match with Vader and Diesels CLASSIC match with Shawn Michaels in DETAIL as Big D marks out hard for it. Plus, Warrior vs. an injured Goldust in the most boring and ridiculously stupid segment of the show, Sunny shows Phinneas the goodies, SOFT ASS CLARENCE MASON~!, a bio on Ahmed Johnson and his struggles with the PWI 500, and we attempt to answer such pondering questions such as: Why are all heels who feud with Jake Roberts mysteriously afraid of snakes? Is having a pose off/arm wrestling challenge angle mandatory for all feuds from the 80s and 90s involving large muscle freak body builders? If you ever wanted to know why the wrestlers remove the monitors from the tables before dumping a guy through it – FIND OUT HERE!

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30 for 30 Presents… The Kayfabulous Lucha Bros Wrestling Show Ep 2 – WCW New Blood Rising 2000

Its the second Kayfabolous Lucha Bros Wrestling Show episode as Big D and Draven go back to review 2000’s most infamous PPVs, WCW New Blood Rising as we play the VINCE RUSSO DRINKING GAME! We review the show and talk about everything that made the show infamous, including but not limited to: 3 Count and David “Tank” Abbott, Another Russo Miscarriage angle, Goldberg not following “the script”, Dwayne “Booker T” Johnson?, Kolonik errr Kronik, VAMPIRO~!, and MUCH MORE!! WE WENT OFF SCRIPT MANY TIMES HERE! We look at one of the absolute worst shows ever… and STILL HAVE A BLAST! Follow along with us with your own New Blood Rising Vince Russo Checklist:

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30 for 30 Presents… The Kayfabulous Lucha Bros Wrestling Show Ep 1 – WWF Royal Rumble 1992

Wrestlemania 30 for 30 Presents… The Kayfabulous Lucha Bros Pro Wrestling Show as Emperor Big D and Brandon Draven spin off 30 for 30 into a brand new show as we go back and review the best AND worst of professional wrestling. On the very first episode, we go back and review a favorite for many fans – The 1992 Royal Rumble! it was the night that Ric Flair became the MAN in the WWF, with a tear in his eyes, along with Hulk Hogan betraying ANOTHER friend, Bob Slaughter taking the most ridiculous bump ever, Big Boss Man defies the rules of physics, Paul Bearer promises to fit 29 caskets in the arena, the AWESOMENESS of Pat Tanaka, Paul Diamond the wife stealer, AND MUCH MORE. We review all aspects of the show, give character bios, and a history of what led to it. I HAD A BLAST RECORDING THIS!

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