BONUS: The Kayfabulous Lucha Bros Wrestling Show Ep 24 – WCW Monday Nitro 9/4/95 DEBUT EPISODE!

Because of our recent audio difficulties and our LOVE for each and every one of you, the Kayfabulous Lucha Bros present a very special BONUS episode, JUST in time for the holidays, where Big D and Brandon Draven get together, NOW ON SKYPE with BETTER audio quality, to review the FIRST episode of WCW Monday Nitro from September 4, 1995. DAMN thats a long ass sentence with a lot of commas. More

30 for 30 Presents… The Kayfabulous Lucha Bros Wrestling Show Ep 21 – WCW Great American Bash 1991 Pt 1

The time has come to review what many long time pro wrestling fans consider the worst PPV from a major promotion ever in wrestling – 1991’s WCW Great American Bash, and we present Part 1 of 2. More