Lucha Bros 101: Cars with Girls, Krennic, Alex Jones, Royal Rumble, Fritz, and more!

Its a Happy New Year to you all on this special edition of KLB Episode (Geekdom)101. On this edition Big D drops the knowledge on Star Wars lore….the Vader castle and its history. The arrogance of the Jedi…The Obi Wan theory…Krennic’s road to acceptance and ultimate downfall….Draven chimes as to why the first half of Rogue One wasn’t as strong as it should have. Big D loses his shit over the final scene with Vader including a play by play of it (spoiler alert)…D once again climazes all over Return of the Jedi…Big D gets possessed by ALEX JONES!!…Oh Yeah some wrasslin as well…We talk the Resurrection of Aurelian Smith Jr….Draven’s crush with Alexa Bliss and Big D ruining his fantasy…A quick jouyney into the history of Christmas cards in pro wrestling including Christmas Star Wars. Big D imitates Fritz Von Erich…Eric Embry is mentioned…the name Bill Watts and big hands get mentioned…the ame Ernie Ladd gets mentioned…the name Lou Albano is mentioned. Balls Mahoney when he had teeth as Xanta Claus from the South Pole…Darth Vader doing the Boss Man Nightstick Gimmick with a Lightsaber. We talk a little bit about The Royal Rumble..The boys make fun of The 45 Year Old Kid X Pac ripping his asshole, and put over keeping it 100 and the Jericho network…Its Christmas Star Wars baby!! (Rogue One spoilers inside).


On this Christmas Edition of KLB we celebrate episode 100!! And with that the return the Emperor Big D…and he comes looking for blood for all those that tried to take his throne. We talk the beginnings of the show. We break kayfabe on Why Big D has been absent and per request of the marks of the show we revisit the great night of Lesnar/Cena 2012. Big D shares his personal story on his leap of faith. Draven reminds him that he once showed up to a job interview with a stained shirt. The Alex Jones water? We look at Goldberg vs Lesnar and why Goldberg was so awesome. We put over the Clique (clit) once again. We bury TNA, We give an update on Ronnie and Donnie and their new ventures. More

The Kayfabulous Lucha Bros Show Present: KLB Extra #9

On the SEASON FINALE OF KLB Extra we bring you the state of the union of pro wrasslin. Joined by the great Batch from Bingemedia and the always awesome Denny Luis we run down the year in review for all the territories. The embarrassment of TNA…Dave Laganus quitting…. Mickey James ass stopping the train ala Tobey in Spider Man 2. How Magnus can get a job in the wwe. We run down the list of the people Lita has “slept with” which gives us a chance to say the name El Dandy. We fantasy book the Hardy Compound TNA tribute show. We put over the awesomeness of Pentagon Jr. and Dario Queto a person who has never been explained who he is or where he came from. We talk about WWE and how nothing ever happens to Stephanie or Huntor..we hit the indies, new japan and a whole lot more. Plus Bret Hart dedicates a song to Julie Hart to start the show, and a “final” Big D Sighting!!!! Join the fun! More

The Kayfabulous Lucha Bros Show Present: KLB Extra #8

On this edition of KLB extra we are joined by Mark the mark and the great Denny Luis as we try to talk Steve Austin and his full career but a drunk Draven could not hang…We get another Big D sighting, Draven talk for about an hour by himself as he runs circles with the knowledge. We bring up tapping not punching a guy in the balls and how tapping can be more painful. Vince pisses his pants, Bruce Hart gets his ass wooped and we all laugh as usual. The build up to Austin.Michaels and Tysons difficulty doing the crotch chop. All that and an opening promo by Dr. D David Schultz!! More

The Kayfabulous Lucha Bros Show Present: KLB Extra #7

On this edition of KLB we are joined by 2 MARKS!! Of the business as Eddie Ramirez and Daniel Halcon join the show to talk their live experience watching wrestling. Is Eddie the new Vladimir? Is that Seth Rollins on the phone? Eddie pops Draven as he says Los Ingovernables, we talk NXT live and how the Dusty Classic has more singles matches than tags. Eddie Ramirez did a while loop where he went from a PPV, Raw to Smackdown. Draven cuts a promo on the cruiserweights…again. PWG BOLA is brought up. We catch up on the current scene of Raw, Smackdown and NXT. All that plus has Big D been spotted selling pizzas? Join us! More

The Kayfabulous Lucha Bros Show Present: KLB Extra #6

On this episode of KLB extra we are joined by Mark the Mark Sportsguy 515 from Forced Perspective and the great Denny Luis as we tackle Goldberg’s dance partner for Survivor Series Brock Lesnar and a retrospective on his career. We start the show with a Sid Vicious interview where he says he would be the biggest draw now, while saying his better than Austin, Flair and Rock. We tackle Lesnar trying not to cry when Matt Hardy hit him IN THE FACE with a chair. The botched shooting star pressed. The Big Blow Lesnar’s whipping boy. We mark out for Lesnar kicking the Cena hat the night after Raw. Draven loses his shit once again recapping Lesnar v. Reigns Mania 31. And a play by play of the night Big D was broken when Brock Lesnar did the J-O-B to john Cena. All that plus Bob Holly getting abroken fricking neck…on purpose? Tune in right now!!! More

The Kayfabulous Lucha Bros Show Present: KLB Extra #5

On this edition of KLB extra we start our series of career retrospective on professional wrasslers. We start with Goldberg…here we learn that WCW wanted to jewish name with Bill Gold? The Mandela effect and Gene Wilder dying years ago. Dermott Mulroney comes up enough said…Was Goldberg and John Tenta ever wear kilts with Rod Piper? Who is Jed Goldberg? Raven being crowd surfed back into the ring to lose to Goldberg. The era of the autobiographies explosion. How Goldberg got so over in 98 and how the US title was protected. The saga of the night Goldberg won the WCW title, why it was done on Nitro instead of a PPV. Did Goldberg take a backseat to Jay Leno and Kevin Eubanks soft smile? The political schemes that cost Goldberg his first loss…Goldberg kicking Bret Hart into perpetual crankiness. The tradition of heels tip towing into the ring during the run in even though theres a camera on them. Denny makes fun of little fellas. The burial of Goldberg….Jerry Flynn and their 3 match storyline…The night Goldberg came into the wwe after mania. Huntor feud while Huntor wore a diaper…All that an more plus a run in from Mark the mark….KLB 4 Life. More

The Kayfabulous Lucha Bros Show Present: KLB Extra #4

On this edition of KLB, we have BobaDick himself Robert Anthony Richards…joined by After Midnight podcast host Denny Luis as we tackle WrestleMania 3…but not the actual show itself, more like bar talk reminiscing on one of the greatest event of all time. We talk about the spot in the match that changed Bobadick’s life forever as a young fan. We review the Hulksters circle of friends, who the Pope had to have a worked number for his attendance. The history of carnies and wrestling. Savage v. Steamboat and why his IC title reigns was so short. How Brutus Beefcake got the Barber name, Adrian Adonis v. Roddy Piper. Plus movie and tv talk at the end. Enjoy! (This show has a bit of an echo…technical difficulties that are being worked on and fixed, thanks for your understanding)

The Kayfabulous Lucha Bros Show Present: KLB Extra #3

On this edition of KLB extra, we have a special guest a binge brother Montreal Quebecs own Marc Chavalier. As he joins Denny Luis to tackle the subject of the draft of the WWE. We open the show with the question that a very ignorant Draven always thinks about from people that grew up in montreal…strip clubs!!!. From there we talk Goldberg v. Lesnar and who is looking forward to it. Then we delve into the pluses and minuses of the draft looking at the different pics, tag teams (which we bury) and women (which we keep it about as non PC as you can). Does Becky Lynch chew on crackers when she talks? Will Sasha Banks be rocking Kane hairline circa 04 in a few years? Is Nakamura doing a Jim Ross impression right underneath our noses? The quest for Bryan Kendrick to buy TJ Perkins a Nintendo 64, did Goldberg kick the Bret Hart grumpy button and everyone forgot to turn the switch back off? And a special tweet from a W. Corgan in the intro. All that and much more As Draven fears for his life like Dino Bravo did when he was surrounded by Montreal Quebequians.

The Kayfabulous Lucha Bros Show Present: KLB Extra #2

On this edition of KLB Extra Episode 2, we finish our talk on the great Guerrero v. Rey Jr. feud, with Dominick aka Shocker from CMLL. Denny gives his thoughts on the exploitation of Eddy Guerrero. We talk of the night Benoit killed his family, Raw is Owen and Raw is Eddie. Then we jump back into 1991 where a pizza delivery man known as Jimmy Herd fucked up the lineage of the NWA title by allowing Ric Flair to leave to the WWF. We recap the saga, which includes a doped-up Piper giving Vince a chair shot, why Vince didn’t go with Dick v. Hulk at Mania 8; How Dick Flair became just another guy; Vince a closet Ric Flair mark? Find out why….then we finish off with the gimmick that showed the world the personality of Chris Jericho, the 1998 Conspiracy victim angle, that buried an entire division while showcasing a future Hall of Famer. We look at the start with Ron Mysterio, Quasi Juice, Prince Nakamaki and of course Bor-us Malenko and his son Deano Machino. 1004 holds indeed. More