Lucha Bros 105: Royal Rumble 2017 Review

ROYAL RUMBLE 2017! The night RANDY ORTON.. IN 2017… WON THE RUMBLE ROYALE! No I’m serious, he won. The night many alphas became betas and many betas got eliminated from this jabroni rumble. However, two men who are NOT Beta, AJ Styles and John Cena, put on a clinic that we’re calling a 5 3/4 star match. John Cena ties it with Ric Flair (not really). Plus MVP Chris Jericho entertains, Roddy Piper memories, Racist Nakamura impressions, very shallow jokes about WWE Divas, Nia Jax vs. Sasha Banks – who would you date? and then Edward Norton vs. Owen Hart aka Bayley vs. Charlotte in a match Michael PS Hayes could not predict despite being the writer for the damn show. Tye didn’t-get-over, Jack Gallagher (w/o the melons), Big E is an overgrown man baby, the New Day are virgins, Braun Strowman almost kills 3 guys in one night, and much more!

Lucha Bros 104: Royal Rumble 1997 Pt 2

On this edition of the Lucha Bros we go finish our review of Royal Rumble 1997, the night Steve Austin ascended and was victorious in the Rumble! We talk about the entire Rumble, some Lucha Libras, and Shawn Michael Hickenbottom back on top! Perro Jr talk and Perros Del Mal history lesson, RICK TITAN, Big D tells old work stories, La Bamba vs. Selena; which was a better movie?, Bret Hart was so AWESOME, we talk about modern wrestling and MUCH MORE! STAR WARS AT THE END!

Lucha Bros 103: Royal Rumble 1997 Pt 1

DENNY… or is it… DANNY joins in the newest Lucha Bros review as we go back 20 years to SAN ANTONIO TEXAS from the ALAMO DOME… just like in 2017, but this time we go back to the era of alphas – 1997! We talk about ALL THE MADNESS from 97 including SHOTGUN SATURDAY NIGHT, random country singers, Goldust being called a derogatory word by Jerry Stupid Lawler, athletic gentlemen smiling and speaking of athletic gentlemen, Ahmed Johnson kills a guy through the table and Curtis Hughes returns as Hunter’s BUTLER!, British Bulldog is Bizarre, Perro Jr, the two marks who got booted out, LORD VADER faces Taker, Skinner craps himself, and SO MUCH MORE! Next week, Part 2

Lucha Bros 102: 2016 Recap – Alphas, Betas, Art Davies, and Ass Eating

On this edition of KLB, Jerry Lawler opens up the show singing about having sex with wrestling holds. Big D catches up on the year in wrestling! What do Shane O and Daniel Cormier have in common?…Why did Razor Ramon piss off Alberto Del Rio? Draven and Big D give a play by play of Kowabunga… The words ‘eating ass’, ‘dick pills’ and ‘bitch tits’ get used in context of the wrestling business….The boys pop when former UFC founder Art Davies is brought up….Draven shares his conspiracy theory on the Fertitas and UFC…Draven cuts a passionate promo on Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose…Ronda Rousey the cluster B is analyzed as is Cain Velasquez….WrestleMania card predictions and rumored card…Draven and Big D “analyze” the Women of the WWE…all that plus an “In Memorium” segment at the end for our departed brothers and sisters in the biz for 2016 0 enjoy the show!

Lucha Bros 101: Cars with Girls, Krennic, Alex Jones, Royal Rumble, Fritz, and more!

Its a Happy New Year to you all on this special edition of KLB Episode (Geekdom)101. On this edition Big D drops the knowledge on Star Wars lore….the Vader castle and its history. The arrogance of the Jedi…The Obi Wan theory…Krennic’s road to acceptance and ultimate downfall….Draven chimes as to why the first half of Rogue One wasn’t as strong as it should have. Big D loses his shit over the final scene with Vader including a play by play of it (spoiler alert)…D once again climazes all over Return of the Jedi…Big D gets possessed by ALEX JONES!!…Oh Yeah some wrasslin as well…We talk the Resurrection of Aurelian Smith Jr….Draven’s crush with Alexa Bliss and Big D ruining his fantasy…A quick jouyney into the history of Christmas cards in pro wrestling including Christmas Star Wars. Big D imitates Fritz Von Erich…Eric Embry is mentioned…the name Bill Watts and big hands get mentioned…the ame Ernie Ladd gets mentioned…the name Lou Albano is mentioned. Balls Mahoney when he had teeth as Xanta Claus from the South Pole…Darth Vader doing the Boss Man Nightstick Gimmick with a Lightsaber. We talk a little bit about The Royal Rumble..The boys make fun of The 45 Year Old Kid X Pac ripping his asshole, and put over keeping it 100 and the Jericho network…Its Christmas Star Wars baby!! (Rogue One spoilers inside).


On this Christmas Edition of KLB we celebrate episode 100!! And with that the return the Emperor Big D…and he comes looking for blood for all those that tried to take his throne. We talk the beginnings of the show. We break kayfabe on Why Big D has been absent and per request of the marks of the show we revisit the great night of Lesnar/Cena 2012. Big D shares his personal story on his leap of faith. Draven reminds him that he once showed up to a job interview with a stained shirt. The Alex Jones water? We look at Goldberg vs Lesnar and why Goldberg was so awesome. We put over the Clique (clit) once again. We bury TNA, We give an update on Ronnie and Donnie and their new ventures. More

The Kayfabulous Lucha Bros Show Present: KLB Extra #9

On the SEASON FINALE OF KLB Extra we bring you the state of the union of pro wrasslin. Joined by the great Batch from Bingemedia and the always awesome Denny Luis we run down the year in review for all the territories. The embarrassment of TNA…Dave Laganus quitting…. Mickey James ass stopping the train ala Tobey in Spider Man 2. How Magnus can get a job in the wwe. We run down the list of the people Lita has “slept with” which gives us a chance to say the name El Dandy. We fantasy book the Hardy Compound TNA tribute show. We put over the awesomeness of Pentagon Jr. and Dario Queto a person who has never been explained who he is or where he came from. We talk about WWE and how nothing ever happens to Stephanie or Huntor..we hit the indies, new japan and a whole lot more. Plus Bret Hart dedicates a song to Julie Hart to start the show, and a “final” Big D Sighting!!!! Join the fun! More

The Kayfabulous Lucha Bros Show Present: KLB Extra #8

On this edition of KLB extra we are joined by Mark the mark and the great Denny Luis as we try to talk Steve Austin and his full career but a drunk Draven could not hang…We get another Big D sighting, Draven talk for about an hour by himself as he runs circles with the knowledge. We bring up tapping not punching a guy in the balls and how tapping can be more painful. Vince pisses his pants, Bruce Hart gets his ass wooped and we all laugh as usual. The build up to Austin.Michaels and Tysons difficulty doing the crotch chop. All that and an opening promo by Dr. D David Schultz!! More

The Kayfabulous Lucha Bros Show Present: KLB Extra #7

On this edition of KLB we are joined by 2 MARKS!! Of the business as Eddie Ramirez and Daniel Halcon join the show to talk their live experience watching wrestling. Is Eddie the new Vladimir? Is that Seth Rollins on the phone? Eddie pops Draven as he says Los Ingovernables, we talk NXT live and how the Dusty Classic has more singles matches than tags. Eddie Ramirez did a while loop where he went from a PPV, Raw to Smackdown. Draven cuts a promo on the cruiserweights…again. PWG BOLA is brought up. We catch up on the current scene of Raw, Smackdown and NXT. All that plus has Big D been spotted selling pizzas? Join us! More

The Kayfabulous Lucha Bros Show Present: KLB Extra #6

On this episode of KLB extra we are joined by Mark the Mark Sportsguy 515 from Forced Perspective and the great Denny Luis as we tackle Goldberg’s dance partner for Survivor Series Brock Lesnar and a retrospective on his career. We start the show with a Sid Vicious interview where he says he would be the biggest draw now, while saying his better than Austin, Flair and Rock. We tackle Lesnar trying not to cry when Matt Hardy hit him IN THE FACE with a chair. The botched shooting star pressed. The Big Blow Lesnar’s whipping boy. We mark out for Lesnar kicking the Cena hat the night after Raw. Draven loses his shit once again recapping Lesnar v. Reigns Mania 31. And a play by play of the night Big D was broken when Brock Lesnar did the J-O-B to john Cena. All that plus Bob Holly getting abroken fricking neck…on purpose? Tune in right now!!! More