Superfriends 079 – Arnold Appreciation Night Press Release

Detective John Kimble and Stolen Identity 3 Present Superfriends 079 – Arnold Appreciation Night.

The show that never ceases to entertain and bring joy in the life even the most mundane – the Superfriends, continues to roll out as we race through the fall of 2010. On this edition, the most handsome man on Earth, the Emperor Big D will be joined by the official Superfriends Historian and Film Journalist Sportsguy515 and his son Muslim Dave as we pay homage to one our favorite actors of all time, the Governor of California Arnold Schwartzenegger. We’ll talk our favorite films from the Austrian Oak, including his classic comedies Twins, Kindergarden Cop, and Jingle All The Way; to his action adventure thrillers like Conan the Barbarian, Eraser, Commando, Predator; to his sci-fi epics like the The Sixth Day, Total Recall, and of course Terminator. Few actors have such an awesome catalogue of epic films to fill your DVD collection with so many moments, but this man… is one of them.

When: Wednesday Night @ 10PM EST
Where: AND

Expect a LOT of quotes!

QCW Radio #101 – Bound For Glory Recap w/ Big D LIVE tonight 11:30 PM ET

Tonight, site owner Big D joins us on this special edition of QCW Radio to recap TNA’s Bound For Glory PPV. You can’t miss this detailed match by match style review LIVE tonight at 11:30 PM ET!

Join us in the chat at tonight at 11:30 PM ET/10:30 PM CT.

QCW Radio – wrestling talk at its finest

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Superfriends 078 – Oktoberfest Press Release

The Magical Mystery Tour Presents Superfriends 078 – Oktoberfest.

Superfriends presents a DOUBLE WHAMMY on October 6 as we get rowdy (not like its any different from any other week). On this alcohol-filled edition, we will have not one, but TWO special guests. Firstly, we will be joined by the official Superfriends artist, responsible for the epic cartoon banner on the front page of SuperfriendsUniverse, Geoff Munn. We’ll talk to him about his roots as a cartoonist, goals for the future, his Pocket Science blog and much more! Then, Superfriends will feature the epic return of the man known as Joe Randazzo – the host of the infamous They’re Coming To Get You Podcast as well as writer, director, and movie genius. We’ll talk to him about “Ripper”, his recent awards, what he has planned for the future, and who knows what else!? The future is now – ON SUPERFRIENDS!

When: Wednesday Night @ 10PM EST
Where: AND

Germans ain’t got nuttin on us!

The Chessboard #9 – History of QCW Radio Part 1 IS UP~!

With QCW Radio’s 100th Episode right around the corner, I figured there’s no better way to celebrate than to reveal all the secrets on how this show came to be. In part 1 of 2 exclusive articles, find out how QCW Radio truly became “Wrestling talk at its finest” on this week’s edition of The Chessboard!

Read it HERE!

Mike Trojan Episode 24 is UP!

Mike Trojan returns with Vanessa Lobo. They continue through Manual XIII: Approaches. Mike talks about the different tests women throw a man’s way and how he should react to them to seduce her. He talks about the importance of pissing a woman off just enough in order to get her to like you at all. The Emperor Big D stops in to drop some insight about DC Sniper’s controversial appearance last week. Plus! A preview of Manuals 2-5!

Download the mp3 of the episode now!