Official Press Release: Superfriends 082 is TONIGHT

La Bayamesa presents Superfriends 082 – Spics and Chicks

We don’t call ourselves the Epitome of Manliness for nothing and the 82nd episode will cement that factor perhaps more than ever before. In what could be one of the most controversial and chauvanistic episodes of of Superfriends, the ruler of all internet media, the Emperor Big D, will be joined by the host of Over The Top Radio, Mr. Ed in San Antonio, and will engage in a spirited discussion about the most smashable women in the history of television. This will be an unedited, uncensored, and uncontrollable program filled with fowl language and dirty humor and and we encourage heavy viewer discretion: this could get nasty. But if you’re not a dweeb, join us in the Superfriends Universe chatroom or call in and talk to us live at 347-677-0873 about YOUR favorite TV chick of the past and present.

Superfriends: R-Rated Entertainment at its best.

When: 10-27-10 – Wednesday Night @ 10PM EST
Where: AND


QCW Radio, wrestling talk at its finest, the most entertaining pro wrestling podcast on the internet today, comes to you LIVE tonight at 11:30 PM ET/10:30 PM CT in the chat room at

Scheduled for tonight’s show:

-Raven’s Rant – what else will “Raven Code Black” rant about this week?
-Promo Of The Week returns!
-WWE RAW reaction, thoughts on iMPACT! as well.
-Dennin’s return to the show
-Main Event Topic: How we would book the blowoff to the John Cena/Nexus angle.
-Details on next week’s 2 year anniversary

This will be an awesome show, you can’t miss it LIVE tonight 11:30 PM ET/10:30 PM CT

Press Release: Superfriends 081 – A Look Back at The Jersey Shore

Acme Spray-On Tan presents Superfriends 081 – A Look Back at The Jersey Shore

The Pop Culture Prank-Fest known as the Superfriends Variety Show continues to kick rear end and take names. Fresh off of his trip to the Guido homeland, Marat Milano will be joining us as well as Bones, who recently dropped his highly-anticipated “West 2 Def” album, to recap the second season of Jersey Shore, talk a little bit about Season 1, and perhaps preview the next season. If you are NOT a fan of Jersey Shore (likely without watching a single episode), I ENCOURAGE you to listen so you can learn exactly what the show is about and what makes it stand out over similar programs. Plus, we WILL be taking calls! Armenians are back on Superfriends!

Plus, a moment of silence for Stella.

When: 10-27-10 – Wednesday Night @ 10PM EST
Where: AND