New Pixels & Bits Podcast is UP!

It’s time for the newest episode of Pixels & Bits – once again brought to you by the Superfriends Universe! On this episode, Emperor Big D and Mr. Eddie continue to discuss the classic Arcade Beat Em Ups of the past, primarily focusing on X-Men, The Simpsons, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – three beat em ups that not only don’t have and never had a definitive home release, but were all based on awesome cartoons of childhood (even though X-Men was more comic book based). But before that, Mr. Eddie talks about his trip to the land of chocolate… and by chocolate I mean SILVERBALL! Support us at

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Brand new Mike Trojan ARCHIVED with DC SNIPER~!

The Snipermane’s invasion of the Superfriends Universe continues as he called into last night’s episode of Mike Trojan’s Advanced Macking. For hour one, Vanessa Lobo and Mike Trojan discuss PICK UP LINES and whether or not they work. Then in hour two, THE SNIPERMANE arrives to let everybody know his thoughts on picking up chicks, wingmen, women, sex, and MUCH MORE. Listen in NOW by clicking

New episodes of NFL Football Fan Addict and PWF are up!

The latest episode of the Pro Wrestling Flashback is UP featuring Sinbad & Cutrer recapping the end of 1994 WCW including the Hogan reign, the Flair retirement, Starrcade, and a SPECIAL appearance by the Snipermane. Click here.

Plus, NFL Football Fan Addict looks at Week 2 of the NFL including the numerous injuries as well as the Manning battles. Sniper appears on here too. A historic show! Go peep it here

Newest episodes of QCW Radio, World Championship Boxing, and MUCH MORE~!

Check out the latest episodes of QCW Radio talking John Cena’s heel turn and the future of the brand extension here. Plus, Zorg and Logan The Time Traveler discuss last Saturday’s fights and what’s to come in the sport of boxing here.

Coming up, NFL Fan Addict AND Pro Wrestling Flashback~!

Superfriends 076 Press Release: SPECIAL START TIME!

Gray’s Sports Almanac, Jaws 19, and Mr. Fusion Present Superfriends 076 – The Future Is Now!!

The 76th edition of the Superfriends Variety Show kicks into high gear, 88 miles an hour if you will. On Superfriends 076, Emperor Big D will be joined by one of the greatest men to ever live – Professional Podcast Reviewer and Park Ranger Mark’ren himself WILL finally make his unbelievably awaited debut on the Superfriends Variety Show. What else is there to talk with Mark’ren about? Well – Back to the Future of course! With both Big D and Mark being products of the 80s, we will review the Back to the Future Trilogy of movies! With it being the 25th Anniversary of Back to the Future – there’s no better TIME than now! Relive Doc and Martys adventures through time! Mark’ren’s desire to finally become Mayor of Hill Valley will come to fruition as he aligns himself with the greatest union of heroes to exist – THE SUPERFRIENDS~!

When: Wednesday at 3PM [SPECIAL START TIME – 3PM EST, 8PM GMT]
Where: AND

New Pixels & Bits AND New Superfriends with Les Thatcher now archived~!

Check out the newest episodes of Pixels & Bits where Mr. Ed and I cover Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego as well as it’s many many sequels. A fun show, peep it here. Plus, last night’s historic episode of the Superfriends Variety Show featuring legendary pro wrestling trainer, announcer, and producer Les Thatcher is also up for download it here or stream it here

Plus, a new Mike Trojan tonight at 8PM Eastern LIVE on

Superfriends 075 with Les Thatcher is LIVE Tonight Press Release

Matt Classic, Jim Cornette’s pills, and Harley Race’s tire iron present Superfriends 075 – Les Is More

It’s the 75th episode of the Superfriends Variety Show and on this edition – Superfriends returns to its wrestling roots one more time! Join the Emperor Big D as he talks to the legendary Les Thatcher, pro wrestler, commentator, producer, and trainer of numerous stars in the business. This will be one of the most IN DEPTH interviews Les has ever done, including deep questions about working in the ring and selling, pacing, working in Tampa for Eddie Graham, logic in building up PPVs, Leo Garabaldi and WHY he was such a great booker, Dean Baldwin, Jack and Jerry Brisco selling their stock to Vince, and MUCH more. Crack open the vault with Superfriends!

When: Wednesday Night @ 10PM EST
Where: AND

Superfriends – Interviews… Done Right!

Superfriends 074 Press Release For Tonight

30th Century Fox and a $100 Pair of Sunglasses Present Superfriends 074 – Summer Flix With The Spics

Alas, the summer of 2010 has ended and the leaves will begin to fall. We’ve had quite a summer of flicks, but which ones will be worth stocking your tree this holiday season? Well, you’ve come to the right place! The Superfriends will fill you in (no homo). On this edition, the Emperor of the Earth Big D will be joined by the official Superfriends Historian and Superfriends Film Guru Sportsguy515 to discuss the top films of the summer, what succeeded, what failed, and everything in between. Plus, we will discuss the 3D phenomenon, compare it to Imax, and talk about whether or not a film in 3D really changes anything. Be there with us~!

When: Wednesday Night @ 10PM EST
Where: AND

The Superfriends: 2D or 3D – it’s still the best!