Pop Culture Curmudguin #14: #NewStateMottos

Last night, a very interesting trending topic on Twitter started due to some third-rate comedy show on the misnamed Comedy Channel.  The topic was “#NewStateMottos”.  Being a geographer specializing in the USA, I couldn’t help myself as I spammed my Twitter followers with TWENTY new state mottos.  Now, for my faithful readers here, not only are my original 20 here, but I added 30 more so each state has one.  I also have a special bonus one at the end.  Enjoy.


Pop Culture Curmudguin #13: Australia and Kentucky Down Under

Ahh, Australia, the crazy middle brother of the alpha male older brother U.S.A. and wallflower kid brother Canada.  A place where, according to Bill Bryson, men are men and sheep are nervous (Native Aussies says that is better attributed to baby brother New Zealand).  Australia is definitely on my bucket list of places to go.  The sights, the critters, the atmosphere of that hemisphere…today I talk about various pop culture items.  To top this off, I talk about being molested by a kangaroo at Australia’s outpost to the Bluegrass State: Kentucky Down Under.


I’m Blue, da dee da


Pop Culture Curmudguin #12: Kick Ass Patriotic Tunes

I have felt a craving all day to write something celebrating Independence Day here in the United States.  I have a great love for my country, and know it is the greatest that was ever placed on this green Earth.  I also love great tunes, so for this Fourth of July celebration I am sharing some of the greatest songs with a patriotic theme.


Pop Culture Curmudguin #11: A G1 Fan’s Take on Transformers 4

As one of the original Transformers fans, watching when the first Transformers mini-series aired in September 1984, I have not thought much of the previous live-action movies.  The first was OK, the second was ridiculous with at least 45 minutes of nothing but explosions, and the third I didn’t even bother to watch after glancing in its graphic novel confirmed that I would have no interest in seeing it.  So why the heck am I going to see the fourth live-action movie, Transformers: Age of Extinction?  Simple…ME WANT GRIMLOCK!!!  Since the very first live-action movie I have wanted to see Grimlock on the big screen.  Therefore, for only the second time in the past 10 years I am going to actually go to the first run theatre and see a movie as it premieres, and this will be the first time I’ll be watching a 3D movie on a big screen that isn’t in Disney World.  With both excitement and trepidation, here is my take on the newest movie, going in hoping to find a Transformers movie as good as the 1986 animated film.  If not, then I am feeding Michael Bay to Grimlock.


Pop Culture Curmudguin #10 : WWE Higher, Fire, or Retire

Last week WWE had one of its bigger bloodletting in some time, getting rid of 10 members of the current roster.  WWE is definitely in creative doldrums, and needs a serious freshing up.  What better way to mend what ails WWE than looking at its current roster and determine each so-called superstars fate than by a system I call “Higher, Fire, Retire”:

HIGHER: The Superstar has much more to give: push them.

FIRE: Nothing is served keeping them around any more; get rid of them.

RETIRE:  There isn’t much left in the tank for them; time to wean them away from the spotlight, if they haven’t already decided to start walking towards the exit door.



Pop Culture Curmudguin #9: Happy 80th Birthday Donald Duck

Who’s never wrong, but always right, who’d never dream of starting a fight;                

Who gets stuck with all the bad luck…no one, but Donald Duck.

It is 80 years ago this week that Donald Duck debuted.  Of all the Disney characters, he is perhaps the most interesting.  Mickey Mouse is even more of the white meat babyface than John Cena could ever dream of being.  Goofy is the bumbling sidekick.  But Donald is not just the id, but the super id for all of us.  Like Donald, we have all had our great plans blow up completely in our face. We have all felt the urge to simply rage.  This is my tribute to Donald Duck.

Cracked Donald

Pop Culture Curmudguin #8: May the 4th Be With You

Being a lover of puns, and the mastermind behind some of the greatest/worst ever, I wish I was the one who came up with “May the Fourth” being the right date for Star Wars Day.  Today’s the day geek culture decided to celebrate Star Wars more than any other day.  What better day to go back into my Star Wars experience, seeing how most of the regulars here on Superfriends Universe already gave theirs in an Forced Perspective.  Given that I saw all three of the original movies before our beloved Emperor D was even born, I can really take a look back.


Pop Culture Curmudguin #7: The Ultimate Penguin looks at the Ultimate Warrior

Wrestlemania season has come and gone.  Some have called the 30th Wrestlemania the best of all time.  I would not.  To me this Wrestlemania has been about three men and three men only: the Ultimate Warrior, the Undertaker, and Daniel Bryan.  These men are the distant past, the past, and the present of WWE respectively.  It is worth noting how their circumstances changed from this Wrestlemania.  Today I am just looking at the former Jim Hellwig, aka Warrior.


Pop Culture Curmudguin #6: Magic the Gathering Movie Possibilities

When I saw the press releases for a potential Magic: the Gathering movie, I approached it with guarded optimism.  Having played the game for 19 years I would love to see a M:TG movie “done right”.  However, Magic’s sister game, Dungeons & Dragons had an infamously horrible movie.  If movie makers do not respect the source material they tend to make horrible campy movies.  In the epic Forced Perspective episode dedicated to The Wizard, “Edolfo” talked about how such games have little effort put into it, and are mainly cash grabs.  In this article, written more for non-Magic fans (althro players of the game will want to read this to) I will discuss what it would take to truly make a M:TG movie, how the story writing could be handled, and finally how it might play out.


Po­p Culture Curmudguin #5: Desires for 2014

Ahh, another new year, another chance to get the things right you should have gotten correct to start with.  There is nothing that really needs improving more than pop culture.  So, if I may be some bold, here are some things I wish I will see in 2014 that will make the world in my eyes a better place.