Video – SNL Digital Short: “Jack Sparrow” (feat. Michael Bolton)

The official video for The Lonely Island’s new single off their latest album, Turtleneck & Chain (which is out next Tuesday), “Jack Sparrow”, feat. (OF ALL PEOPLE) Michael Bolton.

One of the most hilarious things I’ve ever seen, and if you’re a cinephile (like me) it is your OFFICIAL DUTY to watch this video NOW!


30 Rock 4/28 Recap – “Everything Sunny All the Time Always”

NBC sends Avery on assignment as part of their new “Hot Blondes in Weird Places” Initiative. However, when the trip is extended to include a stop in North Korea, things don’t quite go according to plan…


30 Rock 4/21 Recap – “100”

After 5 seasons, 30 Rock has reached 100 EPISODES! And they celebrated the occasion with a huge 1-hour episode. Will Tracy Jordan come back? Will TGS be cancelled? Is Jack really seeing THREE of himself? All your questions will be answered…by clicking that link…


Should I Toon In? Adventure Time

On this edition of “Should I Toon In” we take a look at a show I’ve been meaning to review for MONTHS now; Cartoon Network’s not so new anymore show, “Adventure Time with Finn and Jake”. Adventure Time is a 15 minute cartoon show that revolves around the awesomely surreal adventures of a young boy Finn and his magical dog Jake. Don’t worry, the show isn’t nearly as cheesy as it sounds.


30 Rock 4/14 Recap – “I Heart Connecticut”

Liz: You want your old life back? You’re Tracy Jordan! Hulk Hogan called YOU a dirt bag! The NAACP once hired someone to kill you! You once wore a penis hat to Princess Diana’s funeral!

Tracy: Because I had worn it to their wedding – it was special to the THREE OF US!


30 Rock 3/17 Recap – “Queen of Jordan”

Alright folks! Seeing as how the 30 Rock season finale is, well, TONIGHT, I decided to start my long journey on catching up on Recaps with getting 30 Rock out of the way. So, for the next 2 days, I’ll have nothing but 30 Rock recaps (3 tonight, and 3 tomorrow, thus completing the season) before starting on my Recaps for The Office (which has another 2 weeks left) on Saturday.

Anyhow, when we last left the TGS gang, we came to the conclusion that “TGS hates women.” Well, this episode revolves completely around a woman and her reality show. That’s right, in a reference to an earlier episode in the season, “Mrs. Donaghy,” I would like to proudly present an episode of the highly-acclaimed, Jack Donaghy-endorsed reality series, Queen of Jordan!


Should I Toon In? Bob’s Burgers

Today on Should I Toon In I take a look at Fox Sunday Night’s newest cartoon: Bob’s Burgers. This show is self described as a “man, his family and their floundering burger joint” and it does deliver what it promises. The show revolves around Bob, the cook and owner of a small hamburger joint, and his quirky family. By the way, if you came here expecting me to make a bunch of hamburger related puns… you’ve come to the right place, but they’ll come later.


The Epitome of Randomness #8 – Michael Scott’s 10 Greatest Moments (#s 5-1)

TONIGHT, Steve Carell will take his final bow as Michael Scott on The Office. It’s a moment that I’ve dreaded all season long – a moment that I actually hoped would never come. But alas, folks – it’s here. To commemorate the occasion, let’s have a little bit of fun and take a look back at what are, in my opinion, Michael Scott’s 10 Greatest Moments on The Office.

So, without further adieu, here’s Part 2 of my trip down memory lane…