Shy Guy Action Plan to Get Laid Pt 3: Day 61 or Is It?

Wolf of Macking (screw wall street lol)

Hello, Superfriends!! Mike Trojan here! I’m finally back from all the Time-Traveling that LoganTimeTraveler and I have been doing this past year. To us, it’s been about 45 days of rigorous field study & looking at all the possible angles, etc. To you, it’s been a quite a bit longer.

    Day 61: Shy Guy Action Plan to Get Laid Pt 3

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Mike Trojan’s Advanced Macking Is Back!!

Mike has returned from his Sabbatical in Brazil to provide all that he has learned from his year-long scientific study of gettin’ a piece.

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Mike Trojan’s Dating Tip 6/15/2013: Shyguy Action Plan The Next 30 Days

Confidence Recipes for the Breast Loving Mack

Everybody who tries to give advice about getting women always talk about confidence and how it is necessary that you show it when you meet women. But nobody ever tells you how to get more confidence so you’re not just faking it. Well, I’m going to tell you two ways here.

The first, is a short term fix. Stop judging other people. Period. Just stop. If you noticing it happening in your brain, say “stop” out loud to yourself. Really try. The more you judge others the more you judge yourself = less confidence. It’s simple, then. The more you just stop judging ANYONE period, the better you will feel about yourself. Don’t believe me? Just try it. You will notice an immediate and dramatic boost to your confidence after just one or two days of trying not to judge.

The second is more long term. Find a few men that you admire. He might be your father or some guy at your school, a celebrity, or whoever. The only thing that matters is that YOU think he is cool and you kind of envy him for his coolness. Try to emulate that man in any way you can going forward. Recognize his talents you admire and work on them in yourself. Soon, YOU will be that man you admire and better and you will admire yourself = confidence.

Continue to do the same exercise from the last post as you work on these. Thanks for reading. Part III
Mike Trojan

Mike Trojan’s Dating Tip 4/10/2013: Shy Guy Action Plan to Get Laid Pt 1: First 30 Days

Logan asked, “Can you tell me the approximate year?” She chuckled.

Wherever you go, wherever you are, you should be talking to any and all hot women you see. The best way to do this is to pick completely benign questions to asks or statements to make, for example: “Where is the nearest Starbucks? ” or “Do you know if this train runs local?” Or “Nice Shirt, where did you get that?” Or “Damn the drinks are strong here!” This includes hotties you see on social media sites. Comment on their pics with a little question: “Is that San Fran?” The idea here is to get a positive vibe from a hot girl, nothing more nothing less. DO NOT in the first 30 days go beyond this. If she is like most hot women, she will be SUPER NICE and make you feel like she MIGHT want to fuck you. Of course, you are probably wrong, but guess what? Your subconscious doesn’t know that. Your subconscious records it as a REAL “possibility” to bang a hot chick. It then kills a bit of your shyness. If you have a large amount of these kinds of small, positive encounters, the effect on your shyness will be unmistakable. In fact, after about a month of doing just this and nothing else whenever you encounter a hot woman, you will come to believe almost 100% that you are one of the most desirable men on the planet. That’s right, your shyness will be virtually gone. Coming up: Shy Guy Action Plan to Get Laid Pt 2: Day 31.

Mike Trojan’s Dating Tip 3/23/2013: Always Trade Up and the “Balls-To-Approach” Theory


Take a lesson from Marc Anthony, former husband of ass-queen, JLO. Never settle for an uglier woman than the woman you last dated. And always go after the hottest women you can. No woman is out of your league. The reason for this is simple. While men are primarily concerned with good looks in a woman — for a woman, looks are only 1 factor among many. Wanna guess what THE MOST important factor is to a woman? It’s not looks and it’s not money and it’s not fame. Nope, it’s not even status. It’s BALLS, dude. Straight up. That’s right, CAJONES, CABRON!! So if you’re just an average looking non-rich guy and you approach and hit on a supermodel with confidence, think about the balls that shows to the supermodel. Get it? The BALLS OF YOUR APPROACH ALONE will trigger her lust just like a well-formed ass triggers your lust!! In fact, the uglier and poorer you are (and the hotter she is) the more balls it shows to approach her, and the more it will trigger her lust. This is something the super chiseled, good-looking, supermodel guy with a lot of cash can NEVER match!!

So the next time you see that hottie and think to yourself. “Naw, she’s outta my league”. Remember, you now have a golden opportunity to seduce her by showing her that you are not intimidated by her beauty and that you got the “BALLS-TO-APPROACH” her.


Mike Trojan’s Dating Tip 3/14/13: He Who Masturbates Hesitates

Keep your hunger up, let it mack for you…

Sexual hunger is what drives a man to jump through all the hoops necessary to bed a women. It can often, when tapped into, be all he needs to basically hypnotize a woman by letting it trigger her own deep, unsatisfied sexual hunger. This hunger parallels almost exactly with the hunger for food felt by the dolphin performing double flips at Sea World. Think about it. If we had two dolphin-performers and we gave one of those dolphins 100 pounds of fish prior to the Sea World Show, which dolphin do you think would do a better job at the show? Stop feeding your dolphin, dude. Next Tip Coming Up: The Sexual State


Mike Trojan’s Dating Tip 3/9/13: Discussing the “we” or “us”


Avoid discussing “the relationship”, ie, the relationship status at any point with your girlfriend, unless of course you are going to propose. Even still, discussing “we” or “us” (the relationship status) is usually not a good idea. A sign that she’s into you will be that she keeps bringing it up. But it’s a dead end convo no matter what. Most failed relationships will devolve into a constant conversation about the relationship. Whenever it comes up, try to change the course of the conversation with a joke. Blurt out something like: “You are my density baby, I mean…my destiny!!” and just laugh. Keep having a good time with her. That’s all that matters in the end. Next Tip Coming Up: He Who Masturbates Hesitates