Dragon Ball In Depth 15 – Causality and Causation; A look at Philosophy in Dragon Ball

Why are What If Scenarios so popular in Dragon Ball? On this edition of Dragon Ball In Depth, we look at the philosophy and psychology behind causation in Dragon Ball and the flow of the story and how it impacts the storytelling behind Dragon Ball. Dragon Ball and science = ALWAYS a great combo!

Dragon Ball In Depth 14 – Dragon Ball Z English Dub History: The Big Green Dub

You think that Funimation and Ocean are the only English Dubs of Dragon Ball Z? You’re WRONG! On this episode of the critically acclaimed Dragon Ball In Depth series, we talk about the most infamous dub in Dragon Ball lore – the Big Green Dub! PLUS, a look at an even WORSE dub! I know you’ll enjoy this one!


Dragon Ball In Depth 13 – Dragon Ball’s Predecessor: A Look at Toriyama’s Dragon Boy

What is Dragon Boy? Prior to Dragon Ball, Akira Toriyama was told to draw a comedic Martial Arts manga. This is Dragon Boy. Dragon Boy is considered by me to be the precursor, or the pilot sort to speak, to Dragon Ball and was released months before. We look at the origins of Dragon Boy and the ideas that were taken from Dragon Boy and implemented in Dragon Ball. Enjoy!

Dragon Ball In Depth 012 – The Women of Dragon Ball and Toriyama

Is Akira Toriyama Sexist? Are females portrayed fairly in Dragon Ball and in some of his other works?

On this edition of Dragon Ball In Depth we analyze Toriyama’s writing of the women of Dragon Ball and compare it to his previous works – Dr Slump, Pink, and Tomato: Girl Detective. We talk about #18, Lunch, Bulma, Videl, Chi Chi and others! I make a case to explain Toriyama’s writing of the females in the series and answer the question!

Dragon Ball In Depth 011 – Who is Beerus? The History of the God of Destruction Beerus

The God of Destruction Beerus is one of the most powerful characters introduced to Dragon Ball in recent years, and also one of the most beloved. But who is Beerus really and what are his origins? On this edition of Dragon Ball In Depth, we look at the character of Beerus and his origins, Toriyama’s influence on his design, the background of his fighting style, his goals and motivation as well as the juxtaposition between he and Goku.

Dragon Ball In Depth 010 – The History of the Dragon Balls

On this edition of Dragon Ball In Depth, I’m talking the ENTIRE History of the Dragon Balls including the origin of the seven magic balls, its changes throughout the years, its misconceptions, and yes, even its plot holes! We talk about Kami and Saichorou’s early Dragon Balls and its rules and soon segue into Dende and Muri’s Dragon Balls and yes, we DO talk about Dragon Ball GT’s balls and the wishes made in Dragon Ball Z Resurrection F.

Dragon Ball In Depth #009 – The History of Battle Power/Power Levels in Dragon Ball Z

On this edition of Dragon Ball In Depth, we talk ALL ABOUT Power Levels – their origins, their purpose, and how they are used in Akira Toriyama’s manga to progress the story as well as a theory about where this may have begun. A complete history of battle power in DBZ and MOST IMPORTANTLY – whether or not they matter! Listen in for more Secrets of Dragon Ball Z!

Dragon Ball In Depth #008 – Who is Freeza? Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Freeza

WHO IS FREEZA? The most imperial edition of Dragon Ball In Depth yet has arrived as talk ALL ABOUT FREEZA! Who is Frieza? Or is it Freeza? Or Furiza? Or even FRIZER and Freezer? FIND OUT on this as we examine ALL of Freeza’s life start to finish INCLUDING some spoilers for 2015’s Resurrection F. Also, we clear the air about the myth of Arcosians, how strong IS King Cold? Which members of his family are canon and what do we really know about them? All of this and more PLUS secrets behind Toriyama’s creation of Freeza, Dragon Ball Z’s most iconic villain!

Dragon Ball In Depth #007 – The Western Influences of Dragon Ball

This episode of Dragon Ball In Depth will focus primarily on WESTERN CULTURE’s influence on Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball. Journey To The West may have been the base, but there are many more influences on Dragon Ball from also the western world, such as popular films and television shows from the 80s like Star Trek, Alien, Rocky, Terminator, Star Wars, and many more!

We look at a number of homages within Dragon Ball that many people may not have picked up on. In addition to just Toriyama, TOEI ANIMATION themselves have taken ideas from tons of very familiar NORTH AMERICAN pieces of pop culture. Plus a few more eastern ones to round it out.

Dragon Ball In Depth #006 – The Eastern Influences of Dragon Ball

What influenced Akira Toriyama to write Dragon Ball and what ideas did he borrow from when writing the legendary series? What are the ROOTS of Dragon Ball? What inspired the Red Ribbon Army? On this edition of Dragon Ball In Depth, we take a look at the many influences that Akira Toriyama drew from when creating Dragon Ball, From Journey To The West to Jackie Chan’s Drunken Master and everything in between. Plus, we look at a few of TOEI’s influences as well. This is Part I of II, where we focus PRIMARILY on Dragon Ball’s eastern influences and Part II of II will focus on Dragon Ball’s western influences.