MistareFusion – 1776 Review + Obscure Nerdy Trivia You Neither Knew Nor Cared About!

This time, Mistare Fusion takes a break from the usual aspects of nerddom to examine the bizarre combination of musical theatre nerd and history nerd with the film adapation of 1776! Will the Declaration of Independence be signed? No one knows for sure. Enjoy the 1776 Review and OBSCURE NERDY TRIVIA!

MistareFusion – The Super Mario Bros Super Show “Karate Koopa” Review and Memories

The great MistareFusion delves into memories of the NINTENDO era that all 80s and 90s kids remember and speaks on the Super Mario Bros Super Show, starring Captain Lou Albano! Specifically, he chooses the “Karate Koopa” episode to review out of random.