MistareFusion – The Super Mario Bros Super Show “Karate Koopa” Review and Memories

The great MistareFusion delves into memories of the NINTENDO era that all 80s and 90s kids remember and speaks on the Super Mario Bros Super Show, starring Captain Lou Albano! Specifically, he chooses the “Karate Koopa” episode to review out of random.

VLOG – Star Wars Boba Fett movie CONFIRMED!

TheWrap.com is reporting that the NEXT Star Wars Anthology Film will be about EVERYBODY’S FAVORITE BOUNTY HUNTER – Boba Fett. We’d heard for a while these rumors but now it is in fact CONFIRMED that we will find out Boba’s history and how he became a bounty hunter.

Here is the article:

Retromancers PLAY Altered Beast | Sega Genesis | 1988

The Retromancers KICK THINGS OFF as they challenge Altered Beast: the Sega Genesis classic! Join us in an epic tale of tragedy, struggle, and redemption in ancient greece. All footage from one night of intense gaming; all gameplay and reactions are authentic and unscripted.

Game: Altered Beast
System: Sega Genesis
Publisher: Sega (1988)

Dragon Ball In Depth #001 – How did Goku beat Freeza? An analysis of Goku’s combat strategy

This is the first of a new series that will analyze some of the deeper themes within Akira Toriyama and TOEI’s Dragon Ball. With Dragon Ball Z – Fukkatsu No F ? Resurrection F dropping in 2015 featuring the long awaited rematch between Lord Freeza and Son Goku, I thought I’d look at Goku’s end game strategy to defeat Freeza and how it ultimately affected the result of the battle. INCLUDES REAL WORLD BIOLOGY! I hope you enjoy. Subscribe!