Ramblings – The Elder Scrolls Online

Hey guys!  Welcome back to Geekdom101.com!  It’s time for another Ramblings.  It’s actually a game review this time.  The Elder Scrolls Online is doing a free trial week that started on Tuesday, April 11th, and runs through Tuesday, April 18th.  Since I’m a fan of the Elder Scrolls series, I decided to give it a try.  Why not? More

Ramblings – Arcade Archives


Hey guys, welcome back!  This week on Ramblings, I’m taking a look at three entries in the Arcade Archives series on the PlayStation 4.  What is Arcade Archives?  Well, a company called Hamster has been taking old arcade games from various companies and porting them to the PS4.  Or, at the very least, emulating them with a custom emulator (likely a modified MAME).  I covered an older Arcade Archives game a while back (Super Dodge Ball), and it was pretty good.  This time around I have Contra, Double Dragon, and Double Dragon II: The Revenge for you guys.  Many of you have no doubt played the NES versions of these games, but I’m here to cover the arcade versions.  So let’s get on with it. More

Ramblings – Mighty No. 9


Hey guys, welcome back!  Last week Mighty No. 9 was finally released.  Almost three years in development and three delays, it’s finally here.  I was a backer of the Kickstarter, and I covered the backer-only trial last September.  Now I have the final game on the PS4, and I played through the main story mode.  Was it worth the wait? More

Ramblings – Paper Mario


Hey guys, welcome back to Geekdom101.com!  Last week on Twitter (@GeekdomBrandon) I did a poll to decide what this week’s Ramblings column would be about.  The choices were Super Mario World, and Paper Mario.  There were only four votes, but Paper Mario won out.  I may do this again for more future columns, so be sure to follow if you want your voice heard.  The people have spoken, so here’s Paper Mario! More

Ramblings – Overwatch


Hey everybody!  I’m back with some video game goodness.  The Overwatch open beta just concluded yesterday, and I gave it a shot on the PS4.  Now, they say the beta has everything the full game will have on launch, which is really odd for a beta, but it sort of lets me review the full game for free, and a couple weeks early, so yay, I guess.  So, how is Overwatch? More

Ramblings – The Jackbox Party Pack


Hey there, everyone!  This is a little late, and I was going to just skip this week entirely, but I decided to do a short write-up of The Jackbox Party Pack, a pack of games made by Jackbox Games.  Here’s a spoiler: I only played one of the games because I don’t have a “party,” and only one is single-player.  Also, there probably won’t be any images.  Sorry for those who don’t like long stretches of text. More

Ramblings – Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island


Greetings all.  This week on Ramblings, I decided to take a look back at a Mario game that took things in a bit of a different direction.  That game being Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island.  From the art style to the gameplay, it’s very much different from any other Mario game out there.  But was it any good? More