The Kayfabulous Lucha Bros Show Ep 76 – WWF Monday Night Raw 05-21-01 Pt 2

Double G RETURNS for PART 2 of our review of the SAN JOSE Raw where Triple H tore his quad and on this edition, well…. Triple H tears his quad. This changed the course of the business. WE TALK ABOUT THE BEST TAG MATCH ever? The work rate of Chris, Chris, Steve, and Paul is unrivaled here as we really break down why this match is so epic and why Triple H haters need to watch and see the performance and the BALLS that he shows! Shane McMahon interrupts ANOTHER Award Ceremony, Perry Saturn loses his mind, Kurt Angle is awesome, Big DAVE stories, AND… AND… JUVI calls into talk to his favorite person in the whole world and it gets quite wacky and quite… well… under the influence. Ball So Hard with us again!

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Ramblings – WWE Network


Hey guys!  A little late today, but it’s by design.  It’s the second anniversary of the WWE Network, and I wanted to do a little column about it.  I also wanted to make sure whether or not WWE was going to do anything special for the anniversary.  Spoiler: they did not.  Which is sad, but I guess the second isn’t as special as the first.  Anyway, let’s take a look at the Network. More

Wrestlemania Impossible: Pop Culture Curmudguin

It is becoming ridiculous.  Just this week both John Cena and Sasha Banks have become injured.  In fact, everyone who had a title belt at the end of Wrestlemania 31 is out on injury, with most of them not likely to be able to perform at Wrestlemania 32 at the big cathedral for football Jerry Jones built for his Dallas Cowboys.  What could possibly fill all those seats.  Well, it was difficult, but with a little penguin brainmonsooning, here is the best possible card WWE could possibly have for their signature event,

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Twelve Demands for WWE: Pop Culture Curmudguin

A few months ago, I was being quite productive as a writer, both for this site and my site.  But it has arrived at a point where I can’t give a darn about anything I used to be a fan of, except for penguins and Transformers, and I don’t have the moolah to finance my fandom for them.  One of these interests I used to care about is wrestling.  Come January or February I will have been a fan for WWF/WWE for 30 years, but I don’t even bother to DVR Raw anymore.  What will it take for me to come back?  Well…

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A Penguin’s Malaise for WWE & Wrestlemania – Pop Culture Curmudguin #21

I used to enjoy watching wrestling, becoming a fan after seeing the British Bulldogs prior to Wrestlemania 2.  But nowadays I just can’t manage to give a damn about WWE and Wrestlemania.  Just last June I was still trying to watch it every Monday; now I haven’t bothered to watch a single moment of RAW from my DVR the past two weeks, deleting it before watching it.  Why this malaise?


Pop Culture Curmudguin Special: 2015 WWE Fastlane Blog

Another month, another PPV.  Welcome to my official blog for WWE’s 2015 Fastlane.  WIll Daniel Bryan manage to convince Vinnie Mac to let him win the title at Wrstlemania by letting him beat Roman Reigns tonight?  We will soon find out.  Updates will be made throughout the show.


Pop Culture Curmudguin Special: 2015 WWE Royal Rumble Blog

This is your official penguin blog for the 2015 WWE Royal Rumble.  The Royal Rumble has long been my favorite sporting event of the year, WWE or not.  So it’s time to see who gets to pose with a big-ass sign up high for the next 2 months, as well as see if we get to purge the contents of our stomachs over Cena tying Ric Flair’s number of world titles.


Pop Culture Curmudguin Special: 2014 WWE TLC Blog

A little TLC, from you to me. A little TLC, tender loving care…

Sorry, an obscure song from an obscure NBC Saturday morning cartoon from the 80’s.

Anyways, since my Survivor Series Blog went over so well, let’s continue on with this blog dedicated to the 2014 WWE TLC event.  This blog will be updated throughout the show.


The Real Pipe Bomb: CM Punk Finally Breaks his Silence — Shoots on HHH, Ryback, Vince, Jericho

Check out CM Punk’s full-length non-shoot, shoot interview w/Colt Cobana, where he finally talks about the many problems he had with WWE that led to his permanent departure/firing. Includes a telling of many tense conversations with WWE management, including when Punk told Triple H off in a very insulting fashion right in front of Vince!