Mike Trojan’s Dating Tip: Why is one woman never enough for some men?

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Ever wonder why some men, maybe you included, can’t keep their lust confined to just one woman?

Men, in general, lust after women for purely biological reasons, of course — there is a procreative urge behind it. Some have argued that male biological lust just seeks variety, naturally. Women, they argue on the other hand, are more biologically suited by nature to monogamy. But this is a simplistic view and it should be rejected.

There is instead a strong psychological urge behind the male need for a variety of mates; its not part of instinct at all. Instinctual male lust, in truth, needs only one mate to be satisfied. (Only one hand most of the time, actually, lol. You only have one d%&k, right?) In contrast, the real psychological urge behind the male need for variety can never be satisfied by just one woman or even 10. And it is ULTRA-important for a man to identify and understand this psychological component of his lust before this “urge for a variety of mates” ruins his life and leads to chronic dissatisfaction.

At base, the poorly adjusted man’s lust is a combination of:
1. The instinctive male animal urge to get pleasure, tied biologically, by natural selection, to the procreative act. This part he shares with any well-adjusted mack
2. The unsatisfied male psychological urge to feel secure in his general ability to attract a woman. In short, the doubt in one’s ability to pull hotties. The well-adjusted mack, in contrast, has thoroughly satisfied this urge.

Most men fail to separate these two very different urges, and this failure more often than not leads to tragedy and unhappiness. Please, make no mistake, confusing these two urges would also have been your downfall, sooner or later, my good reader; it would have only been a matter of time. Good thing your good old pal Mike Trojan was here to steer you right! Anyway, let’s continue.

I think the best way to demonstrate the disaster of confusing the two urges is to consider a quick example.

A man is married to Miss Universe. She is madly in love with him and she is, in fact, the most beautiful girl in the universe. He’s got it made! Yet this man can’t stop thinking about other women. He lusts after them, and constantly thinks about cheating. All the men who see this man around town with his beautiful wife are dying with envy. But, alas, if they only knew how he unsatisfied he really feels! One day, this man decides to cheat on Miss U with an uglier woman. As most often happens, this man gets busted by his wife and she divorces him. He is naturally heartbroken afterward. He never seems to meet a woman as beautiful and as cool as the one he lost trying to satisfy his “urge for variety.” And even if he did, he knows the “urge for variety” would only come back and lead him to cheat again.

The question is: why does he feel this urge for variety in the first place? Why isn’t his hot ass wife enough for him?

The common answer is that instinctual male lust is just set up by nature to be in search of a “variety” of mates — to spread his seed far and wide. Darwinism in action, so to speak. By this faulty logic, a man who is honest with his nature can never fully be satisfied with just one woman no matter how beautiful she is, because he has this urge to spread his seed. But this is a classic misunderstanding of instinctual lust. Instincual lust needs one thing: orgasm. It doesn’t much care about variety.

The true reason the man in the example feels the way he does is because, at base, this man does not feel secure in his general ability to attract women. Sure, the fact that he has attracted Miss Universe may tell him something — but if she’s not enough for him sexually, his problem is psychological, NOT INSTINCTUAL. Remember, a HAND is enough for instinctual lust.

Until this man can feel secure about his ability to attract more than just THIS woman, he will forever feel unsatisfied “psychological” lust for other women. The instinctual part of his lust, on the other hand, is perfectly satisfied — overly so, really. She’s Miss Universe, after all. If she doesn’t satisfy his animal lust, nothing will. But his “psychological” urge to be secure in his ability to attract women will never be satisfied by the love and affection of merely one beautiful woman. After all, ONE girl’s attraction could just be fluke, right? This urge needs a “variety” of corroboration to be satisfied. It needs a consensus of many women — many more, in fact, than even Wilt Chamberlain could ever bang in a lifetime.

This male “pychological” lust, or the urge to feel attractive to women generally needs variety. But the variety it needs can never be satisfied through sexual conquest.

Predictably, men in a marriage will often seek to satisfy the urge to feel secure in their ability to attract women by cheating on their wives. He will make this likely life-destroying and fruitless decision precisely because he does not understand the urge driving him. He thinks it’s just animal lust driving him, so he seeks to satisfy it. And if he ever does get laid, which is doubtful, he would discover that even 5 women are not enough to satisfy the real urge driving him.

If the man in our example understood the actual urge driving him, he would understand why cheating will NEVER satisfy this urge. Indeed, no amount of sexual conquests can match the kind of consensus needed by this urge. While conquests might temporarily blight the doubt about his attractiveness to women today, tomorrow he will be right back in the same place lusting after more “variety.” And, again, he won’t be able to have enough affairs to satisfy it.

What the man in the example needs is a REAL way way to prove to himself that he has the ability to attract hot women — a REAL way to FULLY satisfy his “psychological” lust to feel attractive to women.

So how does a man satisfy his “psychological” lust to feel attractive to women?

Hint: HE DOESN’T NEED ANY SEXUAL CONTACT AT ALL!! In my next post, I will discuss this in detail.

For now just understand this equation and think on it:

your lust for a variety of women = your doubt about whether or not you are attractive to women generally

Understand that while banging a variey of women WILL NEVER erase this doubt, erasing the doubt WILL ALWAYS erase your urge for variety. I will show you how to erase this doubt without ever having to touch a woman and how erasing this doubt is the key to success with women on ALL levels.

I will show how a man in a monogamous relationship can safely satisfy his urge for variety and STILL remain faithful to his woman.

My techniques will also prove useful to you single guys since they build up that crucial quality all Advanced Macks have and all women want: the self-assured confidence that women find him attractive.

Mike Trojan

Mike Trojan

Mike Trojan has had his heart smashed to pieces and thrown to the wind, all so he could put it back together and discover the advanced macking secrets to taming the wild beauty of the goddess that is called woman. Essentially, his mission is to teach every man, at an early age, how to get laid.
Mike Trojan

About Mike Trojan

Mike Trojan has had his heart smashed to pieces and thrown to the wind, all so he could put it back together and discover the advanced macking secrets to taming the wild beauty of the goddess that is called woman. Essentially, his mission is to teach every man, at an early age, how to get laid.
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