Classic Gaming Retrospective – Mega Man 6

Mega Man 6 box art
Mega Man 6 was the last Mega Man game on the NES. Oddly this game was not published by Capcom in North America. Instead, Nintendo themselves picked up the publishing rights.

The story of the game is as follows: The mysterious Mr. X has organized a worldwide robot competition. Robots from all over compete. Once the tournament was down to eight, Mr. X reprogrammed the robots and set about on a plan to take over the world. Of course Mega Man defeats Mr. X who reveals himself to be Dr. Wily, and then Mega Man has to defeat him again.

This game has, in my opinion, some of the worst robot masters in the Classic series. The last three games started the decline, and I think Mega Man 6 is the worst. I can understand that the robots are supposed to each represent a different country and all, but it’s just a bit absurd. Centaur Man? Really?

Also, the Rush items from the past games are replaced by the Rush Adapters. When Mega Man selects an Adapter, he and Rush fuse, granting Mega Man extra powers. One Rush Adapter gives Mega Man a limited use jet pack. Flying uses up the energy bar, but standing on ground refills it very quickly. The other Rush Adapter lets Mega Man fire a rocket fist when his Mega Buster is fully charged. This fist can break walls and do some extra damage.

It’s the third game in a row with the fake villain concept. It’s a good thing that after this, they took a break from the idea for a couple games. It would have gotten far too old. I know I shouldn’t pay much attention to the story in a Mega Man game. I’ve had many discussions with Superfriend Ed DiFolco about game series that use the same basic plot for each entry (like the Super Mario series), and the discussion always comes down to whether or not the games are fun.

Mega Man 6 is a fun game. All of them are. But the glorious shine of the second casts a shadow on the others. Yeah, I hype up the second game a lot in these things. But Mega Man 2 deserves it.

Luna Vachon Dead

Former WWF superstar Luna Vachon, the daughter of legend Butcher Vachon and niece of Mad Dog Vachon, a top contender in the mid-90s WWF Women’s Division, was found dead this morning at her mother’s home. According to the Wrestling Observer, she was at her mom’s home after her own house was burned down in a fire just recently. Those are the only details out now. We send our deepest thoughts to the entire Vachon family as well as Gangrel.

Video – David Yost, The Original Blue Power Ranger Reveals He is Gay and why he left Power Rangers

This is part 3 of a VERY eye opening interview with David Yost, who played Billy, the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Blue Ranger, where he reveals not only that he was gay that he was constantly teased by the producers and writers for being gay and called a “faggot”, which is why he truly left Power Rangers Zeo. Pretty fucked.

Superfriends 072 – I Hate The Indies Official Press Release

Dentine Ice, Kevin Kolb, and Vtech Telephony presents Superfriends 072 – I Hate The Indies LIVE~!

It’s bad enough that pro wrestling sucks a turd in the modern era, but it seems like the entire wrestling community has taken a nosedive. On this edition of Superfriends, The Emperor Big D will be joined by The One and Only Dennin, co-host of Monday Night’s QCW Wrestling Radio on, to talk about what it is about independent wrestling that irks us so bad. Okay so, we don’t HATE the indies, but there are certainly things about the indies that I hate. This is the first pro wrestling-themed show of Season 3, and we ARE taking calls, so you will not want to miss it LIVE!

When: Wednesday, 8-25-10 @ 10PM Eastern
Where: or

Mass Effect 1 & 2 double review

Mass Effect box artMass Effect 2 box art
Mass Effect
Mass Effect 2
Developed by BioWare
Published by Electronic Arts and Microsoft (360 version of ME1 only)
Platforms: Xbox 360, PC (Windows), PlayStation 3 (ME2 only, coming January 2011)

I’m doing things a little differently this time. Two full games in one. The reason for this is because Mass Effect is so popular and so well known amongst the RPG crowd that nearly everyone knows the quality of the games. I just want to gush about them a little, and this seemed like the best way to do that.


QCW Wrestling Radio: Return Of The Army w/ Ciara & LIVE tonight 11:30 PM ET

QCW Radio founder chessarmy returns, along with special guest “The Queen of Wrestling” Ciara to discuss the following topics:

-Post RAW thoughts
-TNA iMPACT! recap
-Team 3D leaves TNA, our thoughts!
-The mystery Florida promotion – will it get off the ground?
-Main Event Topic: Who are the most overpushed wrestlers in the business?

Join us tonight at 11:30 PM ET at

QCW Radio: Wrestling talk at its finest