More Mega Man Universe details

The @Capcom_Unity Twitter account tweeted about a new Capcom blog that gives details on Mega Man Universe, which will be playable at the Tokyo Game Show next week. While the blog is short, it gives brief descriptions of character customization and a level editor. You can build your own Mega Man (or use the stock characters, I’m sure) and build your own levels.

We should know more come TGS next week. I just hope this isn’t the entirety of the MMU experience.

Study shows that Flamboyant Male dancing attracts women

It’s no secret that if you can show a woman that you can shake your hips and have rhythm, you could win her heart despite not looking like George Clooney. Being a wallflower and going to a party will not get you anywhere, but if you can show that you have movement, people can become your oyster. The Bennington Banner has an awesome article on a study conducted by two Universities about the attractive possibilities of being a lord of the dance. You can read the entire article here

Review – Machete [2010]

As promised last night on Superfriends, here is my review of Robert Rodriguez’s Machete, the first of TWO Grindhouse-inspired fake trailers-turned-feature-films being released this year. Fair warning, though – this review WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS (I actually need them this time around in order to get a few points across), so if you have not seen the movie yet and do not wanted to be spoiled, I would suggest NOT CLICKING on the link below…..


Superfriends 074 Press Release For Tonight

30th Century Fox and a $100 Pair of Sunglasses Present Superfriends 074 – Summer Flix With The Spics

Alas, the summer of 2010 has ended and the leaves will begin to fall. We’ve had quite a summer of flicks, but which ones will be worth stocking your tree this holiday season? Well, you’ve come to the right place! The Superfriends will fill you in (no homo). On this edition, the Emperor of the Earth Big D will be joined by the official Superfriends Historian and Superfriends Film Guru Sportsguy515 to discuss the top films of the summer, what succeeded, what failed, and everything in between. Plus, we will discuss the 3D phenomenon, compare it to Imax, and talk about whether or not a film in 3D really changes anything. Be there with us~!

When: Wednesday Night @ 10PM EST
Where: AND

The Superfriends: 2D or 3D – it’s still the best!