Superfriends 066 – Kingdom Come Press Release

Hallowed Be Thy Name… Thy Kingdom Come.

You have waited long enough. The time has finally come for Order 66: the execution of the anti-vogues. For the Emperor Big D has returned to reclaim what rightfully belongs to him; the title of Undisputed King of The Internet and rid you of your seemingly uncurable boredom. The Epitome of Manliness, The Superfriends, is back on the airwaves LIVE on July 14th, 2010 – which we are calling D-Day. Your favorite spic has come to save you once again! Join us for the fun, excitement, and entertainment that ONLY Superfriends can bring; which is why nobody can touch us.

Topics To Be Discussed:

– What the hell has gone on since Season 2!?!?
– The Birth of and plans for the future
– Prison Rape vs. Doing MORE time for killing the rapist – which would you do?
– Fleece “Booty Warrior” Johnson vs. Pastor Dr. Martin Sempa

New Drops! New Songs! New Adventures with the mightiest band of heroes since the GoBots – The Superfriends!

Where: and
When: Wed, July 14, 2010 – 10:00 PM EST


Spoiler Notes On TNA Hard Justice: Now an ECW PPV

According to the spoilers that leaked from Tuesday Night’s TNA Impact Tapings, the show ends with Dixie Carter agreeing to give August 8th Hard Justice PPV over to ECW and essentially making it a carbon copy of the 2005 One Night Stand with ECW in action. Dreamer did another lame promo where he cried and stated that in 2005, the story was supposed to end until 2006 when Vince McMahon ruined it. Carter agreed and said the former ECW talents would have full control of the PPV and promised the fans to make ECW what it should be, not what Vince wanted.

Can anybody tell these people its 2010? How many ECW reunion shows have there been? I can count at least 7 or 8.



Tuesday Pro Wrestling News Update: Undertaker, Tara, TNA Buyrate Fail + Spoilers, Heyman, Jim Ross, Danielson/ROH

– WWE is hoping Undertaker will be ready by Summerslam and will be giving it a go very soon.

– The current plan is to have Wade Barrett involved in the Raw Money In The Bank in some capacity.

– According to Dave Meltzer from the Observer, it is highly possible that TNA’s buyrates for the past two PPVs have dropped below 10,000. This has led many people behind the scenes to believe TNA will be finished by the end of 2010. We will keep you updated.

– Yup, Tara was the woman on the bicycle. She is working you if you think otherwise.

– The plan right now is to do a multi-person match to headline Hard Justice featuring the ECW Invaders vs. TNA, mirroring what WWE did with the “Inaugural Brawl” during the WCW Invasion (and ECW Invasion #2) in 2001 (9 years ago). Russo wants to do a faction wars angle with multiple groups involved. Keep in mind, he did this in 1997 with Los Boricuas, The Nation, the DOA, etc and that worked out well, didn’t it?

– Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff are both under contract until October but have seemingly shown zero interest in anything TNA-related anymore. Word going around is that both Hogan and Bischoff did not appear at the tapings to send a message to Dixie about the rumors of the involvement of Paul Heyman. Mike Johnson from PWInsider has speculated that they are close to a deal but not letting on anything further. I personally disagree and am sticking to my story that Heyman is not interested.

– For those who have asked – YES – Dixie Carter DID indeed have a meeting with TNA talents telling them to “improve their work”. Hilarious. I could sit here and pick apart everything wrong with this, but then we’d have a 5 paragraph essay about how much of an utter troglodyte she is. Figure it out for yourself.

– Word has been going around about Bryan Danielson being booked in Ring of Honor. If he does come in, it will likely be for a limited set of appearances and he will likely NOT be signed to a deal. I’ll keep you posted.

– *SIGH* WWE removed Jim Ross from the WWE Opening Montage as punishment for appearing at UFC 116. What a bunch of assholes those people are. And they wonder why UFC is destroying them in everything.

Don’t forget, Superfriends Variety Show RETURNS Tomorrow right here on!

QCW Radio, Boxing, and Pixels & Bits ADDED + Superfriends Press Release

Three new podcasts are up currently on QCW Radio Episode 88 is up and ready to be listened to here. It was taped last night with your usual show recaps + special main event topic. The newest World Championship Boxing is also up here. Plus, later today we will be streaming the fourth episode of Pixels & Bits and if you can’t wait, the archive is up here.

Superfriends returns this Wednesday Night. The press release will be up tomorrow morning.

Lots of content coming your way + a news update. Stay tuned.

DVD of the Day: License To Kill (1989)

License To Kill

This private vendetta of yours could easily compromise Her Majesty’s government. You have an assignment, and I expect you to carry it out objectively and professionally!

The Stats:

The Director:  John Glen

The Cast:  Timothy Dalton, Carey Lowell, Robert Davi, Talisa Soto, Benicio Del Toro

Release Date: 1989

Run Time:  133 Minutes

The Plot

When CIA operative Felix Leiter is left for dead by vicious drug kingpin, Sanchez, James Bond makes it his personal vendetta to take him down… going so far as becoming a rogue agent.

The Lowdown

All right, I know what you’re thinking.  “Timothy Dalton… really?”  Yes really.  Yes, I will admit he is definitely the weakest of the 6 men to play the ultimate male (no, not Thunderlips), James Bond.  However, License To Kill was one of the grittier entries into this series.  Sean Connery will forever and always BE Bond.  Everyone else is just playing him.  But don’t handicap this movie because Dalton isn’t Bond.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I grew up with Roger Moore as Bond.  And while I loved him as a kid, as an adult I realize that he took the franchise in kind of a silly, gimmicky direction.  Nothing wrong with that, I suppose, but I respect what Dalton did with the character.  In Licence to Kill, Bond is a little more believable, a little grittier, a little tougher and a lot more cynical.  In fact, he did what Daniel Craig is currently doing now with the character.  Granted, Craig is a lot better at it, but I digress.  License to Kill doesn’t portray Bond as guy who needs gadgets, but rather as what he’s supposed to be: a highly skilled, cunning, secret agent.  There are one or two cute little Q-Gadgets, but for the most part the movie Bond has to rely on his training and skills.  Furthermore this film features something that is lost in today’s cinema:  STUNTS.  My lord, in a day and age where EVERYTHING is CG’d to death, this film relies on stunt men doing dangerous stunts, on REAL buildings and vehicles exploding.  What a freaking concept!  It looks so much better and cooler when you know that the 18-Wheeler at the end of the film was actually blown up by a stunt coordinator and not a computer geek with a laptop.  One other thing I’d like to point out is the villain of the film, Franz Sanchez.  While Goldfinger, Dr. No, Trevelyan and Blofeld will go down as the most famous Bond villains, it’s a shame that Sanchez gets ignored.  Again, he’s a more realistic villain.  He’s not out to conquer the world or blow up a country, he’s a drug lord out to make money.  Pure and simple.

Anyway, you can hate on Dalton all you want.  Yes, he’s not the best Bond.  But Licence to Kill is a fun, ass-kicking movie with lots of explosions and sweet stunts.  And really, what more can you ask for?

New Podcasts, Columns + A HUGE WEEK on !

– Just like we promised, there is a crapload of new content on this week. We’ve got FIVE new episodes of podcasts coming this week including the return of two MAJOR shows this week!

– Firstly, The newest edition of Ed’s Laidback Gourmet is up right now as he covers the new First Degree Burn Doritos.

– Brand new edition of the Chessboard where my son Chess examines the State of TNA can be read here. My thoughts on TNA’s continued stupidity can be read here.

– Video Game legend Brandon Myers has reviewed RISK: Factions here. More video games coming!


– On Monday, a new episode of both World Championship Boxing AND QCW Radio, streaming live right here on Check out the shows live right here at 5PM and 11:30PM Eastern Time Respectively and talk to the hosts and fans over on

– Tuesday, the newest episode of Pixels & Bits will be airing at 6:00PM Eastern as Ed and I go in depth about the Punch-Out series – Mike Tyson’s Punch Out, Super Punch Out and Punch Out on the Wii plus other pertinent topics. Listen Live.

– Wednesday Night is the LONG AWAITED RETURN OF SUPERFRIENDS. Our historic Season Premier for the third season has come! Join Emperor Big D and the Vogue Crew this Wednesday for complete wackyness.

– Thursday Night is another HUGE return. Mike Trojan’s Advanced Macking, airing LIVE at 8PM Eastern with talk on macking chicks and the friend zone. Do not miss this show!

– All this and tons more coming from the SuperfriendsUniverse!

No Surprise: TNA continues to be run by morons

For the second month in a row, TNA has promised a big surprise on Pay Per View and delivered… nothing. What’s even more retarded than just that is the fact that TNA informed management and the workers, THEIR OWN WORKERS, that Paul Heyman was a sure thing and was coming in. And yet again – they shot themselves.

I’m not exactly sure why anybody would believe that Heyman was really coming in. He has stated in numerous interviews, including one six days ago on the Wrestling Observer, that he was not coming in because he was offered a low-ball deal with not enough power or comfort. Reports came earlier today that Heyman was in New York, and yet TNA continued to inform its talent that he was coming. Flying from New York to Florida isn’t a 30 minute flight people. So rather than just stop with the big announcement bullshit, they continue to do this, it doesn’t mean a damn thing


This is a time where TNA is being heavily tested and people are expecting change. After the numerous failed experiments (Reaction, Monday Nights, Hulk Hogan, etc), fans, journalists, and perhaps even Spike TV have begun to realize that the ship has sailed on TNA. While moving back to Thursdays was a very good move for business, there is no denying that many of TNA’s most hardcore supporters saw that as a step back, specially after the faux-bravado that Hulk Hogan and crew showed (“we’re getting a 3.0 brother”). Quite frankly, I went from loving the company years ago, to hoping that it would improve, to waiting for a change, to wanting them to just be wiped off the face of the Earth.

It is insulting to me that despite TNA being under the microscope, that they continue to bullshit their own workers. WHY WOULD YOU SAY SOMEBODY WAS IN YOUR COMPANY IF IT WASN’T A SURE THING? I mean honestly folks, how would you feel if your company offered you change and you were under the impression that it was coming only to find out that not only the person who is making the change isn’t signed to a deal, but didn’t even verbally agree. HEYMAN SAID NO!

Every month I get more and more angry at this company and want them to die more and more. It’s not the workers, it’s the pieces of shit running the thing. It’s Dixie, who comes off like a “wholesome mother and businesswoman” when in real life she is a dumb douchebag who has no idea what he is doing, Vince Russo who, is a nice guy, but can’t write TV, Terry Taylor, a mid-card wrestler at best who’s career was about as successful as New Coke, and anybody else who thinks this is a good idea.

Sure, maybe I went too far, but I’m just sick of it. Thank God I did not order the PPV and if you did, I feel sorry for you. Don’t give them a penny again.

Big week in the Superfriends Universe – stay tuned.

QCW Wrestling Radio: 3 Questions to Vince McMahon LIVE Tonight 11:30 PM ET


QCW Radio returns with Episode 88, 3 Questions To Vince McMahon! On this special show, hosts chessarmy, Foolkiller, and Dennin give their post RAW thoughts as always, along with a review of TNA’s Victory Road PPV! As if that wasn’t enough, “Promo Of The Week” returns with Foolkiller taking control, what promo will he choose for your listening pleasure? Finally in the Main Event Topic, in light of Dixie Carter’s shoot interview provided by Kayfabe Commentaries, QCW Radio presents a fun round table discussion for your enjoyment! What if you could ask WWE Chairman Vince McMahon just 3 questions, what would they be and how do you think Mr. McMahon would answer them?

All this and more comes to you LIVE on QCW Radio, join us in the chat room at 11:30 PM ET, you can’t miss it!

RISK: Factions review

RISK: Factions logo

RISK: Factions
Published by Electronic Arts
Developed by Stainless Games
Platform: Xbox 360 (via Xbox Live Arcade)

RISK is one of the all-time classic board games. There have been several versions of the board game, as well as many different computerized adaptations. The latest of which is RISK: Factions on the Xbox Live Arcade.

RISK: Factions allows players to play either the classic RISK rules or the more recent 2008 rules. Factions also adds dynamic map features and five factions (humans, cats, robots, zombies, and yetis). Up to five players can participate at one time. Now let’s break things down into categories.

GRAPHICS: The maps are nice to look at and the user interface is easy to navigate. If you’re playing the Classic RISK mode, there isn’t much else for you to see. The Factions mode has cartoon portraits of each faction leader, as well as animated battles. The characters are nicely animated and very expressive, and the battles are quite entertaining when you aren’t cursing your luck with the dice. The single-player campaign has five missions and each mission has a cartoon introduction created by Powerhouse Animation Studios. The cartoons are well animated and are each rather funny to watch.

In all, the cartoons are great, and everything else is nice and simple. 8/10

SOUND: In the Classic mode, the sound is minimal. I think there’s some background music, and you get sound effects for the battles, but there isn’t much else. In the Factions mode, the dynamic map elements and the animated battles have some nice sound effects. The voice acting in the campaign cartoons is excellent. The voices fit the characters perfectly and do a lot to give them personality. I wish that the faction leaders talked during the actual game instead of being restricted to the cartoons, though. Hearing smack talk from Generalissimo Meow would make me so happy.

To sum up, the sound is bland in some parts, but excellent in others. For the cartoons alone, I give the sound 9/10.

GAMEPLAY: I could spend hours detailing all the rules and gameplay quirks. In the Help & Options menu there is a “How To Play” option that gives you a quick primer on both the Classic and Factions rules. If you’re new to RISK, read that and you’ll get caught up. Anyway, the controls are basic. It’s more or less point and click. As the game is a mix of strategy and chance, you will often find yourself poised to take over an entire continent, only to end up a few armies short by the time you reach the last territory. That is the frustrating part. But there is nothing sweeter than making a successful run and expanding your empire.

The gameplay is both simple and complex, as well as frustrating and oh so fun. 10/10

OVERALL: If you’re a fan of turn-based strategy, RISK: Factions is the game for you. At only 800 Microsoft Points ($10), you can’t get much better. 10/10