Lucha Bros 136 – Old Wrestling vs New Wrestling Pt 1

NEW KLB is here discussing NUMEROUS topics in the modern world of combat sports including Jon Jones ruining his life, the career and retirement of Dr Wagner Jr and the importance of the masks in the culture of Lucha Libre, MAYWEATHER vs MCGREGOR in the freakshow, Enzo buried, Cena and Roman Reigns FAKE SHOOTING, and we talk Old School Wrestling vs New School Wrestling! Check it out!


World Champ. Boxing Fight Recap Show – 8/27/16: Mayweather vs. Mcgregor

World Championship boxing is back!! And in this episode we discuss the epic showdown: Mayweather vs Mcgrgegor as well as all of the other headlines in boxing.

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Lucha Bros 135 – WWE Summerslam 2017 Review

We’re back with our review of SummerSHAM 2017 and boy was it ever! We run down what was a pretty boring show capped off with an amazing main event and some interesting things in between including the strange angle with The Demon FINN (not Dale Torborg), the weird Rusev booking and Draven rants on WWE’s pushing of top guys, Enzo and Cass bore us to tears with Big Show, Braun Strowman is awesome, Corbin gets berried, and SO MUCH MORE! Its our Summerslam 2017 Review


Lucha Bros 134 – WCW Super Brawl 2000 Part 2

THE SKINS MATCH reviewed on Superbrawl 2000 PART 2! WCW brings in James Brown w/o advertising it, we discuss Clarence Mason’s transformation into J Biggs and discuss the time in between WWF’s Ahmed Johnson and WCW’s Big T and the story. We talk about the history of Texas Death Matches going LIKE TWO HOURS, Flair vs Funk, Luger vs Hulk, Roddy Piper and Scott Hall’s final appearances and more PLUS we analyze SCHOOL OF MORTON!


Lucha Bros 133 – WCW Super Brawl 2000 Part 1

NEW KLB covers WCW Superbrawl 2000, at least part 1, on this latest episode. We talk about the removal of Russo and the arrival of the “Good Ole Boys Network” of bookers and thepros and cons behind this era. Last Call for Scott Hall in WCW on this one. We talk about the Kidman and Vampiro pushes, Torrie Wilson from 2000, The WALL, JAMES BROWN and so much more! Plus, THE SKINS MATCH! Tank Abbott vs Al Green where they have a horrid match, and right after, Tank tries to CUT HIS THROAT! WARNING – we get into HEAVY Star Wars: The Last Jedi SPOILERS – some 100% legit, some rumored, so be careful! Next week, part 2!



On July 28, 1992, Mary J. Blige’s debut album “What’s the 411?” was released. Her first single, “You Remind Me,” was an infectious uptempo tune written and produced by Dave “Jam” Hall. It set the tone for the album’s success. Blige, like Jodeci the previous year, had her look and style orchestrated by a now Uptown Records executive Sean “Puffy” Combs. Combs had Mary dressed like a female version of Jodeci. The result was seen in her next single and first music video, “Real Love.” In that video of another infectious dance track co-written and produced by Fat Boys member Prince Marky Dee and Mark Rooney, Blige and her backup dancers are dressed as tomboys in full baseball caps and jerseys. While both songs were excellent records and top five Billboard R&B hits, it was her next single and video that made her my favorite female singer of all time. More

Lucha Bros 132 – WCW Halloween Havoc 1999 Pt 3

PART 3 of our Halloween Havoc review has arrived. We discuss more from Marty “MJ” Janetty, the LOSER Daniel Cormier, and the COWARDLY Braun Strowman who cucked to Kurt Angle’s EX WIFE at a restaurant! What the hell is going on? Art Cali/R Kelly gets berried of course. THEN we talk about Halloween Havoc 99 WITH Denny Luis as we cover the final matches including the extremely BLOODY Sid vs Goldberg match, the worked shoot aspect of Russo’s booking, Hogan vs Sting and why NOT doing the match is BAD for business, ending with the SHOCKING Goldberg vs Sting finale! PLUS, we look at old sitcom characters from Step By Step & Family Matters, Ric Flair gets stretched out, the problem with the Millionaire’s Club angle, Russo reset shows, and TONS MORE!