2600 Reasons To Play: KaBoom! (Video)

I’m back, did you miss me? Since everyone’s been so patient waiting for the newest 2600 reasons to play I thought I’d do something a little different. I made this video of me playing KaBoom and giving you a little oversight into the game itself. I hope you enjoy, please send all feedback to me at SuperfriendEd@Gmail.com or just leave a thumbs up and a comment on the video. If this was enjoyed, I’ll do other 2600 videos in a similar format. Enjoy!

2600 Reasons To Play: Barnstorming

I just noticed my Atari 2600 has been gathering dust so that means its time to dust it off and bust out a brand new 2600 Reasons To Play. Grab your flying goggles and wrap your black 8-bit scarf around your neck because we’re going to take our lives (and joysticks) into our hands as we perform dangerous aerial stunts. Today, we will be BARNSTORMING!