Mike Trojan’s Dating Tip, 5-24-16: Become a Master Mack in Hours

Close your eyes and think of your greatest score to date right now. Put yourself mentally back there. Picture it as best and as clearly as you can how it was from your point of view. Remember EXACTLY how it all felt to you then. Remember how your whole body felt.

Now hold that thought-picture and feeling in your mind for at least 15 uninterrupted seconds. Try it. Use a stopwatch to measure this. Don’t think of anything else but that score for 15 uninterrupted seconds.

You may notice the first few times you try to do this that you won’t be able to even go 15 seconds without your mind wandering onto some other thing. Usually, you will notice that your mind will wander onto things that makes you feel worse or that generally hurt your self-esteem (some past humiliation or some fear of future misfortune). More

Mike Trojan Dating Tip, May 7th, 2015 – Warning: Your Masturbation is Making Your Woman Uglier

I’ve already warned you about the dangers of masturbation if you are a single guy. But there is also another danger lurking in masturbation for the guy with a girlfriend or wife.

Mike Trojan’s Dating Tip, April 29th, 2015

Scarelett Johansson

What creates a cool guy? This is important because this is the ONLY kind of guy that can ACTUALLY control a woman. Make no mistake. Women, especially hot ones, WANT to be taken control of by a COOL GUY, and no other kind of guy will do, not rich, not famous, not ANY OTHER KIND OF GUY. And I’m not talking about a bondage type thing or anything illegal, you criminal minded nut! All I’m saying is that women want to a certain extent to be swept off their feet by that super cool guy. They want to be led somewhere they haven’t been, with you, the coolest guy, as a guide and, yes, her Master. But that’s getting into the the May 15th tip. I’m getting ahead of myself. First things first. How does a guy get to be cool in the first place?

The answer is that a guy gets to be cool by being a total geek for a significant portion of his life and then suddenly finding out that what he did during geekdom actually made him cool now. See Bill Gates and practically every geek from your high school, depending on how old you are now. More

Mike Trojan’s Dating Tip: Why is one woman never enough for some men?

Ever wonder why some men, maybe you included, can’t keep their lust confined to just one woman?

Men, in general, lust after women for purely biological reasons, of course — there is a procreative urge behind it. Some have argued that male biological lust just seeks variety, naturally. Women, they argue on the other hand, are more biologically suited by nature to monogamy. But this is a simplistic view and it should be rejected.

There is instead a strong psychological urge behind the male need for a variety of mates; its not part of instinct at all. Instinctual male lust, in truth, needs only one mate to be satisfied. (Only one hand most of the time, actually, lol. You only have one d%&k, right?) In contrast, the real psychological urge behind the male need for variety can never be satisfied by just one woman or even 10. And it is ULTRA-important for a man to identify and understand this psychological component of his lust before this “urge for a variety of mates” ruins his life and leads to chronic dissatisfaction. More

Mike Trojan’s Dating Tip 3/9/13: Discussing the “we” or “us”


Avoid discussing “the relationship”, ie, the relationship status at any point with your girlfriend, unless of course you are going to propose. Even still, discussing “we” or “us” (the relationship status) is usually not a good idea. A sign that she’s into you will be that she keeps bringing it up. But it’s a dead end convo no matter what. Most failed relationships will devolve into a constant conversation about the relationship. Whenever it comes up, try to change the course of the conversation with a joke. Blurt out something like: “You are my density baby, I mean…my destiny!!” and just laugh. Keep having a good time with her. That’s all that matters in the end. Next Tip Coming Up: He Who Masturbates Hesitates