FORCED PERSPECTIVE, Ep.97 – The Baby Wants His Mummy

But…was he slow?


FORCED PERPSECTIVE, Ep.53 – The Interstellar Nightcrawler (w/Special Guest BRANDON DRAVEN)

***WARNING – The reviews of BOTH Nightcrawler and Interstellar will contain SPOILERS, which start at the 23 minute and 1 hour, 17 minute marks, respectively, of Episode 53. Do not listen past those points if you have not seen the films and don’t want to be spoiled. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED***


FORCED PERSPECTIVE, Ep.24 – BATMAN, Part 4.3: “The Nolan Renaissance” (w/Special Guests BIG D, MR. EDDIE, HAMZA, & HEADCASE)

“I wonder what will break first…your spirit…or your body!?!”


Catwoman, Bane Officially Announced as The Next Batman Villains

Source: IGN

It looks like the rumors were true. Catwoman is the villain for The Dark Knight Rises, the third installment in Christopher Nolan’s Batman franchise. Who will play Selina Kyle? None other than Anne Hathaway, mostly known for fillms such as The Devil Wears Prada, Alice in Wonderland and Get Smart.

Joining her in the cast will be Tom Hardy as Bane. Tom Hardy has played a muscular criminal before in the prison movie Bronson and was also last seen in this past summer’s blockbuster Inception.

Interesting casting choices as well as character choices from Nolan. It will be interesting to see what he does with these two characters.