Batman Begins At Last – Pop Culture Curmudguin #23

This week on Pop Culture Curmudguin, I’m doing the prototype of future articles where I watch popular movies that I have never seen before, and make snarky comments while watching them, followed by a summary.  We start off with Batman Begins, the first in the trilogy of Christopher Nolan Batman movies, of which I have seen none of the trilogy.  How good is it?  Well, it has no penguins, so already it sounds worse than Batman Returns, but we shall see.

WARNING…spoilers ahead.


FORCED PERSPECTIVE, Ep.22 – BATMAN, Part 4.1: “The Nolan Renaissance” (w/Special Guests BIG D, MR. EDDIE, HAMZA, & HEADCASE)

The FP episode that broke Talkshoe’s spirit…and its body.


The Top 10 Greatest Movie Bad-Asses!

What a long, strange trip it’s been. At long last, after 90 complete and total bad-asses we get to

the TOP 10! Let’s recap…

#’s 100 – 91
#’s 90 – 81
#’s 80 – 71
#’s 70 – 61
#’s 60 – 51
#’s 50 – 41
#’s 40 – 31
#’s 30 – 21
#’s 20 – 11