Happy Easter From the Laidback Gourmet

Easter is only a few days away so it’s time to celebrate. So I take a look at not one, but two, different cake-flavored Easter confections on this edition of the Laidback Gourmet:

Will these cakey treats have a place in my Easter Basket or are they just going to be tossed down the rabbit hole? Click here to find out!

Brand New Laidback Gourmet Gets Hot Hot Hot!!!

Last week we got “cool” here on the Laidback Gourmet, this week we’re gonna get chili! I put my taste buds on the line when I try Lindt Excellent Chili Chocolate Bar. Excellent? Well I’ll be the judge of that!

Will this bizzare chocolate chili heat me up or just leave me cold? Click here to find out!