FORCED PERSPECTIVE, Ep.98 – The Homecoming King (w/Special Guest HEADCASE)

The #RoadTo100 Continues…


FORCED PERSPECTIVE, Ep.96 – The Pirate Covenant of Wonder Woman

The #RoadTo100 continues on FORCED PERSPECTIVE!


Marvel @ The Movies – Part 1: The Captain America Republic Serials (1944)

Hello all. Welcome to part 1 in what I hope to be an ongoing series looking at the history of Marvel Comics on the big (and sometimes small) screen. Enough introductions, you’ll get it as we go along.

We’re going to start with the first Marvel Comics property to ever hit celluloid: the iconic Captain America. More

Fantastic Four (2015) – The Worst Superhero Movie of the Modern Era


“You made it ugly.”

Reed Richards (Miles Teller) says this to some government officials after they took his invention and made it their own. This is what I feel Josh Trank and 20th Century Fox did to the beloved Marvel Comics franchise. More

First Viewing: X-Men: Days of Future Past — Pop Culture Curmudguin #26

Continuing a series where I watch for the first time movies that are super popular in geek circles, today I examine X-Men: Days of Future Past.  Does it live up to the hype?  As always, I start off with the snarky comments I had while watching the film, after which I give my honest opinion of the movie, and then analyze what the film means.  Spoilers abound, so be forewarned.

PCC Logo More

FORCED PERPSECTIVE, Ep.53 – The Interstellar Nightcrawler (w/Special Guest BRANDON DRAVEN)

***WARNING – The reviews of BOTH Nightcrawler and Interstellar will contain SPOILERS, which start at the 23 minute and 1 hour, 17 minute marks, respectively, of Episode 53. Do not listen past those points if you have not seen the films and don’t want to be spoiled. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED***



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