DVD Review – YouShoot Live with Dixie Carter

It has been well documented that the bloom may be off the rose for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling in 2010. Desperate move after desperate move, from time slot changes, to management changes, to Hulk Hogan, to the acquisitions of Rob Van Dam, Jeff Hardy, and Kurt Angle, to changing the ring; it seems like TNA has tried just about everything to become successful and what do they have to show for it: reports of embarrassing buy rates and an audience that quite simply will not grow.


No Surprise: TNA continues to be run by morons

For the second month in a row, TNA has promised a big surprise on Pay Per View and delivered… nothing. What’s even more retarded than just that is the fact that TNA informed management and the workers, THEIR OWN WORKERS, that Paul Heyman was a sure thing and was coming in. And yet again – they shot themselves.

I’m not exactly sure why anybody would believe that Heyman was really coming in. He has stated in numerous interviews, including one six days ago on the Wrestling Observer, that he was not coming in because he was offered a low-ball deal with not enough power or comfort. Reports came earlier today that Heyman was in New York, and yet TNA continued to inform its talent that he was coming. Flying from New York to Florida isn’t a 30 minute flight people. So rather than just stop with the big announcement bullshit, they continue to do this, it doesn’t mean a damn thing


This is a time where TNA is being heavily tested and people are expecting change. After the numerous failed experiments (Reaction, Monday Nights, Hulk Hogan, etc), fans, journalists, and perhaps even Spike TV have begun to realize that the ship has sailed on TNA. While moving back to Thursdays was a very good move for business, there is no denying that many of TNA’s most hardcore supporters saw that as a step back, specially after the faux-bravado that Hulk Hogan and crew showed (“we’re getting a 3.0 brother”). Quite frankly, I went from loving the company years ago, to hoping that it would improve, to waiting for a change, to wanting them to just be wiped off the face of the Earth.

It is insulting to me that despite TNA being under the microscope, that they continue to bullshit their own workers. WHY WOULD YOU SAY SOMEBODY WAS IN YOUR COMPANY IF IT WASN’T A SURE THING? I mean honestly folks, how would you feel if your company offered you change and you were under the impression that it was coming only to find out that not only the person who is making the change isn’t signed to a deal, but didn’t even verbally agree. HEYMAN SAID NO!

Every month I get more and more angry at this company and want them to die more and more. It’s not the workers, it’s the pieces of shit running the thing. It’s Dixie, who comes off like a “wholesome mother and businesswoman” when in real life she is a dumb douchebag who has no idea what he is doing, Vince Russo who, is a nice guy, but can’t write TV, Terry Taylor, a mid-card wrestler at best who’s career was about as successful as New Coke, and anybody else who thinks this is a good idea.

Sure, maybe I went too far, but I’m just sick of it. Thank God I did not order the PPV and if you did, I feel sorry for you. Don’t give them a penny again.

Big week in the Superfriends Universe – stay tuned.

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