Goku vs. Frieza 2016 Presidential Debate

TFS/Geekdom Collabo! Goku vs. Frieza have battled on Namek and Earth and even in Hell but here they battle in the political arena. Election 2016: Goku and Freeza, who should be President? Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton isn’t that big compared to this! On this video, Dragon Ball Super stars Goku and Freeza PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE! THIS IS A PARODY!

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MasakoX’s Channel: http://tinyurl.com/hx78e58
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Why is Goku Black so Strong in Dragon Ball Super?

How is Goku Black so Strong in Dragon Ball Super? How Strong IS Goku Black? How Strong is Zamasu? How did Black get so strong so fast and how does he match up with Super Saiyan Blue Goku? On this video, I have answers!

Thumbnail by Ashan Nasir. Go get some art done from him:

First Look: Dragon Ball — Pop Culture Curmudguin

Due to our esteemed Emperor’s love for Dragon Ball, we here on the site have been getting a lot of interest from Dragon Ball fans. However, I have personally never watched a single episode ever. This was mostly purposely, as sometimes the look of an animated character makes me want to steer as far away from the show as possible.  (One Piece is the poster boy for this.)  However, I believe in actual fairness, so I have endeavored to watch an episode.  My research said that “Bulma and Son Goku” is the first episode, so I’ll be watching it.  As with my previous first looks, I will give snarky comments and then go full spoilerish in my analysis.

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