Ed’s Randomness #122: Dealing with Current Government Issues

As I write this the American government has shut down and in a few weeks will hit the debt ceiling. With no hope in sight I interviewed an expert in the Edmerican Stock Edchange to see what he suggest we all do:

He also went on to suggest we all drink plenty of water and avoid sunlight as best we can.

Brand New MIGHTY Laidback Gourmet!

Last week I tried something new at Burger King of the Bovine variety, this week its a trip to McDonalds to try something new they’ve done with some fried Gallus gallus domesticus. This is no ordinary chicken though… this is MIGHTY CHICKEN!

Will these be a mighty powerhouse amongst fried food, or will I just be mighty sorry I tried them? Click here to find out!

Time for a New Laidback Gourmet!

This week’s Laidback Gourmet I take a look at an old candy now served in a new way. Remember M&Ms? They’re back! In bar form!

Will this be good as as Alf in pogs form, or will this be as bad as Alf in pogs form? Click here to find out! (I felt like I hadn’t had a good obscure Simpsons reference in a while!)

Brand New Laidback Gourmet

Japanuary’s almost over but the reviews are still coming. This week I take a look at the DIY Pocky treat known bizarrely as Yan Yan Sticks.

Now that’s what I call a ‘stick’y situation. If that very out of date reference doens’t turn you off too much, Click here to read on!

Should I Toon In? Gravity Falls

Should I Toon In? Gravity Falls

Greetings all, make sure you have your rucksacks packed with disposible cameras, garlic, and magnifying glasses because we’re going to be taking a trip out to Gravity Falls, Oregon. Why would we want to go to Gravity Falls you might ask? Because that’s the setting of the newest cartoon on the Disney Channel and that’s also the show I’ll be taking a look at on this edition of Should I Toon In!


Very Special Laidback Gourmet

Big D: “Hey Ed, I have a special assignment for you, I want you to go on location to do a Laidback Gourmet”

Mr Eddie:

Come on D, I just did that one on location at Applebees not that long ago and that was a pain in the butt. I’m not really interested in doing another on location review any time soon.

Big D: “Oh I heard about this Ice Cream Festival in New Jersey and I thought you might be…”


Big D: “Ed? Where the hell did he go? Holy crap he just sent me his review… well, bow down and kiss me where I pee and then CLICK HERE to read it.”

The DiFolco Clan visits Silverball Pinball Museum

Well, since I had a four day weekend for Memorial Day it seemed like a great idea to pack up some of the DiFolco Clan and head on down to one of my favorite places, The Silverball Pinball Museum in Asbury Park, NJ. It’s a bit of a trip from Edmerica, but thanks to Edforce One we made great time. I figured let everyone give some thoughts and share some highlights. More