FORCED PERSPECTIVE, Ep.84 – The Magnificent Sully



Laidback Gourmet: Halloween Special 2015 (video)

Mr Eddie celebrates Halloween in style with a top 9 count down of the most frequently collected “loser candy” from his days of Trick or Treating… (You know, from last year, dhlee!)

Laidback Gourmet: Burger King Halloween Whopper (Video)

Halloween is only a few days away and Mr. Eddie puts his health and sanity on the line to look at the black bun Halloween Whopper from Burger in this highly requested review.

2600 Reasons to Play: Haunted House (video)

It’s FINALLY the weekend. What better way to celebrate than to kick back, relax, and watch a Mr. Eddie video? 😀 (DHLEE!) This week it’s a new episode of 2600 Reasons to Play where I take a look at what might, possibly… maybe… perhaps… be the ancestor of all survival horror games. Perhaps this video isn’t for the faint of heart… but don’t worry, Mr. Eddie will be your guide.

Brand New Halloween-y Laidback Gourmet

Halloween draws near so I looked for the scariest thing I could find to review. I think these horrors from beyond fit that description:

Could these cookies be S.T.A.R.S. or will they end up being a Biohazard? Click here to find out!

FORCED PERSPECTIVE, Ep. 38 – Halloween’s Spectacular End