Very Special Laidback Gourmet

Big D: “Hey Ed, I have a special assignment for you, I want you to go on location to do a Laidback Gourmet”

Mr Eddie:

Come on D, I just did that one on location at Applebees not that long ago and that was a pain in the butt. I’m not really interested in doing another on location review any time soon.

Big D: “Oh I heard about this Ice Cream Festival in New Jersey and I thought you might be…”


Big D: “Ed? Where the hell did he go? Holy crap he just sent me his review… well, bow down and kiss me where I pee and then CLICK HERE to read it.”

A Look At Some Of the Best Music of Wrestlemania

It’s that time of the year again. The granddaddy of them all. The showcase of the immortals. The Suberb Owl of professional wrestling. The southern dandy of in ring candy. Wrestlemania. Just the name conjures up images of the greatest moments in the pseudo sport we love so much.