Laidback Gourmet: “Regular Coffee” Beer

Last time on the Laidback Gourmet I tried a really terrible coffee beer. Thanks to a donation from a fan (thanks Shannon!) I get to try another, supposedly better, coffee beer. Lucky me! At least it’s wacky!

Laidback Gourmet: Snack Box Unpacking

This time on the Laidback Gourmet I do something a little different. I enable 3D live action video mode to review a relatively new “Box” you can order online called “The Snack Box”. Ironically, “the Snack Box” might have been a better title for this series than “The Laidback Gourmet”. Ah, c’est la vie. (Caution: Hot Plate)

There is a lot of conversation about the new Ghostbusters movie. A particular hot topic is the idea that hating the new trailers makes you misogynistic. Mr Eddie gives his view on this controversial manner in his typical fun, wacky, and yet somehow level headed logical way.

Brand New Halloween-y Laidback Gourmet

Halloween draws near so I looked for the scariest thing I could find to review. I think these horrors from beyond fit that description:

Could these cookies be S.T.A.R.S. or will they end up being a Biohazard? Click here to find out!

Brand New Laidback Gourmet

The Laidback Gourmet is back and this time I’m taking a look at a highly requested duo of cookies. Chips Ahoy’s Birthday Frosting filled and Oreo Cream Filled Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Will these cookies make me want to shell out some dough, or will they simply want me to cash in my chocolate chips? Click here to find out!

Time for a New Laidback Gourmet!

This week’s Laidback Gourmet I take a look at an old candy now served in a new way. Remember M&Ms? They’re back! In bar form!

Will this be good as as Alf in pogs form, or will this be as bad as Alf in pogs form? Click here to find out! (I felt like I hadn’t had a good obscure Simpsons reference in a while!)

Brand New Laidback Gourmet!

Uh oh, is this finally the Laidback Gourmet that finally pushed me over the edge?

What’s in the glass? Could something have pushed me so far that I’m drinking copious amounts of booze? Or am I drinking something that I found inside a super hero’s balls? Click here to find out!

Brand New Mega Stuffed Laidback Gourmet!

We’re taking the Laidback Gourmet to the max this week. I’m not just looking at regular oreos. Even those sissy double stuffed ones are too tame for this blog! Oh no, I’m going to extremes, and I’m looking at MEGA STUFFED Oroes.

Do these supersized cookies deliver on astronomical gastronomic delight? Or are they just a giant mistake? Click here to find out!