Movie of the Day: Casablanca (1942)

In an effort to do an actual daily column here on Superfriends, I’m re-introducing the concept of DVD of the Day and re-naming it “Movie of the Day.” (Don’t worry, I still plan on finishing the “Batman on Film” series.)  These will be very short paragraph-long reviews, but you’ll actually get them everyday.  The Academy Awards take place on February 24, so each entry this month will be an Academy Award winning movie. We’ll start the first entry in the Movie of the Day series with Casablanca. More

10 Christmas Movies That Don’t Suck

Once you wake up from the turkey coma it’s time to gear up for the next holiday: CHRISTMAS. And with Christmas comes the inevitable Christmas movie marathons on ever station from ABC Family to Spike TV. Now don’t get me wrong, I love movies like A Christmas Story and It’s a Wonderful Life… but for every GOOD Christmas movie we get garbage like Fred Claus and Deck The Halls. And if they’re not crap, then they’re overly sentimental like The Family Stone. More

DVD of the Day Presents: The 100 Greatest Movie Bad-Asses (#20-11)


#’s 100 – 91
#’s 90 – 81
#’s 80 – 71
#’s 70 – 61
#’s 60 – 51
#’s 50 – 41
#’s 40 – 31
#’s 30 – 21