FORCED PERSPECTIVE, Ep.28 – A Good Day for Side Effects


Review – Horrible Bosses [2011]

I hope everyone has enjoyed the first two episodes of FORCED PERSPECTIVE – up now on the site (download Ep. 1 HERE – download Ep. 2 HERE). Among the many films Adolfo and I discussed on the show, there are three recent films that I (still) have not given the proper “full review” treatment to – Horrible Bosses is one of those movies.

So, within the next day or two, I’ll be posting reviews for all of the movies I have yet to cover in full (the other two are Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part II and Captain America: The First Avenger). At the end (possibly by late Thursday-early Friday), I’ll be covering a film that I (as of right now) will be checking out tonight – Friends With Benefits.

Alright, with all announcements out of the way, let’s get to my full review of Horrible Bosses

DVD of the Day: The Kingdom (2007)

The Kingdom

Don’t fear them, my child. We are going to kill them all.

The Stats
The Director:  Peter Berg
The Cast:  Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Garner, Chris Cooper, Jason Bateman, Jeremy Piven
The Release Date: 2007
The Runtime: 110 Minutes

The Plot

After a terrorist attack in Saudi Arabia kills one of their own, four FBI agents head to foreign territory and try to investigate what truly went down

The Lowdown

In the post 9/11 world there have been a good deal of films released about terrorism. Some movies take it really seriously and are depressing as hell. Others take the pure action route. The Kingdom falls somewhere in the middle. This film succeeds in being both a political “message” kind of movie, but also has some pretty sweet action sequences.

On top of that, though, the film is also a “police procedural” as well. Once the FBI agents get to Saudi Arabia, it follows their process and investigation to find out just what the hell blew up their friend, and who was responsible for it. And it tops it all off with an incredible action/chase sequence that is incredibly suspenseful. One of the agents is kidnapped and is about to be executed on camera… can the rest of the team get there in time to save him? Pretty tense shit right there.

The film is incredibly well cast as well. Foxx really dials down his normal tendencies to over perform and delivers a really kind of stoic, bad-ass performance. Chirs Cooper and Jason Bateman are pretty much great in anything they do. Jennifer Garner isn’t great, she’s not bad, but not great either. However, she’s hot… so can you really complain? The only real complaint about the cast is Jeremy Piven who is playing the same character he plays in everything he’s ever done.

Don’t be afraid that this movie is going to preach to you. It won’t. At the end of the day it does have a “message,” but it’s not over the top. But if that kind of stuff does bother you, you still get a really good action thriller.