Classic Gaming Retrospective – Sonic The Hedgehog (16-bit series)

Sonic Mega Collection box art
After my Sonic 4 review, I was asked to take a look back at Sonic’s classic Genesis days. The problem is that all those games are pretty similar, so I thought I’d instead lump them in one column. So here is a look back at the four Sonic The Hedgehog games on the Sega Genesis.

Alpha Protocol review

Hey guys. I think I’m going to end the Mega Man Retrospective where it is. I did the NES games as well as Wily Wars. I never played Mega Man 8 or Mega Man & Bass, and my experience with Mega Man 7 is limited, so I don’t think I could do those games justice. Besides, people remember the NES games a lot more fondly than the later ones.


Weekend News Update: Jersey Shore, Men In Black III, Boxing & More

– The Jersey Shore’s Season 2 Premier broke records as the highest rated MTV show in 7 years with almost 6 million viewers on Thursday. Hey – something people CARE about on Thursday!

– While the fiscal numbers for Capcom and Nintendo came in as extremely disappointing, Sega on the other hand shockingly pulled a profit of 7 billion yen, due to their monstrous arcade business. Hilarious that Sega eeks out a win over Nintendo in 2010 – even though they aren’t competitors. has the story here.

– Men In Black III has an official release date of May 25, 2012

– Marquez defeated Diaz last night in their big rematch.

– Congratulations to F4WOnline site founder Bryan Alvarez and Whitney Neugebauer, who were wed last night. Congrats to Lisa Marie Simpson and High St. John Alastair Parkfield – who are scheduled to get married today.

– Sugar Shane Mosley vs. Sergio Mora is scheduled for September 18th in Los Angeles.

– The newest episode of Advanced Macking is up here. Mike Trojan is scheduled to be on this week’s episode of Superfriends. Plus – a new Laidback Gourmet AND Chessboard coming in the next couple of days!