JAPANUARY IS HERE!!!! (Brand New Laidback Gourmet)

That’s right, its that time of year again and the Laidback Gourmet is going to be doing things right this year. For the whole month I’ll be reviewing random snacks I got from the local asian specialty mart. To start off I’ll be taking a look at a soda that’s gotta be considered a life threatening choking hazard, Lychee Nut Ramune:

Will I survive this dangerous challenge? Probably, you know, since the review is already up and all. But Click here to find out!

Happy Thanksgiving From the Laidback Gourmet

Today on a special Thanksgiving edition of the Laidback Gourmet I take a look at the perfect soda to drink at any Thanksgiving Dinner, Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash. That’s right, its lemon, lime, and cranberry. I’m not really sure what to think going into this one.

Will this be a soda Plymouth Rock hard, or will it end up being a turkey? Click Here to find out.