2600 Reasons To Play: Space Invaders

Hey there, welcome to 2600 Reasons to Play, and since we are at end of Japanuary I figured I would look at the 2600 port of one of the biggest games to come out of Japan ever. Way before Japan gave us blockbuster games like Biohazard (aka: Resident Evil) and Dragon Quest (aka: Final Fantasy )

Big D: “Asshole.”

Before any of the modern day blockbusters, there was a simple game about alien invaders from Taico released in 1978. A game so insanely popular that it caused a 100 Yen coin shortage in Japan due to so many of those coins being inside these machines. A game that was such a hit that by the height of the video game boom in 1982 it had grossed 2 billion dollars world wide! That game, of course, is Space Invaders, easily one of the most popular video games of all time.