Mike Trojan’s Dating Tip 6-18-16: Never Speak Unless Spoken to; Always Speak Less Than She Does

This is the key with ALL women and with anyone really. When you spend time with a woman (or anyone else) let her do most of the talking. It should be about 80% (her) vs. 20% (you) and NEVER more than 60% vs. 40%. Learn to live and get comfortable in uncomfortable silences. It will be your best ally with women and in life. Those of you who are great salesmen know what I am talking about here. The human being (especially the eager, attracted man) has developed a desperate urge to fill uncomfortable silences whenever they occur in any way he or she can. The result is that most of what we say and hear to fill uncomfortable silence is useless, senseless chatter.

Most men who find themselves in the presence of the woman they desire are quite desperate to take that opportunity to grab that woman’s attention in ANY WAY he can and at every moment, usually by trying and usually failing to be funny at every turn. And most men usually do this by acting way too zany, stupid and hyped up — Jim Cary on crack comes to mind. I know you’ve been there before my bother. You are in the presence of an attractive woman so you are just there in anguish as you rack your brain to come up with something funny to say or do and your mind is not coming up with anything. Whatever you end up doing is then mostly just goofy-funny if even that and more often just annoying. More