Retromancers — Top 10 Stranger Things That Were My Life | Season 2 Halloween Special!

Stranger Things is back! To celebrate RetroKyth shares a top 10 list of 1980s nostalgia and the real and rumored events the show is based on, and how he is personally connected.

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So let’s get into the Halloween spirit with tales of secret government experiments, Dungeons and Dragons, paranormal theories and strange medical conditions. The Montauk Project, Camp Hero, Project MK Ultra, The Philadelphia Experiment, and more.

Now off to go watch Season 2 YAY!!

Top 10 Movies of 2016

What Are the Top 10 MOVIES of 2016? What are the 10 BEST movies of 2016? Mike from Laughingstock Media gives his list of movies from a rather unconventional year in film.

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Best Films of 1984 — Pop Culture Curmudguin #29

Back in November I made a best movies of 1989 list, and it went over well.  I decided to go back to this and maybe start off with 1990, as it would now contain movies 25 years old.  However, when making a top 10 for that year I noticed that it would have to contain films that even I found to be excrement.  So when I noticed that our beloved Emperor D just had a birthday (when I started writing this article), and realizing how few films I myself saw from the year of my birth (3), I decided to go with his year.  So here they are, my personal choice for BEST FILMS OF 1984.

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