Wrestlemania Impossible: Pop Culture Curmudguin

It is becoming ridiculous.  Just this week both John Cena and Sasha Banks have become injured.  In fact, everyone who had a title belt at the end of Wrestlemania 31 is out on injury, with most of them not likely to be able to perform at Wrestlemania 32 at the big cathedral for football Jerry Jones built for his Dallas Cowboys.  What could possibly fill all those seats.  Well, it was difficult, but with a little penguin brainmonsooning, here is the best possible card WWE could possibly have for their signature event,

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A Penguin’s Malaise for WWE & Wrestlemania – Pop Culture Curmudguin #21

I used to enjoy watching wrestling, becoming a fan after seeing the British Bulldogs prior to Wrestlemania 2.  But nowadays I just can’t manage to give a damn about WWE and Wrestlemania.  Just last June I was still trying to watch it every Monday; now I haven’t bothered to watch a single moment of RAW from my DVR the past two weeks, deleting it before watching it.  Why this malaise?


Mr. Eddie has a huge Wrestlemania scoop! (Dhlee)

A lot of talk has been going on this week about CM Punk not being on Raw. Everyone is either decrying or defending Dave Metlzer’s story saying that it was either poor journalism or that he was 100% honest and said it was only single sourced so it’s your fault you took it as Gospel. Or you might be like the other 95% and simply not care.

However, here’s the problem: Dave Meltzer HAS failed, as has ever other internet wrestling journalist out there because they have all failed to give enough attention to the biggest wrestling news of this year and possibly ANY year. Who is John Cena going to face and how this could legit be the most dangerous, toughest, and possibly career ending fight of his entire life. Right now all the internet smart marks seem to think that Cena is going to fight Bray Wyatt at the ppv. Pffft, where’d you get that ridiculous notion from? Look with your eyes and think with your heads, the clues are all around you. John Cena is going to be in for the fight of his life… More

Mr Eddie Gives His Thoughts On Wrestlemania in NY

I figured everyone else has weighed in on their thoughts on this whole Wrestlemania thing, I figured I might as well throw my hat in the ring as well. I just hope I’m not too late with my thoughts. Wrestlemania took place in NY and was in front of an enthusiastic crowd for sure. Overall it was an Ok show but I wonder how remembered it’ll be.


FORCED PERSPECTIVE, Ep.13 – Jeff, Who Lives on Jump Street


A Look At Some Of the Best Music of Wrestlemania

It’s that time of the year again. The granddaddy of them all. The showcase of the immortals. The Suberb Owl of professional wrestling. The southern dandy of in ring candy. Wrestlemania. Just the name conjures up images of the greatest moments in the pseudo sport we love so much.