Why Jinder Mahal should NOT BE WWE Champion right now…

Jinder Mahal won the WWE Title from Randy Orton at Backlash 2017. On this video I will cover why Jinder Mahal SHOULD NOT be WWE Champion. DON’T HINDER JINDER?

Wrestlemania Impossible: Pop Culture Curmudguin

It is becoming ridiculous.  Just this week both John Cena and Sasha Banks have become injured.  In fact, everyone who had a title belt at the end of Wrestlemania 31 is out on injury, with most of them not likely to be able to perform at Wrestlemania 32 at the big cathedral for football Jerry Jones built for his Dallas Cowboys.  What could possibly fill all those seats.  Well, it was difficult, but with a little penguin brainmonsooning, here is the best possible card WWE could possibly have for their signature event,

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Twelve Demands for WWE: Pop Culture Curmudguin

A few months ago, I was being quite productive as a writer, both for this site and my site.  But it has arrived at a point where I can’t give a darn about anything I used to be a fan of, except for penguins and Transformers, and I don’t have the moolah to finance my fandom for them.  One of these interests I used to care about is wrestling.  Come January or February I will have been a fan for WWF/WWE for 30 years, but I don’t even bother to DVR Raw anymore.  What will it take for me to come back?  Well…

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The Real Pipe Bomb: CM Punk Finally Breaks his Silence — Shoots on HHH, Ryback, Vince, Jericho

Check out CM Punk’s full-length non-shoot, shoot interview w/Colt Cobana, where he finally talks about the many problems he had with WWE that led to his permanent departure/firing. Includes a telling of many tense conversations with WWE management, including when Punk told Triple H off in a very insulting fashion right in front of Vince!

Breaking News on Main Event of Night of Champions (dhlee)

It has now been confirmed to me by multiple sources that communicate with me through telepathy that John Cena has not only gotten the rematch for his world title against Brock Lesner at Night of Champions but is slated to win his title back. Not just win however but completely destroy Brock Lesner in the process. The storyline plan going forward is that Cena only lost due to underhanded tactics by Brock Lesner’s manager, Paul Heyman. More

Pop Culture Curmudguin #10 : WWE Higher, Fire, or Retire

Last week WWE had one of its bigger bloodletting in some time, getting rid of 10 members of the current roster.  WWE is definitely in creative doldrums, and needs a serious freshing up.  What better way to mend what ails WWE than looking at its current roster and determine each so-called superstars fate than by a system I call “Higher, Fire, Retire”:

HIGHER: The Superstar has much more to give: push them.

FIRE: Nothing is served keeping them around any more; get rid of them.

RETIRE:  There isn’t much left in the tank for them; time to wean them away from the spotlight, if they haven’t already decided to start walking towards the exit door.



Shall We Play A Game #5: WWE 2K14

Welcome to another edition of Shall We Play A Game. This time I’m going to take a look at something a bit more mainstream than I have previously. I hit my local redbox machine and picked up a copy of WWE’s yearly video game: WWE 2k14. This review will simply be my early impressions of the game after playing for a few hours.

The Rock ruptured a spleen doing this pose and had to leave the next day