DVD Review – YouShoot Live with Dixie Carter

It has been well documented that the bloom may be off the rose for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling in 2010. Desperate move after desperate move, from time slot changes, to management changes, to Hulk Hogan, to the acquisitions of Rob Van Dam, Jeff Hardy, and Kurt Angle, to changing the ring; it seems like TNA has tried just about everything to become successful and what do they have to show for it: reports of embarrassing buy rates and an audience that quite simply will not grow.


QCW Wrestling Radio: 3 Questions to Vince McMahon LIVE Tonight 11:30 PM ET


QCW Radio returns with Episode 88, 3 Questions To Vince McMahon! On this special show, hosts chessarmy, Foolkiller, and Dennin give their post RAW thoughts as always, along with a review of TNA’s Victory Road PPV! As if that wasn’t enough, “Promo Of The Week” returns with Foolkiller taking control, what promo will he choose for your listening pleasure? Finally in the Main Event Topic, in light of Dixie Carter’s shoot interview provided by Kayfabe Commentaries, QCW Radio presents a fun round table discussion for your enjoyment! What if you could ask WWE Chairman Vince McMahon just 3 questions, what would they be and how do you think Mr. McMahon would answer them?

All this and more comes to you LIVE on QCW Radio, join us in the chat room at 11:30 PM ET, you can’t miss it!