At approximately 8:55am Tuesday morning, September 11, 2001, I was purchasing Jay-Z and Babyface’s newest cds when I heard over the counter New York radio station Hot 97’s morning hosts Star and Miss Jones announce that there was another tragic plane crash(R&B star Aaliyah had tragically died in a plane crash a little over two weeks prior in the Bahamas). I thought nothing of it until I arrived at work 15 minutes later and saw several of my co-workers conjugating outside. They were talking about how two planes 20 minutes apart had crashed into the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers. The entire agency convened in the cafeteria as we watched the news report on this horrific tragedy. Before anyone could catch their breath, the media throughout the United States assumed Osama Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda were responsible for the heinous attacks. To this day, the United States government has not proven to me that these were the people responsible for the thousands of lives that died that day in New York. All I ever heard was conjecture and propaganda. I have always relied on factual evidence to support any arguments or crimes. The number one song in the country was “I’m Real,” by Jennifer Lopez and Ja Rule. At the time, I didn’t know what was real when it came to the September 11 attacks.

When President George W. Bush was informed of the attack, he was reading a book to an elementary class in Florida. After being informed, he continued reading to the class. You are the President of the United States and the leader of the free world, yet instead of jumping into action to inform the American people about any information concerning the situation, he keeps reading to a group of children. Then he is flown around the country on Air Force One and hides for the rest of the day! Meanwhile Mayor Giuliani uses the events of the day to reshape his image. He goes on television and acts like he himself will bring justice to the thousands of people who died that sunny morning in New York City. Throughout the rest of the year, Giuliani was exploiting 9/11 for his own fame and fortune. His mayoral term was to expire at the end of the year, yet he had the audacity to demand that he remain mayor so he could help lead the city through this crisis. He was laughed out of the state and city legislatures, who thankfully did not give in to this foolish demand. Giuliani began a talk show campaign where he was constantly being referred to as “America’s Mayor.” David Letterman opened up his talk show the week after 9/11 thanking Giuliani for his leadership. What the hell am I missing here? Giuliani was a media hog that entire week after the tragedy. He also proclaimed that the air around the towers was safe and not hazardous, yet there have been several reports of people who lived, worked, and participated in the rescue efforts that acquired diseases from being exposed to the toxic waste caused by the bombings. I will begin to discuss some of the inconsistencies of the events that occurred that day.

The media claimed that American Airlines Flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon, killing 184 people, all 59 passengers and 125 people in the Pentagon. How in the world can a 757 Boeing, weighing 100 tons and traveling at 250 miles per hour crash into the Pentagon on the ground floor? Have you ever heard of a plane crashing into a ground floor? The explosion at the Pentagon occurred at 10:03 that morning. The Associated Press first reported that the explosion was caused by a booby trapped truck. The Pentagon quickly denied this and claimed that it was a plane that caused all the damage. How could this be? And what in the world happened to the Boeing? I have studied the pics of the Pentagon aftermath and not one shows a picture of the supposed jet that crashed into the ground floor. Why is this? What really happened? All these questions, and the media failed to question the government about such inconsistencies with a plane hitting the Pentagon.

There is a reason why the media didn’t question the authenticity of the 9/11 attacks. The major media outlets in the U.S. were afraid to question the government’s account of the attacks for fear of being painted as “unpatriotic.” Bill Maher show “Politically Incorrect,” was unceremoniously kicked off ABC after he made a statement discounting Bush’s statement that the terrorists who allegedly pulled off the attacks were “cowards.” Maher made a reasonable claim that it took a lot of courage to pull of such a heinous crime. For his honesty, Maher was dismissed off network television. President Bush, after coming out of hiding, not only called the so-called terrorists cowards, but proclaimed to the world that anyone not with the U.S. in their attempt for revenge, was otherwise “against them.” This began a period in which the U.S., led by Bush and his number one war monger, Vice President Dick Cheaney, became an “isolated power.” Only Great Britain and it’s Prime Minister Tony Blair unconditionally supported Bush and Cheaney on its faux “War on Terror.” Bush even named enemies; the so-called “Axis of Evil.” Allegedly, the collective triumvirate of this axis were North Korea, Iran and Iraq. This too did not make sense as there was never any history of North Korea dealing with Iran and Iraq, and Iran and Iraq had been at each others throats for years because they follow different Muslim sects. The Iranians have been ruled since 1979 by Shiite Muslims and Iraq is predominantly Sunni Muslim. The two countries engaged in a bloody eight year war from 1980-1988, yet once again the media failed to mention this.

There is a theory that if you tell a lie enough, people will believe it. The most outrageous plot that the government claimed occurred that day was that several passengers on the allegedly hijacked United Airlines Flight 93 began fighting the terrorists and caused the plane that was headed for the White House to crash in an open field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania. I have always felt that the government shot the plane down. Several relatives of the passengers received phone calls right before the plane went down claiming that they were fighting off the terrorists, and the now famous “Let’s Roll,” was stated by passenger Todd Beamer. Theorists believed that was the battle cry for the passengers to overthrow the terrorists on board, yet too many assumptions were being made. Cell phone lines throughout the east coast had been shut down due to the World Trade Center bombings, and at the same time these relatives claim to have full conversations with people who are held hostage and claiming to revolt? Also, no human remains were ever found at the crash site. Why not? Something has always smelled rotten to me about the events of that day. Finally, ABC News(we were watching WABC TV while convening in the cafeteria that entire morning) reported that there were six hijacked planes, yet no one has ever explained why only four were accounted for. The media dropped the ball on its coverage of 9/11. Almost as though they were in co-hoots with Bush and Cheaney.

At around 12:30 that afternoon, I agreed to walk four of my female co-workers uptown. Two of them lived in Harlem, and two others lived in the Bronx. Sheltering Arms was located on 29th Street and Lexington Avenue, and we had no choice but to walk because Giuliani shut down the subway system and the city buses were packed like sardine cans. Walking home northbound on Lexington Avenue, I saw people who had dust and debris all over their clothing as a result of the explosions. I saw people of all ages, shapes and sizes crying. I saw huge lines at pay phones(all cell phone lines were down; that’s how I know those calls from Flight 93 were bogus) and people handing out free water to whoever needed it. It was a 90 degree day, so midway through our walk we were sweating profusely. When we reached 125th Street and Lexington Avenue, we had to walk to First Avenue in order to walk across the Willis Avenue Bridge to get to The Bronx. I left the final two women after we crossed the bridge at 138th Street and Willis Avenue so they could take the bus the rest of the way. I went straight to my nine year old son’s school, which was three very long blocks away. Just a few yards away from the school, my knees locked and I felt like I was about to collapse. I was breathing heavy and closed my eyes in an attempt to catch my breathe. When I opened my eyes, an ex girlfriend of mine was looking at me with real concern in her eyes. I explained to her that I had just walked over a hundred blocks. She gave me a hug and told me to be careful. She also announced that she was re-enlisting into the Army to help get the bastards who did this to her. I was in no condition to talk her out of it. I thanked her for her concern and wished her good luck as I made my way to the school. My son Peter’s principal was in the front of the school and told me that my mother had picked him up already. I walked home, went upstairs, and collapsed in my bed. Peter took my shoes and socks off, then laid next to me. We both fell asleep instantly.

Less than four weeks after September 11th, the United States invaded Afghanistan. Afghanistan is where the Taliban, an organization that Bin Laden was the head of, had ruled since the Soviet Union was overthrown in 1988. Bin Laden was an ally of the Bush family and became a CIA operative in 1977, a year after George H Bush became CIA Director. George H Bush and his wife Barbara would stay at Bin Laden’s parents palace when they would visit Saudi Arabia. Bin Laden and the Taliban were financially supported by the Reagan Administration in their battle against the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan on Christmas Eve, 1979. The United States, completely paranoid about the spread of communism throughout the world, would do anything to force the Soviet Union out of Afghanistan. It also did not want the Soviets to gain control of Afghanistan’s vast resources, the two biggest being opium and petroleum oil. The Taliban was given military aid as well, not only helping Afghanistan run the Soviets out of their country, but also resulting in the Taliban being the rulers of Afghanistan.

When the Taliban refused to surrender Bin Laden to the U.S., the United States and the British Coalition began bombing Afghanistan on October 7, 2001. It would be almost another 17 months before the U.S. would invade Iraq. This time was needed so the propaganda for war against Iraq could be sold to the American public. Bush and Cheaney inferred on several occasions that Saddam Hussein was an ally of Bin Laden and that they possessed tons of “weapons of mass destruction.” I am still waiting for them to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Fox News talkies Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly on their nightly shows continually beat the drum for invading Iraq. The nerve of these war mongers to engage in wanting to send our young men and women to die for a war that to this day has yet to be proven just. While they were describing the evils that Bin Laden and Hussein did, they failed to mention how the CIA helped fund and put both of them in power. During the 1980-1988 war between Iran and Iraq, the U.S. overtly funded Hussein with both money and weaponry. If they did have weapons of mass destruction, it was the weapons that the United States had provided Iraq with. Even those weapons weren’t found. The number one song in the country was “Fallin,” by Alicia Keys. The U.S. citizens had indeed fallen for the bullshit their government was feeding them.


Between 1993 and 2001, Mayor Giuliani’s led NYPD illegal tactics against Blacks and Latins led to several violations of human and civil rights. Giuliani has been praised by many of his supporters as the main reason why New York’s crime and murder rate was substantially reduced from the late 80’s to early 90’s levels. Giuliani had already inherited a city who’s crime rate had been reduced three years in a row. He also took over(1994) at a time when the use of crack had seriously declined. By the mid to late 90’s, heroin, a much more serene and less violent drug, had once again become the reigning drug on the street. It was the heroin king of New York, Nicky Barnes, who in turn aided Giuliani and enabled him to become a national figure. In 1978, Barnes had been given a life sentence for his role as the major heroin kingpin in New York during the 1970’s. In 1985 Barnes struck a deal with Giuliani, then a United States attorney under Ronald Reagan, which put him in the witness protection program and put several of Barnes’ associates in prison. Giuliani used his new found popularity to twice run for Mayor, finally winning in 1993 against Dinkins.

On December 22, 1994, at approximately 1:30am, Anthony Baez and his brothers were playing football in the Mount Hope section of The Bronx. They inadvertently hit a police car window, causing the officers to order the Baez brothers to go home. The Baez brothers took their football game down the street. Officer Francis Livoti followed the brothers down the block and told them to stop the football game and go home. The Baez brothers were minding their own business and not bothering anyone. They took the high road and played down the street so as to not to hit Livoti’s car again, yet Livoti had to show who’s boss. He first arrested David Baez for failure to obey his orders, and when he attempted to arrest Anthony, Anthony crossed his arms in protest. Livoti engaged in a fight with Anthony, then four other officers intervened and Livoti choked Anthony so hard it caused him to have an asthma attack. Subsequently, Anthony died while in handcuffs on his way to the hospital. An ambulance that had been dispatched to the scene of the choking never arrived. Livoti was acquitted of all charges in October, 1996. Thankfully, one of the officers at the scene, Daisy Boria, came clean and told Federal authorities the truth that occurred that day. Livoti was finally convicted in June, 1998 for violating Anthony Baez’s civil rights and sentenced to seven and a half years in prison

During Giuliani’s eight years in office, he was nothing more than a racist, fascist bully. One month into his term, he had police raid The Nation of Islam’s mosque in Harlem, causing a near riot. No illegal drugs or weapons were found, yet Giuliani and Police Commissioner William Bratton did not apologize for the inconvenience it caused to the members of the mosque. In 1997, Giuliani was well on his way to being re-elected when Haitian immigrant Abner Louima was sodomized by two of New York’s “finest” in Brooklyn’s 70th police precinct. Officer Justin Volpe kicked Louima in his scrotum and then proceeded to stick a plunger up Louima’s rectum, causing major damage to his colon and bladder. Louima told Internal Affairs that the officers called him “nigger,” and shouted “Giuliani time,” while he was being sodomized. Volpe was sentence to 30 years in prison. I believe this only happened because Louima was the only victim during this period who survived the brutality.

During the summer of 1998, I began organizing several youths around the Bronx MillBrook Housing Projects to attend the Million Youth March. The Million Youth March was a rally organized by former Nation of Islam national spokesman Khalid Abdul Muhammad. Giuliani criticized the rally from the very beginning it was announced, claiming that the seediest elements would be there and advised that New Yorkers not attend the rally. He even denied a permit for the rally; it took an 11th hour appeals court decision to get the permit. I wanted to take my six year old son, but my gut feeling told me to keep him home. I took over 40 kids to the rally. The rally took place on September 5, 1998 on 118th Street and Malcolm X Boulevard in Harlem. The rally itself was very uplifting and peaceful. It was the events after the rally that made me want to put a bullet in Giuliani’s big head. The permit stated that the rally must end by 4pm. Muhammad was still speaking when at 4:03 the NYPD attacked like they were a military squadron. Several fights broke out between the police and rally attenders. I could not believe my eyes; the rally was so peaceful and Giuliani’s orders to shut down the rally ASAP caused unnecessary injuries to several police officers and civilians. My buddy Brian was being pushed down by an officer, so I picked up a barricade and hit the officer upside his back. Brian and I escaped, running down the street while the rest of the youth we brought chased behind us. At 125th and Malcolm X, we made sure everyone we brought was accounted for. Luckily, they were all unhurt and we boarded the number 2 subway train going uptown.

The single, most horrific brutality case that occurred during Giuliani’s reign of terror happened in the early morning hours on February 4, 1999. An African immigrant from Ghana, Amadou Diallo, was coming home after eating dinner when he was stopped by four police officers outside his home on 1157 Wheeler Avenue, which is located in the Soundview section of the Bronx. Diallo, no doubt spooked by the officers presence, reached for his wallet. Officer Sean Carroll yelled “Gun!” and fellow officer Edward McMellon fell down the stairs while reaching for his gun. Diallo was struck 19 times by the four officers, who overall shot at Diallo 41 times. Diallo had no weapons on him, just his wallet. The four officers were charged with murder but acquitted a year later. Although the murder took place in The Bronx, the trial was moved to upstate New York. The officers’ lawyers claimed change of venue due to what they perceived as a “racial bias” in The Bronx. They were granted the change and gained the acquittal for their clients. An injustice that made my stomach crawl.

I was so fed up and disgusted by the Diallo murder that I organized the members of my labor union to march to 1157 Wheeler Avenue in solidarity against the police. We held a candlelight vigil and several of the members said a prayer for Diallo and his family. It was such a moving sight to see all of my fellow union members from the shop get together. They were fed up with the same b.s. that had been going on for years(the only members who didn’t show up were the two White members). The following day I received a missive from my local union; it stated that what I did violated union rules. I was not allowed to engage the union members in political rallies or functions without first gaining approval from the local office. I ripped up the memo and ignored it. I had been Chapter Chairman for three years and not once did the local office help me. This was the last straw; by the end of July, I had resigned as Chapter Chair. No one had to tell me what was right; I knew in my gut what was right, and standing up against police brutality was always right. The local union office was upset because they never want to anger political leaders. That’s pure bullshit! I believe in going after everybody if it’s justified. No politician is safe from criticism if he deserves it.

In the early morning hours on March 16,2000, Haitian immigrant Patrick Dorismond was gunned down by NYPD undercover officer Anthony Vasquez while standing outside the Distinguished Wakamba Cocktail Lounge, which is located on 38th Street and 8th Avenue near Times Square. Vasquez approached Dorismond in a very hostile manner. Dorismond told Vasquez to leave him alone(Dorismond thought Vasquez was a drug dealer). A scuffle occurred causing Vasquez to shoot Dorismond, who like Diallo was also unarmed. This shooting resulted in the termination of Giuliani’s run for The U.S. Senate. He was to be the Republicans choice to run against Hillary Clinton, but after his callous comments about Dorismond “being no altar boy,” his release of Dorismond’s juvenile record(which by law is to remained sealed and confidential) and his continual backing of the NYPD after every shooting without looking at the facts, led to Giuliani having no choice but to pull out of the Senate race. Dorismond in his youth had actually been an altar boy. Coincidentally, he was an altar boy at the same Catholic Church once attended on the regular by the miscreant mayor.

Despite a witness who saw Vasquez initiate the fight against Dorismond, in July, 2000 a grand jury did not indict Vasquez. Once again, a renegade cop during Giuliani’s administration got away with cold blooded murder. Every person that was murdered by Giuliani’s band of malcontents were Hispanic or Black. In my entire lifetime, I have yet to see a White person murdered by police officers unjustly. Why is it that only Black and Hispanics get murdered with no weapons on them or for just minding their own business? It is the mentality of the police across this entire nation, that’s why. During the Spring of 1999, former Mayor Dinkins was a guest lecturer in one of my grad school classes. I asked Mayor Dinkins that same question, and he responded by stating it is the conditioning of the police in urban areas to fear Blacks and Hispanics. I told him and the class how I’d been stop four times for just walking the streets of the Bronx by the NYPD. One time this White cop demanded to see the contents of my book bag. I refused; I asked for a warrant, so he let me go. As I walked away, his squad car followed me all the way to my building. After the class ended, one of my fellow classmates, a police officer, attempted to justify the NYPD’s actions. He talked about rap videos and how rappers brag about their guns and money. He tried to use a fucking rap video as an explanation for stop and frisks of young Blacks and Hispanics. I told the racist bastard to get the fuck out of my face. He unfortunately has probably been a willing participant in a police brutality.

The only time I can recall a White man possibly being murdered unjustifiably was on August 30, 1995. Gary Busch was a 31 year old Hasidic man who lived in the Borough Park section of Brooklyn. Busch had over his house that day a homeless Black man named Percy Freeman. Freeman would visit Busch on occasion to get food and clothing. Two of Busch’s neighbors, undoubtedly threatened by an “imposing Black figure” in their neighborhood, called the police. The police upon arriving at Busch’s home threw Freeman to the ground and handcuffed him. Busch tried to help his friend, but was quickly pepper sprayed by the police. Busch then picked up a claw hammer and started screaming at the police to let his friend go. There were six cops surrounding Busch and by all accounts they asked Busch several times to put the hammer down. Busch screamed “this little hammer is going to protect me!” and began swinging at the officers. After Busch refused to stop swinging the hammer, one of the officers fired a warning shot. After a short pause, the police fired 11 more shots, killing Busch instantly. No such restraint had ever been shown to Black or Hispanic suspects. Busch’s murder caused an outcry among the Jewish population of Brooklyn, but things calmed down after the grand jury refused to hand down indictments to the officers in question. If a grand jury cannot find enough evidence to indict police officers in the killing of a White man, then it definitely had to have been a justifiable murder.

The New York media shares culpability with Giuliani during his reign of terror. No matter how horrific the police brutality was or the severity of the violation of Black and Hispanics civil rights, the New York Post, Daily News and 24 hour cable news channel New York One turned a blind eye. Giuliani was their champion of justice and fearless leader. They criticized President Clinton’s extra-marital affairs, yet gave a free pass to Giuliani who cheated on his wife Donna Hanover to the point where she threw him out of the bedroom and forced him to sleep on the living room floor in the mayor’s home, Gracie Mansion. They never challenged him on any of his illegal gestapo tactics. Did you know that before September 11, 2001, Giuliani and his administration was being investigated by the federal government for the inordinate amount of times New York residents civil rights were violated? Then September 11th happened, and all of a sudden he was “America’s Mayor?” Giuilani was the most vile, racist, despicable mayor New York ever had lead the city. Ask the families of Patrick Dorismond, Abner Louima, and Amadou Diallo what they think of Giuliani. They love him as much as I do.

Logan Transplacement Chronicles Chapter VII: AKA Logan-6

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Gen. Remington: We’ve spent several sessions gaming out his motive for going renegade. It has proven crucial to anticipating his next moves. While all of our spacio-temporal models predict that we neutralize him, none show how we actually do it. There is an extreme time disturbance at that very point we need to remote view. Most of the team believes it to be and “endemic time-twine.” I had to look it up. Essentially, this would be a point in space-time where all possible universes intersect. This one is probably not a hoax like the others. That’s right. Those stupid Logan Time Hunter holo-novels we used to implant talked about one of these. They actually exist. It proved very useful for the protagonist in one particular story, “The Endemic Epidemic” I think it was called. Same went for his eternal foe. What was his name?

Cadet 523: Beatoffking, sir.

Gen. Remington: [Laughs] That’s right. How could I forget?

Mike Trojan’s Dating Tip #1: Have a Strong Opinion

Have a strong opinion.

On everything. Don’t EVER say “I don’t care” about ANYTHING. State a strong opinion, whether you really care about the subject or not. Politely defend your position. As I’ve advised before, you should NEVER seek to win an argument with a woman in the end. The idea is to give a valiant defense of your position before taking the dive for her. While apathy in a man is THE SINGLE BIGGEST TURNOFF to all woman, being a dick about your opinions is
totally counterproductive. More

Logan Transplacement Chronicles Chapter VI: Who is Logan Wade Seixx?

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Gen. Remington: Logan-6, or as he likes to call himself in The Era of Nihilistic Self-Regret or NSR2012: Logan Wade Seixx, has officially been declared a renegade. The Child Emperor just signed off on it this morning, and pretty reluctantly. I know what you’re thinking. The name. It’s a dead giveaway.

Yes, we know it’s likely a trap. Its also a quick reference to L-6’s own particular mode of Time-Travel. The dog’s disgusting sex dance.

But this Logan is different from the others we’ve sent back and even from the other mods who’ve gone renegade. This Logan LEARNS. Even Advisor Cole-3, agrees that this particular Logan [Redacted].

Regardless, we have been tasked with capturing or killing L-6. Please hold your questions until I finish this because it will answer a lot. More

Logan Transplacement Chronicles Chapter V: Picture of the Superfuture

First Duke
Keloid Cole III was always viewed to be the successor to the current Child Emperor. Nevertheless, Cole would almost certainly never succeed to the throne given that the Child Emperor was an immortal child who underwent brain transplantation. Cole was immortal too, as was every child in the Child Empire. It had been that way for about 23 generations. And though it dramatically stabilized the time-space continuum, the number 23 was a prophetic number. In the I Ching it is called “Breaking Apart.” All of the child prophesies whispered across the Empire predicted a cataclysm.