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Logan From The Future is an immortal rapper who has come back to rescue the planet from the greed and venality of Mother Earth’s rapists, using rap lyrical chants. He has consulted extensively with Native American tribes (in the past) and Extra Terrestrials (in the future) to assist him on his mission. Check out Logan and partner 1Silva go in depth about the great boxing fights of the past and future on Greatest Performances in Boxing Podcast, and Great Movies on Logan’s Movie Reviews.

Logan Transplacement Chronicles Chapter VII: AKA Logan-6

BACK TO CHAPTER VI: Who is Logan Wade Seixx?

Gen. Remington: We’ve spent several sessions gaming out his motive for going renegade. It has proven crucial to anticipating his next moves. While all of our spacio-temporal models predict that we neutralize him, none show how we actually do it. There is an extreme time disturbance at that very point we need to remote view. Most of the team believes it to be and “endemic time-twine.” I had to look it up. Essentially, this would be a point in space-time where all possible universes intersect. This one is probably not a hoax like the others. That’s right. Those stupid Logan Time Hunter holo-novels we used to implant talked about one of these. They actually exist. It proved very useful for the protagonist in one particular story, “The Endemic Epidemic” I think it was called. Same went for his eternal foe. What was his name?

Cadet 523: Beatoffking, sir.

Gen. Remington: [Laughs] That’s right. How could I forget?

Logan Transplacement Chronicles Chapter VI: Who is Logan Wade Seixx?

BACK TO CHAPTER V: Picture of the Superfuture

Gen. Remington: Logan-6, or as he likes to call himself in The Era of Nihilistic Self-Regret or NSR2012: Logan Wade Seixx, has officially been declared a renegade. The Child Emperor just signed off on it this morning, and pretty reluctantly. I know what you’re thinking. The name. It’s a dead giveaway.

Yes, we know it’s likely a trap. Its also a quick reference to L-6’s own particular mode of Time-Travel. The dog’s disgusting sex dance.

But this Logan is different from the others we’ve sent back and even from the other mods who’ve gone renegade. This Logan LEARNS. Even Advisor Cole-3, agrees that this particular Logan [Redacted].

Regardless, we have been tasked with capturing or killing L-6. Please hold your questions until I finish this because it will answer a lot. More

Logan Transplacement Chronicles Chapter V: Picture of the Superfuture

First Duke
Keloid Cole III was always viewed to be the successor to the current Child Emperor. Nevertheless, Cole would almost certainly never succeed to the throne given that the Child Emperor was an immortal child who underwent brain transplantation. Cole was immortal too, as was every child in the Child Empire. It had been that way for about 23 generations. And though it dramatically stabilized the time-space continuum, the number 23 was a prophetic number. In the I Ching it is called “Breaking Apart.” All of the child prophesies whispered across the Empire predicted a cataclysm.