About Mike Trojan

Mike Trojan has had his heart smashed to pieces and thrown to the wind, all so he could put it back together and discover the advanced macking secrets to taming the wild beauty of the goddess that is called woman. Essentially, his mission is to teach every man, at an early age, how to get laid.

Mike Trojan’s Dating Tip #1: Have a Strong Opinion

Have a strong opinion.

On everything. Don’t EVER say “I don’t care” about ANYTHING. State a strong opinion, whether you really care about the subject or not. Politely defend your position. As I’ve advised before, you should NEVER seek to win an argument with a woman in the end. The idea is to give a valiant defense of your position before taking the dive for her. While apathy in a man is THE SINGLE BIGGEST TURNOFF to all woman, being a dick about your opinions is
totally counterproductive. More

Mike Trojan’s Dating Tip #1: Sexual Magnetism through Goodness

Main point: If you want to have sex with the hottest women in the world, you MUST be the kind of guy who never cheats.

Hi there GEEKDOM! Mike Trojan here with a tip that may surprise you. Others may know what I’m talking about. Here it is: Be a Good Guy. By that I mean, don’t be a man-whore. Don’t EVER cheat on the girl you are with in a serious relationship. A lot of men think that now that they have advanced macking skills, that they can use them however they want and get as much sex as they can no matter how depraved. Remember, with great power comes great responsibility. This is not just a moral issue or something out of a Spiderman comic. Being an immoral man-whore affects your ability to get the hottest of the women in both the short term and also in the long term. More

Mike Trojan’s Dating Tip, 8/2/2018 – Don’t Complain; Become the Heroic Jokester

When you find yourself in the presence of a beautiful woman (and this includes ANY WOMAN in your life, BTW, from your Mother to your wife to your grocery bagger… They are ALL beautiful women in their own way, because they are women), never use that time to become the crying baby that wants his mommy to comfort him. And this rule pretty much goes for EVERYONE you talk to. Leave the gloom and doom predictions to those who get paid to pollute our air and minds with artificial anxiety based on their imagined, dire future nightmares. Nobody’s paying you to be nightmare-teller!

Don’t forget the very important:
RULE 23: Don’t complain to your woman about ANYTHING.

Every woman knows that the world sucks and we’re all fucked. She gets it very much and she doesn’t need to hear about it from you, who is probably after all, just a dumber version of her. She wants to FORGET ALL ABOUT THE WORLD when she’s with you. You’re supposed to transport her to a fantasy fun realm of pure happiness, pure abandon, and endless laughter. You’re supposed to remain the cheery and wisecracking hero in an action movie.

Mike Trojan’s Dating Tip, 5-6-17: Advanced Macking Affirmations

Hi fellow Geeks! Mike Trojan here, and I’m finally back after a long wandering expedition through the remotest regions of the this planet, where I sought to study and interact with the most PRIMAL women I could. These are women who had never even seen a phone, computer, and even a paved road. I wanted to figure out what was at the core of the woman’s psyche (free from all societal conditioning). I will be presenting my findings here each week going forward. To start you off here are some important affirmations I have for you to repeat to yourself and write down daily. Embed these into your brain, and you will DRAMATICALLY improve both your own sex life and the sex lives of the women you come into contact with.

– All women want sex and think about it more than men do.
– All women are having sex in one way or another
– Beautiful women are naturally attracted and sexually open to me
– I am chill and secure with my deepest sexual desires
– My sexual confidence is a strong, magnetic field radiating around me like a sun
– My partners are aroused by my sexual confidence, as is every beautiful woman in my presence.
– I now let go of ANY sexual insecurities I have and drop them into a black hole.
– I now let go of ANY sexual shame.
– I now celebrate the real power of sex.
– I now automatically attract SEXUALLY OPEN WOMEN to ME.

Repeat these affirmations to yourself EVERY DAY into the mirror. Write them down EVERY DAY onto a piece of paper and you will see immediate results.


Mike Trojan on Twitter @Mike_Trojan

Mike Trojan’s Dating Tip 6-18-16: Never Speak Unless Spoken to; Always Speak Less Than She Does

This is the key with ALL women and with anyone really. When you spend time with a woman (or anyone else) let her do most of the talking. It should be about 80% (her) vs. 20% (you) and NEVER more than 60% vs. 40%. Learn to live and get comfortable in uncomfortable silences. It will be your best ally with women and in life. Those of you who are great salesmen know what I am talking about here. The human being (especially the eager, attracted man) has developed a desperate urge to fill uncomfortable silences whenever they occur in any way he or she can. The result is that most of what we say and hear to fill uncomfortable silence is useless, senseless chatter.

Most men who find themselves in the presence of the woman they desire are quite desperate to take that opportunity to grab that woman’s attention in ANY WAY he can and at every moment, usually by trying and usually failing to be funny at every turn. And most men usually do this by acting way too zany, stupid and hyped up — Jim Cary on crack comes to mind. I know you’ve been there before my bother. You are in the presence of an attractive woman so you are just there in anguish as you rack your brain to come up with something funny to say or do and your mind is not coming up with anything. Whatever you end up doing is then mostly just goofy-funny if even that and more often just annoying. More

Mike Trojan’s Dating Tip, 5-24-16: Become a Master Mack in Hours

Close your eyes and think of your greatest score to date right now. Put yourself mentally back there. Picture it as best and as clearly as you can how it was from your point of view. Remember EXACTLY how it all felt to you then. Remember how your whole body felt.

Now hold that thought-picture and feeling in your mind for at least 15 uninterrupted seconds. Try it. Use a stopwatch to measure this. Don’t think of anything else but that score for 15 uninterrupted seconds.

You may notice the first few times you try to do this that you won’t be able to even go 15 seconds without your mind wandering onto some other thing. Usually, you will notice that your mind will wander onto things that makes you feel worse or that generally hurt your self-esteem (some past humiliation or some fear of future misfortune). More

Mike Trojan’s Dating Tip – 1/29/16 – Make the Ho Say No


This is perhaps THE MOST important thing a guy can remember, especially when he is on a first date with a woman. But it holds true even in long-term relationships.

What the expression means is that you (the man) should be escalating the sexual progression as far as you are willing to go all the way up until she says “no” or “stop” and never before that. Because how you react to the “no” from her is the key to reeling her in and it’s also the key to keeping her interest later. If you act cool and laugh about it when she tells you no, she’s potentially yours forever. On the other hand, if you act pissed off and spiteful when she denies a sexual advance from you, you will drive her away, maybe for good.

Mike Trojan’s Dating Tip, 12-18-15: Setting up for a Spring to Remember / Boyfriends

This one goes out to all you single guys out there. You may feel a bit lonely, especially now during the holidays, but you — being single — are now perfectly poised to have a spring to remember. By a spring to remember I mean a spring in which you are juggling like 5-6 women at a time. More

Mike Trojan’s Dating Tip 11-14-15 – Confidence 101: Fake Confidence Doesn’t Work

I always read different dating gurus repeatedly tell guys that they have to “be confident” when approaching women. This is generally good advice, of course. A confident man is, after all, a huge turn on to a woman. In fact, I would venture to say that a truly confident man who is objectively ugly will virtually ALWAYS do better with the ladies than an insecure, extremely good looking guy. Women actually value confidence over looks instinctually. It has to do with evolution. Women are wired to seek a man capable of protecting them and their potential offspring. A confident ugly dude will generally be better protection than a good looking wimp. So the woman’s nesting DNA tells her to be attracted to the confident ugly man over the good looking insecure one.

A man, on the other hand, is wired in a completely different way. More

Mike Trojan Dating Tip 10-15-15 — Rejection Makes You Hotter to Women

Happy Halloween!!

It’s as simple as that. I guarantee it. You go out and try to hit on a woman and she rejects you, that humiliating experience will ultimately force you to make yourself more attractive to the opposite sex — on a subconscious level. Think about how this makes sense. If something is humiliating, it will work on your psyche. It will force it to learn unconsciously the skills to avoid rejections in the future. The pain makes it imperative. Each rejection will be like a punch in the gut and a blow to your self esteem. But it will drive you to improve yourself in subtle ways and soon your balls will be like steel and rejections won’t bother you at all — you likely will find it difficult to even get rejected after a while. Because that’s what all women are looking for in this world. Fearless Men with Balls of Steel who don’t care about rejection. How few of these men truly exist today! Why so few? Because most men are pussies who are afraid of rejection and so they avoid it at all costs! They spend their lives chasing money and/or fame, all so they can avoid rejection at all costs. How ironic that these pussy men are only buying their own doom! No matter how rich and famous they get, they will still always be losers at their core, afraid of rejection, and thus not attractive to women! More